Changes to Pippen Ain’t Easy


Dear Loyal Pippen Ain’t Easy Readers,

In the past month Pippen Ain’t Easy has gone through a few changes and I’d like to discuss that with you for a moment. We strive to bring the best possible experience to you, the fan, when it comes to all things Bulls. In order to make that experience even better and even more complete, Pippen Ain’t Easy has changed a few things and we hope you like it.

But first, we would like to address an issue we had this past month. We unexpectedly experienced a critical system failure with our major publishing software. This was an issue with our individual computers, not the website itself. Therefore we were unable to bring you Pippen Ain’t Easy the way we want to. We were forced to revert to any means necessary to publish news because we weren’t about to cut you off from the news. This simply resulted in articles with no pictures, fewer updates and no Bulls Talk. This couldn’t have come at a worse time as we were in the midsts of our T-Shirt contest, critical matchups and D-Rose’s All-Star selection. We tried to make due because we truly care about you, the fan, and nothing was going to keep us from bringing you the best Bulls news the web has to offer. But we would till like to issue a formal apology for not doing Pippen Ain’t Easy justice this past month with the systems down. Therefore we are changing the face of Pippen Ain’t Easy a little to improve your experience even more. These additions include:

  • New writers
  • Bulls Talk Radio Show
  • Contests
  • Expanded coverage

For starters, we have expanded the staff to include two new writers: Jonah Puls and Zach Herring.

Jonah Puls comes over from the Bleacher Report and other sites to cover a team he holds dear to his heart, the Bulls. Jonah will be splitting his duties 80-20 between the Bulls and the Bulls D-League affiliate, the Iowa Energy. He already has a few articles under his belt and is off to a fast start.

Zach Herring also comes to us from the Bleacher Report to cover the D-League for Pippen Ain’t Easy. Zach is a Bucks fan but he makes up this by having a wicked knowledge and knack for the NBA’s D-League. He will be covering not only the Iowa Energy, but will act as Pippen Ain’t Easy’s portal to the D-League.

D-League coverage preview:

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That brings me to another change that comes to Pippen Ain’t Easy: D-League coverage. We want to bring you the complete and total experience and that includes all aspects of the game. We have added a brand spanking new section that covers both the D-League as a whole and the Iowa Energy exclusively. Our two new additions will work hard to make this a staple of Pippen Ain’t Easy.

Another change to the site is the permanent addition of Bulls Talk, a Chicago Bulls radio show hosted by Pippen Ain’t Easy. We logged a few episodes under our belts before our entire system crashed and we are looking to bring back Bulls Talk bigger and better than ever. We are in the works preparing it as a downloadable Podcast to create the easiest way for you to bring it on the go with you.

We are working our hardest to bring you the best Bulls news on the web and we strive to make Pippen Ain’t Easy you’re go-to stop for everything Bulls. We’re glad you’re choosing to use us as you’re source for Bulls news and we appreciate you. After all, it’s the fans that fuel the popularity  of sports and it’s the fans that keep us going.

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So from all of us at Pippen Ain’t Easy, thank you. We’re looking forward to a great ride and we’re overjoyed that you wish to take the ride with us.

-Josh Hill
Editor/Lead Writer