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Carmelo Anthony: STAYS IN NEW YORK! Editor’s Happy!

Apr 4, 2014; New York, NY, USA; New York Rangers former player Brian Leetch (left) shakes hands with New York Knicks small forward Carmelo Anthony (right) after unveiling a new “Garden 366″ moment before a game at Madison Square Garden. Anthony

Cause I’m happyyyyyyyy….Come along if you feel like a room without a roof. Oh man! Is this too soon Bulls fans? Sorry.

Boy it feels  good to be working again. For about six days, I really didn’t like LeBron James OR Carmelo Anthony. Right now, I still don’t like LeBron James. Carmelo Anthony and I  have reconciled. Carmelo has FINALLY told the Los Angeles Lakers and your Chicago Bulls that he made his decision to stay in New York and this saga of will he or won’t he is painfully over. As of this writing according to ESPN’s and fellow Winston-Salem State University alum Stephen A. Smith, Melo is contract negotiations. All I have to say is……..YES!

Now that I have gotten my New York Knicks fan business out of the way. Let’s get back to work on the sports analysis. I understand how passionate you Chicago Bulls fans are. It will always be appreciated and respected. To the Leroy Boyds, the Jimbos, and all of the other Pippen Peoples that have commented with me back and forth, you guys made this website the last few months. If you’ve brought fellow fans, I appreciate that too. But ALL of you had to know…


I have said it for months. This has absolutely nothing to do with basketball. I tried to tell you for months. This is about Carmelo Anthony. Carmelo Anthony played the Bulls. Then he took his act to Houston and played them, then Dallas and finally finished up in Los Angeles. If you look at the body of work of Carmelo’s career. This was never going to work. Mark Cuban was basically the only one that was wise to what Anthony was trying to accomplish. The recruiting trips was to push the Knicks into a max deal. Period.

Right now, I will go into three solid reasons that you can take to the bank as to why Carmelo Anthony is  staying in New York.

1) Like Carmelo Anthony was REALLY going to leave $50 million dollars on the table.

I remember telling someone this recently. Championships are great,, but you can’t go to the bank and deposit championships. You can’t pay your mortgage with championships. You can’t drive championships and finally you can’t fill a gas tank with championships.

Sure, there will be a ton of fans out there who, will call him a greedy, money hungry superstar that basically lied about wanting to win a championship. Let’s say you’re absolutely positively right. Let’s say it together…

Carmelo Anthony does not want to win championships. All he cares about is money.

Okay, so?

As the head of the Anthony household, it is his job to  provide  resources (financial or otherwise) to take care of his family. After watching LeBron James slide back to Cleveland after four years has made it clear to each and every NBA fan, this is a business.

The NBA’s Collective Bargaining Agreement has changed the way players look at their finances. The players, especially the stars are now taking advantage of maximizing the earning potential. In the number one market in America. In the most famous basketball arena in the world. This is what he HAD to do to run his business.

To all the people who are getting ready to fume, do something for me. Close your eyes, count to ten and be honest with yourselves for a second. You wouldn’t have turned down that money either.

2) His family did not want to leave New York.

Does anyone watch VH1? If you do, you should know about Carmelo’s wife LaLa Anthony’s reality show LaLa’s Full Court Life right? I’m going out on a limb and say that the Anthonys have a contract with VH1 to produce this show. I work in production in a television station. So let me tell you something. You have no idea how much a hassle it would be to move production out of New York right along with all the supposed business dealings his wife is trying to hock that she portrays on that show alone and take it on the road. She has friends in New York. Shoot she probably sped up the process a few years ago to get to New York in the FIRST PLACE. Carmelo had made his decision in that interview overseas holding his son. I have three, if I don’t HAVE to leave and they want to stay because they’re happy, I’m staying,

I’m sensing some tension so let’s do a scientific experiment. All of the fellas reading this, I want you to do this. Go to your lady and ask if she would be cool turning down $129 million dollars for $77 million. Go tell your boys to go  do the same. Ladies, you know I love you too. Go to your man and ask the same thing. Tell your girlfriends to do the same. Same sex couples, Pippen Ain’t Easy is a no discrimination zone, go ask your partner or spouse. Then do the same exercise.

If they say they would be cool with it. They are lying. But if I am wrong, take them out on the town tonight because you have a love that I don’t. I asked my wife and mom. They both said no…EMPHATICALLY!

3) You guys really need to start looking at your front office and pay attention.

This was never going to work. On so many levels. Here’s the scary part if you  are a Bulls fan. Gar Forman and John Paxson knew it all along. Trust me, the NBA is a small world that we all would love to  be in. You don’t think for one second that the front office KNEW based on the tendencies of Carmelo Anthony that he was not going to sign. You can’t walk into a Bentley dealership on a Buick budget and expect to buy a car.

