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Chicago Bulls Schedule: Chicago Bulls Open At Knicks!

 Mike DiNovo-USA TODAY Sports

Mike DiNovo-USA TODAY Sports

Man I cannot lie to you Pippen Peoples, this made my day. If you thought I couldn’t wait for the NBA season to start, I am REALLY amped up for the season to start now. Guess who the New York Knicks open their season up at home against? Take a wild guess. Yep, the Chicago Bulls. The NBA is known to manipulate the schedules for storylines. Boy I give the NBA schedule makers a A+++ for this one. This is better than reality shows. According to Fred Kerber of the New York Post, the New York Knicks will open against the Bulls at home, before traveling to Cleveland to face a more slender LeBron James and soon to be resident power forward Kevin Love in their home opener.

The Knicks will start their season on Oct. 29, at home against the Bulls. With Derrick Rose, Joakim Noah and  Pau Gasol, the Bulls came closest to prying Carmelo Anthony away from the Knicks this summer.

The NBA will officially release the entire schedule Wednesday at 6:00 pm EST. If you are new to this website, the first thing I will say is thank you. I appreciate each person that logs on to Pippen Ain’t Easy. The best choice for Chicago Bulls news, previews and reviews. Bulls fans could go anywhere to get their Chicago Bulls fix, but they come here and that is not taken for granted. The Pippen Peoples will always get the in-depth information that they deserve. I was checking out the comments section of my series Chicago Bulls Trade Talk: Five Best Trades-#4 and noticed something interesting. There are two types of readers that come to this website. 1) There are some that read my articles and question my agendas based on me being a Knicks fan. 2) Some that actually read them and try to get some analysis and knowledge. Check out the comments that apply to the first group… From Brian Miller…

I’m new to your writing. Can you explain why you are penning a Bulls oriented column (which I enjoy reading) while being a duma$$ Knicks fan? Call it journalistic curiosity. Thanks.

Well he was co-signed by Brandon Norris…

Doesn’t sit well with me either, now I understand why I hate most of his writing. It all makes sense.

No. What makes sense is what “Brian” said in response…

No respect… Who cares what team he’s a fan of? He knows his basketball and does a great job of covering the Bulls…Did you think that being hired as a journalist you get to choose which team you get to write for? He’s also the editor of this column. He writes well about our team so leave it be. Don’t make all Bulls fans seem like Cubs fans. Go cry on the North side about your nonsense. I’m sure somebody in “the friendly confines” will gladly give you a hug. Keep doin your thing Ronald!

To Brian Miller, there you go in a nutshell. I’ve been in the media game for 20 years. My creditability is paramount. Not the Knicks. As long as the check clears, Bulls fans get my all. Period. Hope your journalistic curiosity is satisfied. Thanks for the read by the way.

First thing I want to say to Brian and any other Bulls fan that feels the same way about my coverage of the Bulls, thank you. You are  cherished and appreciated. My articles are to spark debate and educate. Basketball is more than putting a ball in a basket. I want all Bulls fans, no check that, make that all NBA fans that log on to Pippen Ain’t Easy to get the best in-depth coverage that myself or the talented staff of writers can give. Sports is opinion based, not biased. If you have actually paid attention to the articles, I have written over my tenure here at Pippen Ain’t Easy (over 260 and counting) you will notice that I do not  mince words. I don’t give fans a false rose-colored picture of how things are going to go for the Bulls or anyone else for that matter. What good is that?

I told the Pippen Peoples that Carmelo Anthony was not coming to Chicago, back when the rumors started.  There are so many ways that Pippen Ain’t Easy broke down Carmelo and the Bulls, I started hating Carmelo Anthony after waiting five days for his decision after he said he would have one. What happened? He stayed.

I told the Pippen Peoples last year that the Bulls have issues scoring. Like as far back as before the All-Star break. The Bulls finished with an AAU like 69 points in the season finale against the Washington Wizards. This is not a come together and talk about how great the Chicago Bulls are website. Sorry. This website breaks down analysis of the Bulls from all aspects. From the front office to the vendors selling hot dogs. If the Coke is warm, we’re talking trash. If you are so blinded by the Bulls that I annoy you. It’s been fun.

For the rest of the Pippen Peoples, I’m going to take this night and any other games concerning the Knicks to talk trash and say the Knicks will give the Bulls a beat down. I hope you log on to Pippen Ain’t Easy for good clean family fun leading up to the game. I love and respect all REAL Bulls fans that respect the game to talk trash with. That way everyone enjoys the game and you have a legit fan to talk trash TO leading up to the game.

The way I see it your computer is like a sports bar, a basketball gym or a street corner debating who has the baddest team, player, etc. If the Knicks win (which they will) I will talk trash as any Knick fan would before going back and doing my thing talking Bulls basketball for the other games the Bulls don’t play the Knicks. If the Bulls win (which they won’t) have fun in the comments section. Talk all the trash you want. That’s what fans do. That’s what sports is  about and what  FanSided is about. Being fans that can come together and state their opinions. If you take that personally. My point has been made.

Hey Brian…thanks for the kind word. More importantly thanks for getting what Pippen Ain’t Easy is about. You’re an inspiration my man. I’ll keep doing my thing for you and anyone else that wants to get down and debate NBA hoops.

To the rest. You’re invited too.

Ronald Agers Editor-Pippen Ain’t Easy aka the Knicks fan.

P.S. You all do know the Knicks are going to win right?

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