Look Like an All-Star courtesy of Mighty Fine


Have you ever wanted to look like an All-Star. Already look like one and want to be that much cooler? Well have no fear, Pippen Ain’t Easy is here to make your dreams come true. Thanks to Mighty Fine clothing, we are proud to present our first contest where the prize will be a free Chicago Bulls T-Shirt courtesy of Mighty Fine.

Here’s the deal: As you may know it’s the 20th Anniversary of the 1990-91 NBA title which was the Bulls first in their history and the first of six in the next eight years. All you have to do is submit your favorite Bulls memory you have of that championship. Heck, it doesn’t even have to be from that particular championship, it can be from any of them. You give us your favorite Bulls memory in 50 words or more and you could be looking at some free gear.

There is a catch; the shirts are women’s shirts. But that shouldn’t stop you from trying to get one of these gorgeous shirts for yourself. Guys, what better gift for that special lady in your life than a Bulls shirt and some flowers. I guaruntee you if she gets one of these fine looking shirts from you, the sailing will be smooth. The wife have something annoying for you to do? Give her this shirt you won her and feel yourself get off the hook. You may even earn yourself some Bulls tickets from her, afterall she’s got the shirt; now use it.

And Ladies, why depend on your man to win you a shirt if you have to hassle him to do everything else. Just cut out the middle man and give us a memory of your own and you can win a shirt all to yourself. Then you won’t feel obliged to repay him for winning you a shirt, you can just watch over him  as he weeds those gardens in your cozy new shirt.

Mighty Fine clothing is a really cool site and they just got a lot cooler with this contest. They have all sorts of shirt styles and designs to fit your personality. Just to show oyu how cool they are you can either buy an artsy looking shirt fromt hem or an NBA shirt.

What range!

What more can you ask for? The Look Like an All-Star contest runs from today until February 15th. Winners will be announced right here on Pippen Ain’t Easy the night of the All-Star game on February 20th. We will let you know how to go about receiving these shirts.

To enter simply send an e-mail to us by clicking on the link below or copying and pasting it into your e-mail browser. Tell us your favorite Bulls memory and sign it with your name and hometown. You must be 13 years or older to enter this contest. Pippen Ain’t Easy reserves all rights to void an entry. Keep it clean and keep it fun and you may be wearing a brand new Bulls shirt come All-Star Weekend. Plus all winning entries and some runner up will appear in our Bulls Memory section on the website and who knows where that will lead. Maybe a job writing for Pippen Ain’t Easy.

We’re looking forward to hearing your stories. And good Luck!

E-Mail for Entry: pippen.ainteasy@yahoo.com

Mighty Fine website: www.WeLoveFine.com