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Carmelo Anthony Rumors...Tired of Chris Broussard Yet?

Mar 25, 2014; Los Angeles, CA, USA; New York Knicks players Raymond Felton, Tyspon Chandler and Carmelo Anthony on the bench during the final five minutes of the Knicks loss to the Los Angeles Lakers at Staples Center. Mandatory Credit: Robert Hanashiro-USA TODAY Sports

Look at former New York Knicks players Raymond Fatback…I mean Felton and Tyson Chandler. These guys are perfect symbols of how I feel about the guy on the right. That would be Carmelo Anthony. I’m about sick of him and I’m a fan. At this point I just want him to make a decision. ANY decision. Play for the Bulls, Lakers, Rockets, AAU. I don’t care anymore. I’m tired of talking about this. Can we start summer leagues?

I’ll bet all of you are tired  of hearing the same thing about Carmelo Anthony over and over again huh? No more than I am of writing it. Dealing with this free agency period has taught me more about the media business than my 20 years in television combined. Pippen Ain’t Easy has gone over so may scenarios on what could happen, should happen and what I think will happen so much, I think I should invite one of the Pippen Peoples, Leroy Boyd over to my place for a steak and a long discussion on Chicago Bulls basketball. Just as long as it’s not about Carmelo Anthony.

What everyone is feeling right now is something Tony Kornheiser mentioned on Pardon The Interruption on ESPN…Carmelo fatigue. Everyone is waiting for Carmelo Anthony and LeBron James to hurry up and make a decision so the free agency can really get started. If you are a Chicago Bulls fan wondering why this is going on. I have this to say…

I told you so.

Carmelo Anthony did the same thing to the Denver Nuggets when he forced a trade to New York, a place HE wanted to go. The Nuggets were ready to back up the money train to sign him. Carmelo just left the contract on the table. Now after saying he wants the max deal, New York gives the verbal offer after his “National NBA Tour” last week. Now all of a  sudden, the man disappears. This is Carmelo Anthony at his finest.

Do  you know who I really feel bad for? Chris Broussard. He is one of the lead ESPN insiders. I have read his posts and the way fans light him up in the comments section, I wouldn’t wish on my worst enemy. Some have called for his job, said his writing is horrible, some put his credibility into question. It was bad people, real bad.

Here’s what a lot of people who read these blogs don’t understand. FanSided, ESPN, Bleacher Report and any other media outlet covering the NBA are basically being held up until LeBron and Melo make a decision. There are a million rumors that are  floating around the NBA in a given day concerning these two players. Some are out-and-out lies. Some are floated for negotiating ploys by teams. Some are done by the player’s representatives. In some ways, the media is getting used by all parties involved to get what they want out to the masses. Why? Because everyone wants to be the first to say…I broke the story first. That’s the way it is.

When Chris Broussard goes on that ESPN set everyday, I know what he’s thinking…”How many times do I have to say that the New York Knicks can offer the most money at $129 million?” Then say the Los Angeles Lakers offered a max deal between $95-97 million (at this point the numbers are a blur to me). Then report now that Chris Bosh is thinking about going to the Houston Rockets for their max deal of four years at $88 million dollars, Carmelo Anthony can realistically go to Miami. Tired yet? Think about how HE feels having to remix this over and over.

Over the last three weeks we had to deal with the Carmelo visits. Boy was that a circus or what?

How about that Chicago visit? Derrick Rose got caught up in “Practice Gate”. Everyone was wondering if Rose was recruiting Carmelo Anthony. Then there were conflicting reports that Derrick Rose worked out for him to prove his knees were healthy. Carmelo Anthony left town and Derrick Rose was left with more drama about how he handled the entire scenario. The sad thing is, if Carmelo doesn’t come to Chicago (believe me, he won’t) Derrick Rose will get some if not all of the blame. Sad.

How about that Houston visit? Jeremy Lin got caught up in “Jersey Gate”.  Everyone went nuts over Carmelo Anthony being in a number seven jersey on the big billboards. Jeremy Lin has that jersey number and it was reported that Lin went “Linsane” even going to twitter to quote  biblical passages. Really? The same thing happened last year with Patrick Beverley when Dwight Howard came to town. The sad thing about this is, Carmelo Anthony was in no danger of going to Houston and Jeremy Lin is still going to get traded eventually.

Finally, how about that Los Angeles visit? Poor Chris Broussard, poor ESPN, poor every media outlet. Now thanks to  the Lakers putting in their two cents. Now everyone is confused. Kobe Bryant never made the meeting. It was rumored Carmelo Anthony was recruiting Pau Gasol to come to New York. Now Carmelo is “impressed” with the Lakers pitch. Kobe Bryant and Carmelo Anthony have now sat down and have had discussions.

Tired yet?

Carmelo Anthony was supposed to accept the Knicks offer on Monday. Well now it’s Wednesday. What’s the hold-up?

Well now the word around the campfire is coming from The New York Post. Oh boy, everyone here it comes…Carmelo Anthony is holding out hope that Phil Jackson can clear cap  space to bring in–LeBron James.

“He really wants LeBron to come to New York,” a source told the Post about Anthony’s desire to play with the four-time MVP. “That’s his dream right now. Phil (Jackson) is trying to  get it done.”

Pippen Ain’t Easy will TRY to keep up with all of these rumors that are going on. To my staff, good luck with that. If you guys are tired, all I have to say is, at least you are not Chris Broussard.



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