Aug 1, 2014; Las Vegas, NV, USA; USA Team Blue guard Derrick Rose (41) takes a shot against the defense of USA Team White center DeMarcus Cousins (36) during the USA Basketball Showcase at Thomas & Mack Center. Mandatory Credit: Stephen R. Sylvanie-USA TODAY Sports

Derrick Rose: The Bulls Need To Adapt To His New Voice!

Have you noticed something strange that happened last week during Team USA’s tenure in Las Vegas? Derrick Rose was talking.

He talked a little bit about his knee, the free agency period over the summer, how he feels overall about his comeback.

But it was one subject that got everyone talking leading into the  Blue-White  scrimmage on Friday. It was the reported tension between  the Chicago Bulls and Derrick Rose.

After the Chicago Sun-Times put out a story that is probably as entertaining as the Jordan Rules book back the Bulls first three peat years, it seems that everyone wants to move on.

Jerry Reinsdorf was VERY quick to squash the report to the point  of calling it malicious lies and Derrick Rose backtracked and said that  everything was fine between everyone.

What that means is now for the time being because believe me this is not over. It’s just over for now. In my opinion, there is some truth to this report. If that wasn’t the case, I would try to apply for Joe Cowley’s job. This just in, Cowley still has his gig.

Anyway Jerry Reinsdorf is ready to move on. At least that’s what he told the Chicago Tribune. (Good Luck to the Chicago Sun-Times ever getting a statement from Reinsdorf ever again.)

Chicago Bulls Chairman Jerry Reinsdorf said Sunday he is ready to “move on” after issuing a strong rebuke last week to a Chicago Sun-Times story that  reported “tension” between point guard Derrick Rose and the team.

“The  article infuriated me,” Reinsdorf said. “I put out a statement and said what I felt I had to say.”

Check out what Derrick Rose had to say on his “politically correct” back pedal job.

“He [Reinsdorf] told me don’t worry about it, just stay focused and, like I said, it’s the past. It’s funny just hearing so many stories about what’s going on, and they’re coming out of, like, nowhere, so it’s funny to hear about them, but it’s nothing that’s going on.”

Yeah sure. Let’s all come together and embrace.

Believe it or not, there is a silver lining in all of this. Seriously. Derrick Rose actually acknowledged something. He spoke out on a issue and get this, he was honest (at least until the end), this is something the Bulls need to adapt to if they want this man to lead the Chicago Bulls in the future.

With Paul George’s unfortunate injury in the scrimmage last week, Derrick Rose along with Kevin Durant will have to take on a more active leadership role with the team. Yes, that means opening up his mouth and being more vocal with his teammates if the USA squad wants to win the World Cup.

Outside of Durant, James Harden and Derrick Rose, the rest  of the team is young and  inexperienced in the ways of international basketball. Couple that with James Harden modeling the bench on the Olympic team a couple  of years back, it will be up to Rose and Durant to lead this team to the Gold Medal.

It will be good practice for Derrick Rose because that is exactly what he is going to  have to do for the Chicago Bulls this upcoming season. Be a leader that is willing  to speak out, even when it is not cool to do so.

Derrick Rose is starting to do something that the Chicago Bulls, the fans and the NBA needs him to do. Open his mouth up and speak. If he wants to be an icon like he says he wants to be, well he’s got to start by opening up to the media and it’s fans and letting everyone in on his world a little bit. If Derrick Rose wants to be revered by everyone, everyone has to be able to relate to him.

Here’s why that Chicago Sun-Times story was so huge. The issues in  the front office  is not  news. Tom Thibodeau and Gar Forman haven’t gotten along for the longest. Everyone knows that. Why do you think the rumors of Thibodeau leaving comes up so often? There has always been drama in the Bulls organization when it comes to the front office. There was fussing  and fighting back in the championship years. Remember that? Same play, same script, just different characters, that all. The story was huge because Derrick Rose opened his mouth up and said something. The last person in the organization that anyone that would spill the beans did.

Was Derrick Rose wrong  for saying anything about the tension? Maybe, maybe not. But the important thing is that he said something. His brother/manager, Reggie did not say anything. His agent, B.J. Armstrong didn’t say anything. Derrick Rose said it. If he did do something wrong, it’s because he needs the practice. You have to make mistakes to learn how this media thing works. Now he realizes the power of the wrong word uttered in a sound bite. With more experience the savviness will come. Only if the Bulls let him do it.

This is some friendly advice for the Chicago Bulls brass. Let Derrick Rose  speak. It is an important part of his leadership growth process. If he’s going to be your franchise player going forward, he’s going to have to speak out on things you may not like. If he’s wrong, then teach him.

Pau Gasol, Tony Snell, Doug McDermott and Nikola Mirotic will thank you for it.

Trust me.


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