Sep 30, 2012; Medinah, IL, USA; Basketball legend Michael Jordan shakes hands with Webb Simpson on the first tee during the 39th Ryder Cup on day three at Medinah Country Club. Mandatory Credit: Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

LeBron James Rumors…Michael Jordan Never Left Any!

Jun 12, 2014; Miami, FL, USA; Miami Heat forward LeBron James (6) walks off the court during the first quarter of game four of the 2014 NBA Finals against the San Antonio Spurs at American Airlines Arena. Mandatory Credit: Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

Tired of the LeBron James rumors yet? Remember Michael Jordan? I know I never remembered any free agency rumors. Forget social media. What do you hear about him now? Every day this free agency period passes, I gain more respect for Jordan. I want everyone to take a look at the two  pictures. A long look. Look at LeBron James, a dude that is looking for the exit. Then look at Michael Jordan, just as cool as a fan. Not pressed, just handling business in his own time and on his own terms. Just like a grown man. Two different eras, two different times, two ways of doing business.

Another day in the NBA has passed and another day LeBron James has not made a decision on where he is going to play next year. July 8th, 2014 marked four years to the date that LeBron James announced on live television that he was going to take his talents to South Beach to play for the Miami Heat. Then we had to deal with the parade. Then that infamous rant…

…not two, not three, not four, five…

Oh, do we really have to go through that mess again? You don’t want to read that mess no more than I want to write it. But LeBron wants to go through this mess all over again four years later.

You know I’m going to start a trend here. Apologies to Will Smith but I’m going to call LeBron James the Fresh Prince. Look Will, you’ve outgrown the moniker, it’s time to give it to someone a little younger…acting.

Why am I calling James this. Remember the open to the show “The Fresh Prince of Bel Air?” There’s a line that applies to LeBron every time thing get a little rough. The line is…

…I got in one little fight and my mom got scared…

Only he’s not moving to his Aunt Vivian’s and Uncle Phil’s crib in Bel Air.

He’s just moving to another franchise where there is more talent to back him up and bail him out when things get tough.

Instead of one little fight, Lebron got in two fights. One was back in 2010 when the Boston Celtics slapped his Cleveland Cavaliers around in the Eastern Conference Semifinals. Can’t remember that one? How about a month back when the San Antonio Spurs laid his team down and tucked their title hopes to bed.

Now LeBron James is “allegedly” going to meet with Pat Riley this week to discuss his future with the Miami Heat. I say allegedly because who knows and really at this point who really cares? I know one player who looks more and more like an NBA icon the longer this mess goes on…

Michael Jordan.

This never happened when G.O.A.T. played. Sure, he shocked the Bulls fans back in 1993 after the three-peat when he went to play baseball. That was different, he lost his passion to play basketball and wanted to honor his father and fulfill a promise. No problems with that.

Even when Jordan came back with the Wizards because he missed the game of basketball, he would have never put on a ridiculous spectacle like the “Fresh Prince” is doing right now.

Let’s be clear on something, Pippen Peoples, NBA fans, new readers to Pippen Ain’t Easy, little children, dogs and cats…

LeBron James is doing all of this on purpose to get some attention.

There I said it. LeBron knows free agency will not really start until he and Carmelo Anthony make their respective decisions. What’s even more ridiculous about this situation is  it’s like watching two divas show up to a party four hours late and gets mad at the people who left.

Everyone remembers LeBron James taking off his jersey in his last game with the Cavaliers. Michael Jordan untucked his jersey in his last playoff loss. What did he do? He got in a weight room. He got stronger. He got better (if that was possible) and took down the Pistons and went on to win his first world title. He didn’t run after a spanking.

You know Boston beat his teams too, LeBron. But  Jordan stayed.

The Detroit Pistons beat him three times before he got through. Jordan didn’t run to New York to play with Patrick Ewing. As a Knick fan, that  would have been cool. But I digress.

Michael Jordan had tough  negotiations with the Chicago Bulls, but we all knew, Michael Jordan was going nowhere. He wasn’t going to leave and the Bulls were not going to let him leave and deal with Bulls fans turning in their season tickets. The Bulls front office weren’t that stupid. Fact of the matter is Michael Jordan really didn’t start getting real money until 1996. Take a look at his salary throughout his career according to

August 1, 1984

Michael Jordan signed a seven-year $6.3 million dollar contract with the Chicago Bulls.

September 20, 1988

Renegotiated a contract with Chicago. Signed an eight year $25.7 million dollar contract.

Notice the money here. I’m going to go out on a limb a say he was worth more money than these two contracts. He knew that the Bulls needed money to build a team around him. He didn’t start getting money until the end.

July 23, 1996

Michael Jordan signed a one year $30.14 million dollar contract.

October 10, 1997

Michael Jordan signed a one year $33.14 million dollar contract.

Now finally, take a look at the money the Washington Wizards paid him…

September 28,2001

Michael Jordan signed a two year 2.03 million dollar contact.

Umm, that’s the league minimum. You see Jordan never made a spectacle of the free agency process. Furthermore, he always played on his terms. He never would have joined forces with Larry Bird, Magic Johnson or GOD FORBID Isiah Thomas. He wanted to beat them, not join forces. He even said so back in 2010.

If the Fresh Prince of South Beach leaves Miami. Let’s start looking at knocking him out of the top ten players of all time. Then after that go on YouTube and watch old clips of the 1980s and 90s because that’s basically where the competitive basketball has gone.


