Fred Hoiberg Is Our Man; 6 Reasons To Believe In The Bulls’ New Head Coach

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3. Offense + Defense

Jan 31, 2015; Ames, IA, USA; Iowa State Cyclones head coach Fred Hoiberg looks on during their game against the TCU Horned Frogs at James H. Hilton Coliseum. The Cyclones beat the Horned Frogs 83-66. Mandatory Credit: Reese Strickland-USA TODAY Sports

A big worry fans have had is losing the signature defense the Bulls have been known for under Tom Thibodeau. Hoiberg has been lauded for his offensive system during his time at Iowa State and the fear is that he’ll bring all this exciting offense to the team and the defense will become non-existent.

Luckily for the Bulls, that shouldn’t be the case at all.

For starters, Hoiberg has already mentioned that he would like to get a veteran assistant coach to join the team and a great option could be Adrian Griffin, who was a current assistant coach under Thibodeau. You also have to take into account that the defense is dependent on the players that are on the court, not particularly the specific system the team is playing in. The players that made the team’s defense so stifling are all still with the team and guys like former Defensive Player of the Year Joakim Noah, yearly Sixth Man of the Year candidate Taj Gibson, and Most Improved Player Award winner Jimmy Butler all pride themselves in their defense.

If none of that pleases you, here’s something Bleacher Report’s Kelly Scaletta recently pointed out: Hoiberg’s Cyclones were ranked 71st defensively out of 351 teams in the Pomeroy college basketball ratings last year, putting them better than nearly 80 percent of college defenses.

If you’re worried about the defense, fear not, as all signs point towards a more balanced team both offensively and defensively.

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