Apr 30, 2014; Houston, TX, USA; Houston Rockets center Dwight Howard (12) yells to the crowd after blocking a shot during the fourth quarter against the Portland Trail Blazers in game five of the first round of the 2014 NBA Playoffs at Toyota Center. Mandatory Credit: Andrew Richardson-USA TODAY Sports

D.U.M. As MUD Backwards...Vol. 2 Dwight Howard!

Well Pippen Peoples, I’m at it again. I have to take a minor detour from Chicago Bulls business on Pippen Ain’t Easy, your best source for Bulls news, previews  and reviews to point out the idiotic things  NBA players do sometimes. Not mistakes, because we all make them. This makes me no better than nobody else. No one prays to The Father, The Son, The Holy Spirit and Ronald Agers. No. But some of these NBA  players do some of the dumbest things. So I write about it.

To qualify for D.U.M. As MUD Backwards, the player has to do something extra special. I mean the player  has to do something so stupid it defies logic sometimes. It definitely lacks in the realm of common sense. The player has to step in the pantheon of poor judgment.

Volume one was about P.J. Hairston. He was the dummy that got into  a fight with a high school kid in a local YMCA in Durham NC. Want to know why? Because the high school kid’s team was housing Hairston’s team for three games in a row. Here’s the kicker, it was ONE day before mini camp. Sounds stupid? Now you get the concept. Now we have  a new player that  has joined the party. Dwight Howard.

Back in early June of 2014, Dwight Howard got caught up in an ALLEGED romantic relationship with an underage girl. According to reports, Howard allegedly flew the girl and her two friends to Florida.


Photos surfaced of Dwight Howard in a hotel room (Don’t this fool have a house?) with the alleged minors. This girl named “Debbie” started posting pictures and text messages ALLEGING that something romantic happened between her and the 28-year-old Howard. According to Hollywood Take. “Debbie” and Howard reportedly got into a fight via text and that’s when “Debbie” starting dumping everything online. Okay Dwight, if this is true. (Believe me. I hope to GOD it’s not) here’s my thing.

Why in the world are you with this girl in the first place. You have enough kids right now that people don’t even talk about Shawn Kemp anymore. I bet you even he’s reading this and saying really dude? At least my women have valid driver’s licenses and can get into adult nightclubs.

Also, word around the campfire is that you are dating somebody. At least it’s one of your 94 baby mamas. Reports say it’s Christine Vest. How do you think she’s going to take this scandal? More than likely, not well.

Lastly, what happened to fighting over the phone. How about in person. Or my personal favorite in public with a whole lot of people aka witnesses. Your texts are now public record and will be used to drag your name through the mud if you are lucky enough that she is of age and as evidence in a courtroom if she is not.

Speaking of these text messages. Let’s take a look shall we. Someone “Debbie” refers to as Dwight said that she played him.

” U played me. And U don’t even know my age. Smh. U think it’s a game. I shared things with you that I ain’t told anybody. U claim u ain’t have my number but u knew everybody’s elses. U wanted to talk to me when u were ready. U aint say nothing during the playoffs. Nothing after the playoffs till now,”

the alleged message from Howard read. It went on to add…

“I saw u everyday sending ig snapchat. But I ain’t exist till now,”

When “Debbie” responded, some of the message was cut off, but here’s some of what was  seen.

” I did not play you Dwight and I didn’t have your number man I had got a new phone and then figured out how to use icloud that’s bold af. I talked to you every time”

Also according to Hollywood Take, “Debbie” also tweeted to a friend that @DwightHoward really aint (expletive) and I need yall to know that.” Naturally when things like this happen, Twitter accounts gets deleted so you know this situation is no different. But before the account was deleted “Debbie” tweeted about graduation which is leading people to believe that she is a minor. However it is not clear if it is college or high school graduation.

It bears repeating, but I hope this man, Dwight Howard is not that stupid. Here’s the problem. He’s that stupid. There are already pictures that already put him in the room with the alleged girl and her friends. But here’s the bigger question… When is this man ever going to grow up.

Dwight Howard just can’t get out of his own way. Hopefully, nothing happened and it’s just a girl trying to start trouble. But why does he continue to do stupid stuff to destroy his image.

Remember the trade demands in Orlando?

Remember that stupid press conference saying he was committed only to change his mind? How about the Stan Van Gundy thing?

How about his whining in Los Angeles?

How about the 30 million he left in Los Angeles?

How about the first round exit in Houston?

What if these allegations are true? What if she is underage? All laws with minors are different from state to state. But I’m going out on a limb saying if she is underage and he flew her out-of-state to hook up. Uhh, that will not be a good situation to be in. Forget basketball. The long arm of the law is a tad bit longer than Serge Ibaka’s. You dig?

Dwight, the Houston Rockets have invested a lot in you. They overlooked you setting two franchises back with your mess. They put up with your whining. They put up with your awful free throw shooting. Here’s a thought. Pray this girl is over 18. Grow up! Shut up!! Then be a man!!!


Because right now…you are D.U.M. As MUD Backwards!

Okay. Back to Chicago Bulls business.

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