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  • Lloyd A Brodnax

    MJ was a “No Drama-All Business” Truly Loved the Game of Basketball & Respected the Game! This new generation of NBA Players are about “Me”, the $$$, and continuously collaborating amongst one another to establish a Dream Team to vie for an opportunity to contend for a Championship! MJ was arguably the best player in the NBA during his time and he never bolted to another team trying to contend and subsequently winning a Championship. MJ did it the right way–hard work and team synergy and players came 2the Bulls to play with him… Conversely, this ongoing circus with LeBron and the path he took in 2010 and yet again in 2014 is not or should not have been the course for supposedly the best player in the NBA/World…but yet here are WITNESS 2Yet another missed opportunity to right the wrong of 2010… Moreover, I don’t begrudge LeBron wanting the max contract, as that isn’t the issue..but what is one would say? The Decision 2.0… Go Home 2Cleveland LeBron and love Northeast Ohio Back and may U and the Cavs have success!

  • Troy Holbrooke

    The man should be permitted to take the time he needs, note the Finals just ended, to determine the path that fits his career best…this has nothing to do with Jordan! Ridiculous article to hate on a guy for being thorough at his business. Jordan never left because the Bulls kept adding pieces to stay competitive. Cleveland did not do said and TBD if Miami can or will going forward. And while everyone finds every reason to hate the decision, collectively 6 mil went to charities…stop the hate, enjoy this generations best player who does it as best he can on and off the court. MJ had a lot of flaws, but why go there. I prefer to recall the sweet soaring dunks and laser turn around J.

  • wokdwok

    Finally someone saying what I’ve been thinking. Truly tired of all this collaboration of “diva” allstars in grabbing the brass ring. So glad that the Spurs with a great coach, and Teamwork beat them all! Well done, Ronald!

  • badforu

    Labron is an arrogant black man and acts that way… Micheal Jordan was and always will be a class act that gets the respect that comes from carrying yourself clearly a yard above the crowd.

    • DISQUSted by this!

      lot of horror stories involving mj. just ask chamillionaire…

      • Ronald Agers

        Come on man dish…..

  • Bert

    It’s all Bush’s fault

  • Keisha Wright

    Totally stupid article,Jordan signed his extension in 1988 for 8 additional seasons in his 4th season and was never a free agent again until the Bulls was 4 time champions and they paid him 30 million dollars being the only team who could so of course he wouldnt think about leaving ,and Pippen was healthy the entire run unlike Wade ,and Jordan was never concerned about money to sign other players and he fought to have the salary cap and draft eliminated ,mentioning his salary in Washington was stupid he was working for himself ,Lebron signed his first extension in Cleveland also just like Jordan did but the new CBA limits the length on contract to 5 seasons and opt out after 4 so he couldn’t have signed for 8 seasons and when Lebrons deal was up the Cavs still hasn’t had a team in place ,you don’t know what Jordan would have done under the same circumstances this is just a stupid biased article with no responsible research done ,as for players playing together they mostly didn’t move around much back then cause they was all signed to long contracts like Jordan was,and when there deals was up there teams could pay them unlimited salary under the Larry Bird clause ,today’s CBA has a maximiun salary even for your own free agents and a limit to the length of your contract so its less of a financial sacrifice to leave a team and the owners wanted it this way so they wasn’t stuck paying players big money for years whos games had declined ,you know the common fan wouldn’t understand all this so you write a fluff article !!

    • datdude619

      You sound just like u look. FOOLISH!!! Lebron was and always will be a coward. Leaders dont run and hide when faced with adversity!!

    • Luke

      It’s been well documented that Jordan could have easily forced his way out of Chicago or forced a contract change once it was clear that he was worth a lot more than what Chicago was paying him, but he didn’t do those things, and to their credit Chicago somewhat made it up to him at the end of his Bulls run with two big one year contracts(which of course they also won the title in those two seasons so they weren’t exactly put out by doing that).

      As to Pippen being healthy the entire run compared to Wade, during the last year of the second three-peat Pippen missed half the year and though he didn’t miss any playoff games that year, he was injured the last few games of the Finals. Pippen also had the famous elbow and migraine games when the Bulls had their struggles with the Pistons before they won the titles. Also, as more food for thought, during the entire playoff run of the second three-peat, Pippen shot an average of 41% and scored around 17 ppg, well below his season averages in those years. I repeat, he did that for the entire second three-peat playoff run. Three years of that in the playoffs. Even just this year, Wade shot and scored better than Pippen did during that run, never mind a few years ago when he was still roughly at his best.

      Lebron has the right to go where he wants to go. But just like with forming his all-star team in Miami, he rightfully will get naysayers when being compared to the likes of Jordan if he goes to another all-star type team now, jumping ship on a team that just made the Finals for the fourth year in a row. Once Jordan got established championship level personnel on his team, the Bulls season didn’t end without a title. Lebron has already failed multiple times under the same circumstances and his fans say he needs more help, when he already has more help than Jordan ever got.

  • Leroy Boyd

    Wow I have to say great work

  • Reggie Flenory

    Bro you sound stupid and bitter the fact that you took the time to write this shows how judmental, and self servimg the media can be you dont even know this man personally to hurl such internal hatred for the man vick killed dogs, kobe raped a woman and cheated on his wife, jordan is a gambler wife cheater and by most accounts off the court not a nice guy and yet they still werent rail roaded every min in the press like lebron i sure would like to see how perfect your life is and how youve never made a chioce that didnt hurt millions of people btw the city of cleveland needs to be happy he left at least it gave em time to get some real talent on that team

    • Jimbo

      Lmao lebron plan was not to let Cleaveland get better so he can come back the dude left and basically said yall aren’t good enough for me. Now all these pathetic Cleaveland fans are begging on thier knees for him to come back after 4 yrs of bashing him and burning his jersey and the teams gm putting a letter on thier main page basically Insulting him. Can a fan base look anymore desperate and pathetic? What a joke.