Building A Dynasty: NBA Redraft


Most of us play NBA2k14 association mode, and we do a fantasy draft and build our team. Most of us dream of being a future general manager for an NBA franchise and building the team the way that we would like for it to be built. Well, that’s what I did but I did it at a much smaller level. I love doing redrafts, and seeing where others would take players to build a franchise around. In this scenario, I used the 2014 draft order, meaning some teams have multiple picks while some teams have zero picks. The team listed under their names is the team that they are on right now and the team logo on the side represents the team that drafted them in this redraft. In this scenario, any player in the NBA is available and you are allowed to keep them forever. A lot of people are not going to be so happy with how low the veterans like Kobe Bryant, Tim Duncan, and Dirk Nowitzki but they don’t realize that teams want to be relevant for more than two years.

Let me know what you think:

player. 156. LeBron James is the most dominating player in the game. He can play at this level, with his conditioning for a possible five more seasons and then he has one of the highest basketball IQ’s in the game, he will adjust.<br />. SF. Cleveland Cavaliers. LeBron James. 1

89. Durant is only 25-years old and has now locked down first MVP trophy, more are coming. Durant has a opportunity to become the greatest scorer in NBA history, passing Kareem Abdul Jabbar in career points.<br />. SF. Oklahoma City Thunder. Kevin Durant. 2. player

New Orleans Pelicans. Anthony Davis. 3. player. 93.  This is the most debatable spot on the list. A lot of people think it should be Chris Paul, however Anthony Davis is only 21-years old and is on his way to superstardom. Last season he was the first person to average 20 points per game, 10 rebounds per game, 3.0 blocks per game since Shaq. The blocks fell off and went down to 2.8 at the end of last season, but still an impressive season, only getting better.. PF

Indiana Pacers. Paul George. 4. player. 38. Paul George was originally my 3rd but I moved him down to 4th because of the leg. He probably comes back 100% but can’t be so sure. LeBron James called Paul George, “Young King” and I’d have to agree. Paul George is one of the few players who impacts the game on both sides of the floor. Plus, every year he gets better and better offensively.<br />. SF

player. 118. <p>The first point guard is officially off the board. I am a little concerned with the early retirement talk from Chris Paul, but right now he is the best point guard in the game and you need a floor general.<br /></p>. PG. Los Angeles Clippers. Chris Paul. 5

<p>This pick is a total risk. Sure Rose is only 25-years old but he hasn’t really played basketball in two years, maybe three if you count the season he was in and out of the lineup. So no Derrick Rose for three years? We don’t know what he has any more. We hope it’s good, but we don’t know.<br /></p>. PG. Chicago Bulls. Derrick Rose. 6. player. 18

PG. Oklahoma City Thunder. Russell Westbrook. 7. player. 20. I wanted Westbrook ahead of Derrick Rose because nobody in the league plays harder than Russell Westbrook. He shoots some bad shot but so does Derrick Rose, and he gets no credit. Russell Westbrook is the most under-appreciated player in the league. Too bad I got outvoted.<br />

player. 67. <p>I go back and forth with Noah and Howard as big man because I don’t trust Howard’s work effort or his ability to have good teammate chemistry. But from a talent standpoint, Dwight is clearly the better player. He plays both ends of the floor exceptionally well, just lets the attitude destroy him at times.<br /></p>. C. Houston Rockets. Dwight Howard. 8

SF. New York Knicks. Carmelo Anthony. 9. player. 170. Carmelo is just an offensive player. He can’t defend anyone in the NBA but it’s strictly because he doesn’t want to. Maybe Phil Jackson can fuel that, and if not Carmelo is still a top-10 player in the game.<br />

player. 93. Kawhi came around starting in game 3 of the finals. He burst onto the scene and I personally think people are going to be slightly mad that he’s not higher. However, if you take him out of that system i’m not sure what will happen. He is the 4th best player on the Spurs but, he is young and will get his shot to be the teams best player one day.<br />. SF. San Antonio Spurs. Kawhi Leonard. 10

73. Blake Griffin is a changed man under Doc Rivers. He needs a set up man, but in the mean time he can keep the crowd entertained even when you are losing.<br />. PF. Los Angeles Clippers. Blake Griffin. 11. player

38. Damian Lillard is blooming in front of our eyes. He hit a huge three to send Houston home in the playoffs this year, and he was a huge reason for the Portland turn around this season.. PG. Portland Trailblazers. Damian Lillard. 12. player

86. I think Wall is slightly too high, however, when you are building a team, getting a good point guard speaks volumes. Wall is a good point guard right now, that has the potential to become great.. PG. Washington Wizards. John Wall. 13. player

