Is It Really Necessary To Count Down The Minutes To Derrick Rose’s Return?


Jan 18, 2013; Boston, MA, USA; Chicago Bulls point guard Derrick Rose (1) warms up prior to a game against the Boston Celtics at TD Garden. Mandatory Credit: Mark L. Baer-USA TODAY Sports

We have officially hit that time of the year, that’s right NBA All-Star festivities begin next week and with that being said all things related to the highly anticipated return of Chicago’s chosen one Derrick Rose are in full swing. Soon after Rose had surgery to repair his torn ACL in his left knee last May; it was said that he would likely return to the courts sometime after the All-Star break. Let all of the speculation begin on February 19th, the Bulls face the New Orleans Hornets that day; and if for some reason Mr. Rose is unavailable then you can count on everybody to be buzzing everyday after that until we hear those two very simple, yet crucial words “I’m back.”

It has been roughly 40 weeks since we have seen Rose play last; and if you want to break it down even further it has been nine months and 11 days, it all adds up to 286 days total. That’s right the association has been Derrick Rose-less for 286 days. I thought time was supposed to fly only when you’re having fun? But the real question is: what exactly are we counting down to? Everybody seems to think that as soon as the All-Star break is over Rose will be back in the starting lineup. I’d hate to be the Debbie downer here but that is not the scenario – it’s actually not even close. We all know Rose can shoot, cut, dunk and as of last week; we found out that he has been taking on full contact in practices. Also it has been said that Rose has added two inches to his vertical, and he has gained fifteen pounds of muscle.

Aside from all the positives and speculation; reality comes soon after and right now the Bulls’ front office is considering sending Rose to their D-League affiliate: the Iowa Energy. Rose would play just a few games in the development league to see where he’s at mentally and physically. Obviously we all want Rose to be 150% when he returns, so with that being said a small stint in the D-League doesn’t seem so terrible. After that Rose would make his way to coming off the Bulls’ bench, playing with limited minutes up until he is ready to start.

Fortunately nothing negative has come out of practice reports, Rose is right where he needs to be according to Chicago’s head coach Tom Thibodeau. However they are still taking things at their own pace and are doing everything they can to keep Rose comfortable and quiet at the same time. If it wasn’t for ADIDAS showcasing his recovery in a series of six webshows – and his scarce tweeting we wouldn’t know how Rose’s world is doing according to Rose.

Chicago Bulls fans have had that unbearable feeling of emptiness in their hearts ever since Michael Jordan’s last shot in a Bulls uniform. Some call it bittersweet, others refer to it as a Michael Jordan Hangover. That hangover was cured back in 2008 with a little remedy named Derrick Rose. Now we all know Rose is not the second coming of Jordan; in fact let’s face it nobody is, however Rose is the closest thing the Bulls have had to MJ and we all know that he is more than capable of bringing several championships to the Windy City. The Bulls do not want to make the same mistake with Rose as they did with bringing Jordan back too soon. Jordan missed 529 days after suffering a broken foot, those were the days when Jordan had to carry the Bulls on his back before the dynasty began. I can drag out several more Derrick Rose comparisons but that is just not fair.

We’re all very excited to see Rose’s big return, and when that moment happens it will be historic and humbling to all Bulls fans that have remained loyal during the post Jordan era.

680,000 hours since Rose tore his ACL. I swear I’m not counting.