Jul 30, 2014; Las Vegas, NV, USA; Team USA guard Derrick Rose fields questions from reporters following a team practice at Mendenhall Center. Mandatory Credit: Stephen R. Sylvanie-USA TODAY Sports

Derrick Rose Versus Da Bulls In The Family Feud!

Nov 21, 2013; Denver, CO, USA; Chicago Bulls guard Ty Lawson (3) and Chicago Bulls guard Derrick Rose (right) battle for a loose ball during the second half at Pepsi Center. Mandatory Credit: Chris Humphreys-USA TODAY Sports

Take a look at this picture. See Derrick Rose. See the ball. The ball symbolizes the control or lack thereof that is going on between Derrick Rose and the Chicago Bulls according to the Chicago Sun-Times.

Welcome to your nightmare  Pippen Peoples. Earlier this week, the Chicago Sun-Times did a story on some growing tension between Derrick Rose and his camp and the Chicago Bulls’ front office. The word around the campfire is that the tension started when Rose’s camp started taking shots at the Bulls front office during contract negotiations. Then while Derrick Rose was out with a ACL injury, his camp started up again criticizing the Bulls’ management team for not making sufficient moves after the trade deadline in 2013.

If you think this is a report that needs to be blown off, cool. Stay in denial. But when the Chicago Bulls chairman Jerry Reinsdorf has to come out and release a statement to refute the reports in the Sun-Times while Derrick Rose acknowledges the tension has been present, that’s not a good look. It’s starting to look like everyone is on a different page these days. A different page, check that, a different book, a different library, a different publishing company.

Let’s check out a quote from Derrick Rose, who is supposed to be the face of the Chicago Bulls franchise and the key to the title hopes.

“I’m happy I didn’t personally see it. I don’t want to see that. I kind of wonder where it was all coming from because it seemed like whenever I was around, everything was all right. It bothered me because when I wasn’t around, I would hear from certain people that everything wasn’t all right.”

Does anyone buy this? I don’t. Furthermore, if Derrick Rose is telling the truth, that’s even MORE troubling. For him and the franchise going forward.

Let me get this straight. Derrick Rose is the franchise player getting paid $94.8 million dollars over five years from one of four teams worth over a billion dollars in the NBA and he doesn’t know where all of this tension is coming from?

His brother and acting manager Reggie is a definite part of the equation because he is the most vocal and critical about the Bulls’ front office for a while now. Not saying the dude didn’t have a point but he did state his opinion at times. Now if Reggie is your manager and based on his tendencies, I know Derrick Rose knew something was going on.

Now if he REALLY didn’t know, can someone give me D-Rose my number? I got some United Center parking lot space that I want to sell him. Prime real estate. He can have the whole United Center parking lot for a cool $10 million dollars. My address is on 1060 West Addison Street in Chicago.

The one thing I love about doing this job is making a statement and watching it all unfold. I told everyone time and time again for months that Carmelo Anthony was in no danger of coming to Chicago. I don’t care what was said. He wasn’t going to leave $50 million dollars on the table and  he was not  going to give up the number one option in the offense.

Derrick Rose knew that and didn’t want the man in Chicago. I mentioned this time and time again how it would be difficult for two players who need the ball to be effective to sacrifice their games to play together. You wouldn’t believe the comments got about I’m just a New York Knicks fan that doesn’t know what he’s talking about.

Well look who’s right…again.

I love hoops, but I pay attention to tendencies. Go to Pippen Ain’t Easy. Look at the past articles. There are a ton of them breaking down why Carmelo Anthony wasn’t coming and why it wouldn’t work if he did.

It looks like the Chicago Sun-Times have found some dirt to back up what I have been saying for months.

According to the Sun-Times there seems to be less communication between the Chicago Bulls  and their franchise player. I bet it didn’t help when he wanted no part in the recruitment of players aka Carmelo Anthony aka Melo aka the guy that could steal his shine in Chicago.

Let’s go back about a month when Derrick Rose uttered those famous words about recruiting Carmelo Anthony or ANY free agent to Chicago to Yahoo! Sports.

“Not my job.”

How about that famous phrase that has Kevin Costner rolling over in his grave right now.

“If they want to come…they can come.”

Great attitude to have when the team is trying to attract big name free agents.

The Sun-Times and ESPN have so many conflicted reports it seems that they are the mouthpieces for each side.

The Chicago Sun-Times represents the Chicago Bulls.

ESPN represents Derrick Rose and his camp.

ESPN reported that Derrick Rose had no idea that Carmelo Anthony was coming the day of his visit. Rose says he knew and had his workout moved.

The team wanted Derrick Rose’s workout to be a “big production” for Anthony to show that Rose’s knees were healthy.

Check out what the Sun-Times source says.

“[Rose] wanted nothing to do with it,” “They had to beg him just to talk to Anthony after [the workout]“

Now about that dinner.

I’m going to  ask  a question. Who likes free food? Me too. Derrick Rose was on the guest list along with members of the front office, plus Joakim Noah and Taj Gibson. Derrick Rose supposedly informed them he wouldn’t attend. Somehow that got lost in the chain of command.

Look here everyone. With all of the technology with texting and  stuff like that, how could this get screwed up? I assume everyone has Rose’s phone number. No check that, they probably had a meeting to go over the  plans of this man’s visit. Come on man!

Derrick Rose is starting to go down a road that is dark and very lonely. Whether you like it or not, Derrick Rose wanted no part of playing with Carmelo Anthony. If I could see it, don’t you think Carmelo Anthony’s people could see it? The dysfunction? The disconnect? Under these circumstances Carmelo Anthony wouldn’t take a $50.00 pay cut much less $50 million to join this mess.

By the way, if Derrick Rose is so dead set against recruiting, why does the Chicago Sun-Times report Rose asking for Pau Gasol’s number then calling him trying to sell the Bulls?

Why Pau, D-Rose?

“[Gasol is] someone I knew I could play with,” Rose said. “You think about Pau, him now being in the East, what he’ll be able to achieve with the  way we play, the way we dump the ball in the post a lot. It could be great.”

Umm yeah. Maybe I missed something but when last year did the Bulls dump the ball in the post? Last I checked the offense started with Joakim Noah  at the top of the elbow initiating the offense. Last year, Carlos Boozer was your best post player. The fact Thibodeau didn’t use that option is dirty water under the bridge at this point, but the point is, the Bulls DID NOT use the post a lot. They used a motion offense.

Now Derrick Rose wants to be an icon.

I want a romantic rendezvous with Beyoncé and Shakira.

Icons don’t act like this. Derrick Rose looks like a insecure kid who thinks his popularity will go away if someone just as talented comes in and plays for the Bulls. Icons put their stamp on a franchise on AND off the court. An Icon is sought out for their opinion in certain team matters. They sure don’t utter the words “that’s not my job.”

I’m going to leave you with one last quote from Derrick Rose to the Pippen Peoples…

“This is  a new beginning for everybody. We’ve got  a new practice facility, a new year where  I’m coming back, and we have some great talent. It’s time to turn the page and move in a positive direction.”

It had better be positive. Because if the Chicago Sun-Times is telling the truth, this could be the most eye opening read since the Jordan Rules book back in the 90’s.


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