Carmelo for better or worse is a max player. He has done little in the playoffs but he is a max player. NOBODY is going to take a 30-50 million dollar pay cut on nothing that wasn’t guaranteed. That’s bad business. That lacks common sense. Are the Bulls better than the Knicks? Maybe. Are they championship contenders that can knock off that Spurs team that we all saw last week?


To close this all up, let me tell you on analytical level. You guys really did not need him under the circumstances that you were faced with. Taj Gibson was the lynchpin. The Bulls couldn’t lose him and to open up cap space for a trade. Any general manager that has a clue would start with Gibson. I know I would. You have built something that can be worked with. Obtain some parts with the cap space you do have and improve.

Pau Gasol will soon be joining the Bulls. Be happy with that. You get a talent without gutting your squad and you still have cap flexibility. Be patient and keep it locked to Pippen Ain’t Easy who will be spoon feeding information as this squad with serious potential get built.

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  • aldo morillo

    I will never read your articles. I only someone who will be unbias but also must be a bulls fan. I don’t think it’s hard for a fan to be honest but truthful.

  • Jimbo

    Woah..let’s calm down now you may have been right about melo BUT you also said boozer would be on the bulls next year..which you are dead wrong about. Also.. are the bulls better than the knicks?.. that’s definitely not a maybe..thas a HELL YES..WAAAY BETTER. But touché man..you got your melo back..He will be the next Charles Barkley and the knicks will continue to get OWNED every yr by the bulls. Gasol is going to to make the bulls front court pretty nasty and if they manage to get some good bench pieces along with mirotic I wouldn’t say the bulls lost out on too.much. they’ll be the favorites in in the east next yr.

    P.s thanks for the shout out man I feel kinda famous now.

  • Michael Cunningham

    Good piece..I fell for the hype, and even though I felt the money was too good to pass up there was a chance he would join the Bulls. I believe the Bulls were as confident he would jump ship and dawn Black & Red otherwise they would have pursued other FA’s who could have solved immediate needs for the team. Yes, Melo played the Bulls org like a fine violin and basically held them hostage while awaiting for him to say Yea or Nah, but in the end it’s a win-win for both teams. I’m not a big fan of the Pau Gasol signing @34 yrs old, it sorta reminds me of Boozer 2.0, but the Bulls added depth in the frontcourt and Gasol is a good low post scorer. Hopefully, there’s still enough cap space to sign a decent PG.
    The Knicks also won by overpaying for another FA who will do nothing for the team but fill up cap space. He’s the King of NYK and no one will outshine Melo in NYC even though that team won’t win more than 30 games next year.
    In the end it was another valuable lesson learned and one the Bulls Nation should steer clear from in the future. No more chasing All Stars build from within.

  • Leroy Boyd

    Ronald, Ronald, Ronald
    The intelligent Bull fans really wanted Melo but knowing that he loves his money no doubt we were living in a fantasy box thinking he would cone to the Bulls since he said (MONEY AINT NO PROBLEM) winning is. Yea that statement was what gave us the idea that Melo would join the Bulls.

    All the talking heads of the NBA also gave Bulls fans hope. But we who know Melo addiction is stats and money winning has not bern his focus in the NBA. When 3 of his boys take less to win and tried to get hom to do the same he took the money and ran.

    So expecting him to leave 129 mil please I dont know anyone that would do that. Its just the FA trip he went on like he was talking college recruiting trips. Both Houston and LA could have given him the 4 year max and with Houston whew they would have been serious, but Melo aint leaving a dime on the table.

    He had built in excuses I love NY, my wife loves NY, my son will have to make new friends, I love what Phil is doing. Even with all those well ready made excuses if you knew anything about Melo money would decided where he goes and was NY.

    I have no issues with him I just hope the Bull fans wont boo him simply because he expects that I would give him the silent treatment to show him we knew just dont come to Chicago thinking we are hurt by your decision.

    As for you I understand your excitement you kept your best player but it also kept you from having to report Bull titles that a beloved knick player would have been a big part of.

    The biggest issue with Melo’s decision will he become a regular New York legend like Ewing, King, and Spike Lee. Great but no RINGS unless they go a GUM BALL MACHINE.

  • Shea durr

    U seem really happy about the Knicks overpaying for another player. U can have melo bro, u still not better than us with him on your team and he’s not the type of guy people are gonna break their neck to go play with, so good luck on those free agent coming next year. The Knicks deserve a lame like Carmelo.