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Chicago Bulls Sign Kirk Hinrich, But Let D.J. Augustin Walk!

Apr 16, 2014; Charlotte, NC, USA; Chicago Bulls guard D.J. Augustin (14) looks on as the referees talk during the second half of the game against the Charlotte Bobcats at Time Warner Cable Arena. Bobcats win in overtime 91-86. Mandatory Credit: Sam Sharpe-USA TODAY Sports

Apr 16, 2014; Charlotte, NC, USA; Chicago Bulls guard D.J. Augustin (14) looks on as the referees talk during the second half of the game against the Charlotte Bobcats at Time Warner Cable Arena. Bobcats win in overtime 91-86. Mandatory Credit: Sam Sharpe-USA TODAY Sports

D.J Augustin…gone. Just when I was starting to like the Chicago Bulls. A little bit. The Bulls sign Kirk Hinrich and let D.J. Augustin walk out and sign with the Detroit Pistons.


Let’s take a look a look at the referees. They are having a deep conversation. I wonder what they are talking about?

Referees talking…

“Man I bet the Bulls don’t resign D.J. Augustin.”

“Man you crazy! If not him then who? You know D.J’s been balling out of his mind.”

“The Bulls will sign Kirk Hinrich. They always do.”

Let us all take a sigh of relief Pippen Peoples. Now that LeBron James and Carmelo Anthony have signed their respective contracts, teams can start building up their respective squads. The Chicago Bulls  front office have done a great job looking past Carmelo Anthony and getting things done. I promise you guys will see a dramatic improvement in the offense with Pau Gasol coming to town. Then the Bulls bring Nikola Mirotic across the pond…finally and get him in a uniform. But just before I start giving props to the GarPax. They do something ridiculous.

They sign Kirk Hinrich and let D.J. Augustin go to Detroit.

Really?…Really?…Really? COME ON MAN!

As always there is a comment section down below to explain to me why the Bulls bring in players that play WELL past their expectations then the Bulls do very little, no check that nothing to keep them.

D.J. Augustin basically bailed the Bulls out after Derrick Rose went down with another knee injury…again. Augustin averaged 14.9 points and five assists off the bench to provide a huge spark off the bench for a  team that couldn’t score in an empty gym some nights. There were nights Augustin was the star of the team. How about that career high of 33 points in that huge back to back against the Boston Celtics in the playoff run last year? How about the night he gave Kyrie Irving the business scoring 27 points against Cleveland? What’s that worth?

A pat on the head and foot in the behind out the door.

Let’s take a look at the players that the Bulls seemingly let walk away after showing the uncanny ability to shoot from various places away from the rim.

Kyle Korver

There are financial reasons why Korver is not in a Chicago Bulls uniform. The Hawks gave him a four-year 24 million dollar contract after the Bulls traded him out in a salary dump. The Bulls didn’t feel the need to pay him $5 million dollars and they didn’t want to pay $500,000 dollars to buy him out. (The Legion of Booz holds out hope…Wednesday’s the deadline to amnesty Boozer!) He went on to set a record for the most consecutive games with at least one three pointer made. Guess who they got out of the deal? A trade exception and cash. The Bulls went on to replace him with…

Kirk Hinrich.

More on him later, lets keep going. There were other players that the Bulls let go after going nuts after being signed. How about…

Nate Robinson

Look, I realize that  Nate Robinson never met a shot he didn’t like, or take for that matter. I realize that deep down in Nate’s soul, he believes that he should have a statue next to Michael Jordan. His career was on skid row when the Bulls picked him up. He basically  took the team on his back in the first round playoff win against the Brooklyn Nets a couple of years back. When the Denver Nuggets came a calling with a three-year deal. The Bulls gave him the back two fingers peace sign.

But you still have Captain Kirk!

How about Marco Bellinelli? When Bellinelli was with the Bulls he was very productive. He won a couple of games with last second shots. He was a hard worker that did fit in with the Bulls scheme. When it was time to pay up, the Bulls let him go.  I bet he’s glad the Bulls let him walk. He went to the San Antonio Spurs. Well at least he got a ring out if it. What did the Bulls get?

Kirk Hinrich!

I’m really beginning to wonder if Hinrich has pictures  or kidnapped the family members of the front office. Maybe he brings doughnuts every Monday to the office. I don’t know. But this guy is NOT worth a two-year $5.6 million dollar contract. Let’s take A LONG look at what Hinrich brings to the table.

Let’s forget his first seven years. They gone man, they gone! Let’s deal with the here and now. In the past two seasons, Hinrich put up 8.5 points, 4.5 assists, 2,6 rebounds and 1.1 steals a game. Here’s the kicker. He shot 38.6 percent from the field and 36.8 percent from the land of the extra point.

To all the people who are talking about Hinrich and how he plays defense. Look Pippen Peoples, it’s really time to stop. Did you see the playoffs last year? Hinrich couldn’t guard a diseased redwood tree with a chainsaw. The Washington Wizards devised a defensive plan AROUND Kirk Hinrich. Okay everyone, we are going to guard everyone else. Then we are going to allow the ball to stay in Hinrich’s hands so he can make plays. How did that work out?

I want everyone to follow me here. The Washington Wizards made it a point to take the ball out the hands of D.J. Augustin, you know the guy the Bulls let walk for about $500,000  dollars more than what Hinrich is getting. Probably because Augustin was making a difference in the Bulls offense. They let Hinrich do what he wanted with the ball. There is a reason why. The man can’t shoot!!!!

I know that Hinrich had suitors (Shocking!) The Charlotte Hornets and Utah Jazz are two of them right off the top of my head. I don’t think either team would have paid what the Bulls are paying him. Why over pay?

