NBA Free Agency: Filling Out The Roster


NBA free agency is not over yet Pippen Peoples! It’s kinda hard to believe with all of the offseason action that has  gone on for the Chicago Bulls in this offseason with the draft and their free agent signings.

The Chicago Bulls have one more slot to fill.

With August right around the corner and the Bulls roster standing at only 12 players, some signings can still be expected to take place. The league requires a minimum roster of 13 players while allowing up to 15.

The Bulls currently find themselves above the cap, limiting them to veteran minimum signings. For the sake of this article I will only be focusing on free agents I believe would sign a minimum contract. Talented players such as Eric Bledsoe or Greg Monroe, while free agents, won’t be mentioned here since there is no chance of signing them. Likewise, I am going to skip over any restricted free agents as their previous team has the option to match any offer received.

With Derrick Rose, Kirk Hinrich and Aaron Brooks already signed on for next season our depth at point guard is looking good. Therefore, I focused on the remaining wings and big men of free agency.


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Chris Douglas-Roberts

Rose’s former college teammate had a resurgence last year in Charlotte. After not playing in the NBA in 2011-12 and only appearing in 6 games in 2012-13, CDR bounced back to become a contributing member of Charlotte’s season. Featuring some improved shooting and a focus on defense CDR became a regular part of the rotation and often provided a spark for Charlotte.

CDR shot 38% from three-point range last season, including 44% from the corners. Charlotte head coach Steve Clifford runs a similar defense to Chicago’s Tom Thibodeau, which would allow Douglas-Roberts a level of familiarity with the system.

CDR is capable of playing minutes at the 2 and 3 making him a versatile option for the Bulls’ final roster spot.

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Francisco Garcia

Similar to Chris Douglas-Roberts, Francisco Garcia offers defense and shooting. Unlike CDR however, Garcia has a resume showing success as a 3&D player for nine whole seasons in the NBA.

You often hope to not have to turn to the guys at the end of the bench but when you do, there’s a comfort in knowing that guy has performed before with success in the NBA. Out of all the players I will mention in this article, I feel Francisco Garcia is the most reliable and dependable.

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Jordan Hamilton

Another wing, another shooter, catching on to the theme? If you’re looking for more at this point, you’re going to be disappointed. A player too talented will command more than we can offer, players still available and unsigned are often times that way for a reason.

Hamilton hasn’t had much success in the NBA but he’s tall and is capable of getting hot from beyond the arc. You could do far worse when filling out your bench.

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Terrence Williams

Wild Card! Williams didn’t appear in the NBA last season, he’s had a hard time finding a home in the NBA but the talent is there, and is undeniable.

Pop Quiz! Who was the last Nets player to record a triple-double? It wasn’t Deron Williams, Joe Johnson, Brook Lopez, Paul Pierce or Kevin Garnett.

It was Terrence Williams!

Back in 2010, Williams’ rookie season, in a game against our very own Chicago Bulls, Williams exploded for 27 points, 13 rebounds and 10 assists.

The talent is real. Last season in the D-League Williams dropped 50 points in a single game. Here we have a guy looking to make his way back into the league who’s hungry for an opportunity. With our strong coaching staff and culture I feel we could provide an environment Williams could thrive in.


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Ekpe Udoh

The big man market is slim pickings. Teams desperate for size will end up overpaying for many of the remaining free agents. With that, I turn my attention to Ekpe Udoh.

The 6’10” big man hasn’t made much of an impact around the league in his 4 years, but at only 27 there’s still time to improve. He has shown a knack for blocking shots and displays solid athleticism for a big man.

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Nazr Mohammed

Nasty Nazr has been the backup center the past two seasons in Chicago, a role he’s not really suited for anymore. As a 3rd stringer though I’d welcome Nazr back with open arms. He knows the system and is a veteran with years of experience to share with younger players. He may be worth more in practice and on the sidelines but that still has its value.

Also, Nazr isn’t afraid to get out there and deliver a hard foul or six. It’s a different, less physical era but an enforcer still has its place on any team with championship aspirations.

Most of these guys won’t have a big impact on the upcoming season. With twelve players already onboard and much of the roles already carved out these guys are here for security and depth. If I were Gar Foreman and these players were all open to a deal with the Bulls on the veteran minimum, I’d sign Terrence Williams and Nazr Mohammed and go into the season with a strong 14 man unit.