NBA Preseason Power Rankings 25-21

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Pippen Ain’t Easy continues their quest of covering the NBA preseason with their own version of the NBA preseason power rankings. As the preseason counts down to the regular season next week, let’s check out 25-21. Well Chicago Bulls fans, here we go!

Sep 29, 2014; Waltham, MA, USA; Boston Celtics guard Rajon Rondo (9) during media day at the Celtics practice facility. Mandatory Credit: David Butler II-USA TODAY Sports

25.) Boston Celtics (13th East)

The Celtics are clearly in rebuilding mode and they kind of feel like the lottery process cheated them. The Celtics were hoping for a top-3 pick so that they could use that to acquire Kevin Love this offseason and instead, we know that Kevin Love went to Cleveland.  By missing out on Love,  the Celtics are in this horrible middle of the road situation, where they aren’t a playoff team and yet, they aren’t a bottom-5 team in the league. We all know that, this isn’t the ideal situation for the Celtics rebuilding plans. I like what the Celtics are ultimately building, but I think they have to trade Rondo to reach the ultimately stage of the rebuilding process.

Question: Do the Celtics risk losing Rajon Rondo this offseason for nothing?

I spent time before I wrote this and asked all my Celtics fan friends, if they wanted to trade or keep Rondo? The feedback that I received was an unanimous keep Rondo. I don’t know why fans get so attached to players because keeping Rondo only slows down the rebuilding process. It’d be a different story if you could see a chance that he resigns with the Celtics and I don’t think that Rajon Rondo is resigning with the Celtics this offseason. Celtics fans, I know you love Rondo, but you have to trade Rondo.