Why not wait a while and watch for desperate players who overestimated their value and sign them. Rodney Stuckey comes to mind. He probably wants a twelve million dollar deal  like I want a date with Shakira. Only thing though sadly for both of us, we both won’t get what we want.

Pippen Ain’t Easy for the next few days will be scouring the roster moves and analyzing the wonderful way the Bulls are building this roster. This definitely is not one of them.


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  • Michael Cunningham

    I agree w/ this piece 100%. The Bulls should not have let DJ walk, and the argument some people give as to the Wiz shutting DJ down forgot about him nailing 25, 16 and 13 pts before they made adjustments to put more defensive pressure on him. This was the same defensive pressure that Miami put on Rose once he became their primary and only scoring option the Bulls had 3 yrs ago.
    The only conclusion that I can come up with is the FO does not want anyone @ the PG position to outshine Derrick Rose. By choosing Kirk they have a savvy veteran who can defer to his teammates, but keep the fans wanting more of Rose due to his lack of penetration and scoring ability. If they chose to resign DJ he might be able to put up numbers comparable to Rose and this may cause fans to favor DJ. Rose has been out of action for 2 yrs, and will be prone to make turnovers and miss shots while he re-adjust to the NBA game again. This reminds me of the NFL and having a QB controversy. When you have two top tier QB’s one will have to go, and in the case of the Bulls and having two QB’s as PG’s the one who brings in the most revenue wins out every time.
    I’m still hopeful that the Bulls can somehow find another quality PG to play the backup role to Rose, perhaps a sign n trade for Eric Bledsoe would be nice to do w/ Mike Dunleavy as trade-bait. Maybe they’ll find another gem at PG during the regular season. But this is getting ridiculous to watch. I can’t go another season watching Capt Crutches lead the team while Rose is suited up in the box seats. Bad move by the Bulls in an otherwise great off-season imo

    • Ronald Agers


    • backell

      So you suggest that they make the rules be different? How were they supposed to do that?

      And seriously, they didn’t sign DJ because they didn’t want him to “outshine Derrick Rose?” LOL!!! Okay. Now I understand the problem. You don’t know what you’re talking about.

      • Michael Cunningham

        How are the rules different from signing Hinrich from DJ? Now I understand…You don’t know how to read.

        • backell

          Actually, it’s pretty obvious you don’t understand the rules. There’s something called a “salary cap.” The Bulls were at a point where they could either pay players the veteran minimum OR the Room Mid-Level Exception.

          The most THEY COULD AFFORD TO pay anyone at that point was $2.7 million, by RULE. They couldn’t just “decide” to pay $3 million.

          Perhaps before going on your next ignorant rant and follow it up with a sophomoric retort, I think you need to learn the rules.

          • Michael Cunningham

            Hey Dumbazz! DJ would have excepted the 2.7 mil had it been offered to him. He wanted to continue playing with the Bulls not the Detroit Pistons. His career was revived when they picked him up from the scrap heap of players, and he stated himself his desire to play with the team.
            If you want to rant about a 300K difference in salaries vs talent, youth, i and productivity find a dark corner somewhere and talk to yourself.

          • backell

            Name calling now, huh? That’s the stuff of trolls. Are you a troll?

            Considering that the contracts were announced within 24 hours, I’m pretty sure that the $3 million offer came first. Yes, he stated his desire to play with the Bulls. He also turned down the contract the Bulls actually offered him.

            If you want call “ranting” about $300k difference in contracts, you’re more than welcome to. But that doesn’t make your argument anymore valid than name-calling.

            Bottom line the supposition stated in the article was that the Bulls were being CHEAP by not matching the $3 million offered by the Pistons. I was merely pointing out that was impossible. If you have an issue with that, your issue is with math, not with me.

            So how about you learn from your betters instead of being condescending next time?

          • Michael Cunningham

            Let’s agree to disagree.

          • backell

            There is nothing to agree or disagree about.

            1. $3.0 million is bigger than $2.7
            2. The Bulls, BY RULE could not offer more D.J. more than 2.7.
            3. There was nothing about being cheap here.

            It’s not agreeing or disagreeing. You’re either not understanding or ignoring what you do understand. This is not an issue of opinion. It’s an issue of what the facts are. Don’t come at me and insult me for understanding them, then cower behind “lets disagree to disagree” when you’re proven wrong. Man up and admit you were wrong.

  • Lloyd A Brodnax

    DJ only had to play his A$$ off and he did and was rewarded by the Pistons… Our Bulls will acquire a taller, more efficient shooter and with some defensive acumen to his game. I’ll wait until that signing of the shooting guard that is the last piece needed by Our Bulls!

  • Kj

    This is not well informed at all normally I enjoy your writing it’s a shame when you’re this far off

  • Michael Rosenfeld

    We have no cap space, only the room MLE, which Kirk signed for (and is less then what DJ got). It may only be a $500,000 difference but its $500,000 the Bulls legally couldn’t offer. Not a matter of cheap, just a matter of the CBA.

  • Ash

    No way no how can DJ play on the same court at the same time as Rose. Hinrich can and that is why we signed Hinrich & not DJ. We need a bigger guard.

  • backell

    The problem isn’t that they weren’t willing to pay DJ the extra money. The problem is that they were using the room exception, which comes out to less. They were constrained by rules, not money.

  • Trey

    Whoever wrote this article is an idiot. First off Kirk took less money than other teams offered. And at 2.4 million would consider him underpaid. Second, he CAN shoot. He leads the franchise in 3 pointers made. Lastly, and the bottom line, if you don’t like Kirk Hinrich your not a real bulls fan. The guy is a bull for life and gives everything on the court. He’s done 10x for the Bulls organization than DJ has.