Andrew Richardson-USA TODAY Sports

Dear Carlos Boozer,

This letter is written to you in hopes that you realize how much your team needs you right now. I mean seriously. I know people have dogged you for years in Chicago over your contract or your picture being on a milk carton every playoff year. I realize you have been in the backseat of the Bulls bus in crunch time because Coach Thibodeau thinks you are not reliable on the defensive end of the court (he’s right.) Well guess what, Here’s a chance to do something that I know you can do if you just got focused and got that inner Utah Jazz in you to come out and play.

Now you might be reading this and say…”Here we go again, another hater.” Nope. As a matter of fact I like you as a player. Truth be told I’ve  been a fan since the Duke days. The only other players I liked watching play was JJ Redick and Trajan Langdon. Hated Duke. Here’s the facts… no one on the Bulls team, D-Rose included has a more complete fundamental  game than yours. You have a post game, a jumper out to 15 feet and you are reliable from the free throw line. All of this while playing out of position at power forward standing at 6’4. Listen, no one could walk out of Duke playing for Coach K can come to the NBA without being fundamentally sound. They’re not going to be super stars but they will be serviceable.  (Before anyone starts mentioning Kyrie Irving…stop! He played 11 games including the tournament. Coach K couldn’t change his game.) You can use this basketball knowledge to make things easier for your teammates. Especially your backcourt. They need you the most.

Taj Gibson is a good player but he should not be taking your minutes. You are a  better ball player. Only problem is Taj plays hard EVERY night for ALL of the minutes he is on the floor. You on the other hand, float in and out of the middle looking for the same 15 foot jump shot. Then if that’s not open you’ll dive to the basket yell HEY and it’s really hit or miss on if you make the lay up or not. Look in the mirror, you weigh 250 pounds. GET ON THE BLOCK! Then use them post moves and either A) score B) draw fouls C) create space for your shooters D) get to the line and get easy points. If you worked as hard as Taj Gibson, couple that with your skills, you’d be in the all-star game this year.

You see, I remember when you dropped to the second round and got drafted by the Cleveland Cavs. I also remember when you took that one-year deal with the alleged promise that you would sign a long term deal. I remember when you allegedly backed out and signed a long term deal with the Utah Jazz. People called you selfish and backstabbing. I had no problem with that. Just good business. I remember all those good years in Utah. You could get 20 points and 10 rebounds in your sleep. You and Deron Williams picked up where Karl Malone and John Stockton left off with the famous pick and roll. It was beautiful! At least until late April when you disappeared in the playoffs. Fans thought you were not stepping up. I thought you did not have help. Plus playing against Shaq, Duncan, Nowitzki and all those powerful frontlines in the Western Conference? I thought too much.

Then you signed that big deal to come to Chicago. Here’s where you are confusing me. You got comfortable. Weren’t you the guy that was supposed to be at LEAST the second option? If not, your contract would say different. What happened? Are you a product of Jerry Sloan’s pick and roll offense? I mean there is no shame in that, look at Deron Williams in Brooklyn. He’s stealing money up in New York, kind of the way people were saying about you for years here in Chicago. Where’s the low post presence that was evident in your college days in Duke, in Cleveland and Utah. Chicago needs that dude, not now but right now.

Look I realize that Chicago fans don’t give you the level of respect that you want in Chicago. Deep down I know it hurts, deep down you know the Bulls would trade you out of town with the quickness if someone would take you. Forget all that. This is what you need to do. Say Carlos! That’s you. Carlos you are going to go out and assert yourself on the basketball court. You are going to use your skills to make this team a threat in the playoff race. You are going to post up more, defend and get rebounds just like you did in Utah. You are a 20-10 machine and you are going to show these people that you earn your keep around here.

Or at least play your way into a big contract because next year your contract is up.