66. Potentially the steal of the draft. Aldridge is a matchup nightmare in this league because of how he plays the position. Aldridge is 29-years old, can post you up and can take it outside and hit the mid-range jumper.<br />. PF. Portland Trailblazers. LaMarcus Aldridge. 14. player

PF. Cleveland Cavaliers. Kevin Love. 15. player. 125. Yes, Kevin Love has struggled in the 4th quarters and that is why he is so low for me. According to win shares, he should be the 3rd pick in the league, but we aren’t going there. I love the 26 points per game and 12 rebounds but not a fan of his on ball defense.<br />

James Harden is an elite scorer but it’s because he is an elite shot taker. Harden doesn’t ever really have good shooting nights, he just shoots a ton of shots to make his average look great. Remember that 35+ shot attempt game against Portland in the playoffs? That’s horrible, and he doesn’t play any defense.. SG. Houston Rockets. James Harden. 16. player. 24

 Concerned about age and how the last two seasons have ended for him. However, he is the defense player of the game, and is one of the hardest workers in the league. Noah’s offense game is handicapping to the team but what he does defensively makes up for it.<br />. C. Chicago Bulls. Joakim Noah. 17. player. 18

Rajon Rondo. 18. player. 66. It’s actually great he ended up on the Suns in this mock. I think Rondo is an elite player when he is on an elite team. Suns have three first rounders in this mock so it works out.. PG. Boston Celtics

Stephen Curry. 19. player. 24. Seth is a turnover machine, however he can get away with it because of his ability to hit the three ball. Curry is likely the best shooter in the game today.. PG. Golden State Warriors

I can’t even joke around about how excited every one I talked to was about Kyrie Irving. I kept hearing “best talent in the league at the point guard position”.You can’t joke around about that stuff. A lot of fans, media and players in the NBA feel he is elite. I haven’t seen it, yet.<br />. PG. Cleveland Cavaliers. Kyrie Irving. 20. player. 81

Charlotte Hornets. Al Jefferson. 21. player. 149. <p>Last year, I could have made a case for Al Jefferson winning the MVP award. The guy is an elite big that probably could have pushed Miami to 6 games in the playoffs if not for his foot injury.<br /></p>. C

211. <p>Beal is developing into the best shooting guard in the game. Wall and him are becoming the best backcourt in the league and it looks like they will only be getting better.</p>. SG. Washington Wizards. Bradley Beal. 22. player

<p>Cousins is an elite big man force. His attitude level is always at a high level. He is super competitive, wants to win so bad but sometimes costs his team with his temper.<br /></p>. C. Sacramento Kings. DeMarcus Cousins. 23. player. 118

Drummond is on his way to becoming the best rebounder in the game today. He is rebounding machine, however I need to see a little improvement in the offensive game. He’s only 21-years old, we will see it.<br />. C. Detroit Pistons. Andre Drummond. 24. player. 170

169. <p>I would take Andrew Wiggins here because he’s 19-years old with the potential to be all-time great. Wiggins is an elite athlete already, just needs to improve in some areas, but who doesn’t?</p>. SF. Minnesota Timberwolves. Andrew Wiggins. 25. player

player. 110. <p>Parker is going to be a Carmelo Anthony. Isn’t going to play a lot of defense, is going to take a ton of shots and average 20+ per game at some point in his career. I’ve followed him all throughout high school, so maybe that’s why I like Wiggins more. But I think Wiggins has a chance to make an impact of both sides of the floor, while I don’t see that opportunity for Jabari.<br /></p>. SF. Milwaukee Bucks. Jabari Parker. 26

player. 66. <p>Lopez is a great scoring threat in the post. The problem is he has got to stay healthy. If he can’t stay healthy, he is going to be a bust pick here.<br /></p>. C. Brooklyn Nets. Brook Lopez. 27

PF. Dallas Mavericks. Dirk Nowitzki. 28. player. 77. <p>Dirk is 36-years old an is in great shape. He could play 3 more years but it’s a short window. Instead of building, these bottom three teams will go to win now mode.</p>

player. 149. <p>Kobe after Dirk seems insane, but Kobe Bryant has been hurt. I don’t know what Kobe Bryant we are going to get and Kobe said that this is probably his last contract, which means 2-years left of basketball for Kobe. Thunder will go win now mode and take the risk.<br /></p>. SG. Los Angeles Lakers. Kobe Bryant. 29

PF. San Antonio Spurs. Tim Duncan. 30. player. 29. Even in an NBA redraft, the Spurs get Tim Duncan. No escape, Spur for life.<br />