Ever since Carlos Boozer came to Chicago from Utah, singing that five-year $75 million d..."/> Ever since Carlos Boozer came to Chicago from Utah, singing that five-year $75 million d..."/>

Does Carlos Boozer Deserve the Hate?


Ever since Carlos Boozer came to Chicago from Utah, singing that five-year $75 million dollar contract, he has been public enemy number one on the Bulls, condemned by fans everywhere, who are disappointed with his performance, constantly demanding he be amnestied, traded and so forth, all starting when he broke his hand.

But that’s all in done in the past, and with Boozer trying to prove his haters wrong, making an effort to change his game, shouldn’t he be forgiven for all his mistakes?  Scoop Jackson seems to think so, as he wrote in an article titled “Time to give Boozer a break.”

In his article, Jackson recalls Boozer saying, “I look forward to quieting the haters,” a year ago and how that was misinterpreted, as Boozer thought the team was going to win the whole enchilada, the championship.

Now, was Boozer wrong for saying this? No. Who can blame Boozer? With a healthy squad, the team could’ve won a championship, but injury after injury and well they were hopeless. Maybe Boozer came off a bit cocky and I understand that but hey, I’m sure everyone thought the Bulls were going to win last year too until Rose keep sitting out and collapsed  on the court.

Jackson also tried to brake down the hate and tried to understand why fans hate him. Could it be because of his big contract or his expectations? Jackson broke down Boozer statistics in Utah, stating Boozer played well over 70 games, averaging 23.5 points per game, 12.2 rebounds per game in the 2006-07 run with Utah.

So is that why fans are mad? Could it be that after seeing Boozer play tremendously in Utah, Bulls fans expected him to do the same and if possible, play better in Chicago? If that’s the case understand their dissatisfaction.

After Boozer had such a strong run that year with the Jazz last year with the Bulls he seemed to hit a slump, averaging 15 points per game, two assists, and eight-point-five rebounds. I understand that, that may be the reason why fans hate him; because of he’s not producing as many points as he was in Utah but I agree with Jackson that it’s time to give Boozer a break.

Boozer is trying to do his part. Yes, he’s not playing well over 70 games as he did in Utah but he’s close, as he came back from the year he broke his hand, sitting out eight weeks to playing 66 games last year. Plus he’s close to putting up as many points as he did with the Jazz. Boozer is trying, and that’s all he can do.

So are fans wrong for having such high expectations on him? Yes and no. Yes because they have to realize that well quiet frankly, Boozer is only getting older and he’s past his prime. Perhaps everyone just has too high of expectations.

I also say no, because at a contract that high at $75 million I suppose Bulls fans feel like they deserve better for that price. Deserve a high scorer shooter that can put up 30 points per game on any given night but let’s get realistic.

In light of everything, Bulls fans just have to be realistic about their expectations now and give credit too Boozer for trying, especially now with Rose and Hamilton injured.

Now does Boozer make the team better? Just look at last year alone, as Rose was injured and listed day-to-day among other players who were constantly injured, yet Chicago still managed to get the number one seed in the eastern conference and that was with Boozer playing 66 games. However they lost that year because they just lost their composure at the wrong place at the wrong time.

Last year, Boozer was tied with Luol Deng in second place for the most points as a bull shooting 15 points per game and he had eight-point-five rebounds per game, right before Joakim Noah. Its evident that Boozer makes the team better, scoring wise and on the boards.

Ultimately I agree with Jackson. it’s time to give Boozer a break. He’s trying and that’s all you can ask for.