Why Derrick Rose is not the type of player you sleep on, his strong faith is key


Credit: Pat Lovell-USA TODAY Sports

After hearing Derrick Rose‘s press conference all I can say is, Bravo, Encore (you can’t see me, but I’m giving him a standing ovation)!!!! Having already torn his ACL and having to sit out all of last season, and now facing recovery after choosing to repair his right meniscus you would think that Rose would be simply just give up. Well, think again! If your a person to easily give up, then this probably wasn’t your type of press event.

If you ever questioned Rose’s mental toughness, and how he will be from this point on then as he said himself according to Bulls.com:

"Just knowing that I have a bright future, I’m alright,” said Rose. “My faith is good, my spirit is good, and I’ll be back.You can be a fool if you want to,” Rose responded. “Dead serious. I know I’m going to be alright."

You heard that! He’s going to be just fine. You heard it directly from his mouth, and it sounds like he means business! Even though plenty people are quick to close the book on Rose and his story in the NBA, saying that it’s over; he is confident that this is another injury that he can conquer:

"With this injury, I’m able to get back on the court a lot quicker and I’m able to move around a lot more,” Rose said. “Last year, the rehab and training part was all new to me. I didn’t like it. I did it because I wanted to get back on the court. But just going through it, it’s hell.This year, it should be an easier process where I know what to do and I’m walking. … I’m able to bend my leg right now after surgery. With the ACL, I wasn’t able to bend my leg until three or four months (into the process). So this process should be a lot smoother.(via The Chicago Tribune)"

The key subject to notice is how strong his faith is and how much he leans on the man upstairs for guidance:

"I don’t know if God wants me to slow down a little bit. … He has some plan for me. I don’t know what it is, but I can’t lose faith in him, just knowing that my story isn’t done yet. I’m going to try my hardest to get back on the court, and I know I should be out there pretty soon."

It is quite refreshing to hear the positivity and mental clarity coming from Rose himself. How many people would show that much courage and strength during such a tough time going though back-to-back seasons of injuries? The least we should do is show some appreciation for his resilience! Personally, I want to say thank you D.Rose! Thank you for seeing the light of your own tunnel, even though you’ll have people who will try to block that light. Everybody should watch and stay alert when it comes to Rose, because his comeback trail has been lit on fire with his very own words:

"I believe that I’m a special player,” Rose said. “I think people love the way I just try to play. I don’t try to impress anyone when I’m playing or anything. I just have a feel for the game.Of course right now, when you’re living in the moment, you just don’t understand certain things. But I think if I was to look 10 years from now, this is going to be minor. It’s something that just happened. I’m never going to stop. Never."

Mark those words! In the meantime we definitely shouldn’t sleep on those Chicago Bulls players either. They have the DNA of fighters! With head coach Tom Thibodeau leading the charge.