game against the Brooklyn Nets, Bulls center, Joakim Noah, was ar..."/> game against the Brooklyn Nets, Bulls center, Joakim Noah, was ar..."/>

Joakim Noah Apprehended by NBA’s Fashion Police


Feb. 1, 2013; Brooklyn, NY, USA; Chicago Bulls center Joakim Noah reacts from the bench against the Brooklyn Nets during the second half at Barclays Center. Nets won 93-89. Mandatory Credit: Debby Wong-USA TODAY Sports

During last friday’s game against the Brooklyn Nets, Bulls center, Joakim Noah, was arrested and taken away for committing a crime. The seven-foot center  didn’t steal or assault anyone. Noah committed a crime against fashion.

According to Kelly Dwyer of Yahoo! Sports, Ball Don’t Lie, an NBA employee confronted Noah on the bench and said he was violating the NBA’s dress code. In 2006, the the league created a player dress code. One of the items on the document targets playings attending a game but aren’t playing due to injury or because of another inactivity. The general policy is that all players dress in business casual attire, however there are some expectations to this. As the document states,

Players who are in attendance at games but not in uniform are required to wear the following additional items when seated on the bench or in the stands during the game:

  • Sport Coat
  • Dress shoes or boots, and socks

Over the years we seen some crazy outfits, mostly of Russell Westbrook. However, while Westrbook’s outfits might be outrageous, he has always complied with the NBA’s dress code. In the early 2000’s when the code wasn’t implemented, there have been many times were players such asAllen Iverson of the Philadelphia 76ers and Carmelo Anthony of the Denver Nuggets worse attire that weren’t suitable. Casual clothes that were fitting if you were hanging out with a group of friends.

In essence, the league wants their professional players to dress professionally. Makes sense. I’m in no way a fashion expert, but it’s not that bad to wear dress pants, a dress shirt, a tie and a jacket. The NBA wants their players to have a respectful imagine on and off the court.

In Noah’s case, he never violated any of dress code. Who can forget what Noah wore when he was drafted back in 2007. He has never been in trouble for what he wore before. Noah on the bench seemed to be wearing a sweater with a white v-neck shirt and scarf. What the league found troublesome was that Noah wore a sweater instead of a jacket. It does seem a bit too much for the league to call him out though.

According to Nick Friedell of ESPN Chicago, Noah adressed the situation saying,

"“I don’t even know really,” Noah said. “They told me I wasn’t dressed appropriately so I changed.”"

Noah even said that what he wore before, isn’t what what he usually wears.

"“That’s not really my style,” he said. “But I want to be out there with my guys.”"

According to Fridell, Noah went back to borrow assistant coach and former Bull, Randy Brown’s blue blazer while wearing a blue-stripped shirt.

Now, did the league over-react to what Noah was wearing? All Noah wanted to do was support his teammates. Yes the league has the right to make sure their players look professionally and aren’t dressed as they would on a random, lazy, carefree day but all Noah did wrong was wear a nice-expensive looking-sweater instead of a simple blazer. A bit outrageous if you ask me. Plus, it’s cold in Brooklyn NBA. If anything, Noah should’ve been able to wear his sweater under the coat.

Nonetheless, the game should more about it’s players and when/how they play, if they can. Hopefully Noah gets through his injury and hopefully he isn’t confronted again, anytime soon for another ridiculous fashion code.