Apr 14, 2014; Oakland, CA, USA; Minnesota Timberwolves forward Kevin Love (42) dunks against the Golden State Warriors during the first quarter at Oracle Arena. Mandatory Credit: Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

NBA Rumors: Bulls Offer Taj Gibson For Kevin Love!

Apr 14, 2014; Oakland, CA, USA; Minnesota Timberwolves forward Kevin Love (42) scores a three point basket against Golden State Warriors forward David Lee (10) after a pass from Minnesota Timberwolves forward Corey Brewer (13) during the first quarter at Oracle Arena. Mandatory Credit: Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

I have to give the Chicago Bulls front office some credit, they have been very busy. The Bulls are now considered as serious players in the Kevin Love sweepstakes.

According to Chad Ford of ESPN, via NBC Sports’ Dan Feldman, The Bulls have put together a trade package of Taj Gibson, Tony Snell and their 2014 two first round picks to Minnesota to get Kevin Love into a Chicago uniform.

So much for everyone wanting Taj Gibson to stay in Chicago.

The one thing this tells all of us Pippen Peoples is that Kevin Love can basically start packing his bags because he is basically gone from Minnesota.

Kevin Love, who turns 26 in September is in his last year of his contract that will pay him 15.7 million dollars before he becomes an unrestricted free agent. Kevin Love has already informed the Timberwolves that he plans to test the free agent market (also read…leave on the first thing  smoking) and look for teams that will contend for a championship. Last year, Love was a walking double-double averaging 26.1 points, 12.5 rebounds and 4.4 assists a game.

Another thing that we have to realize with dealing with the Bulls. Whatever player that they want these days, the Bulls always have a lot of company to bid with. We all know about all of the suitors the Chicago Bulls are linked with chasing after Carmelo Anthony. Kevin Love is no different.

According to David Aldridge on NBA TV (when David Aldridge talks, I always listen) the Golden State Warriors have been in continued talks with Minnesota. It seems the sticking point is the Warriors are reportedly having issues parting with one half of the Splash Brothers Klay Thompson. Other pieces could include David Lee and possibly Harrison Barnes. With Klay’s father Mychal leaking out some news about what’s possibly going with the trade, if the Bulls are making a charge for Kevin Love, they might want to hurry up.

Oh, I’m not done yet. There is one more team that has reached out to the Timberwolves for Kevin Love’s services. The Denver Nuggets, according to Boston Herald NBA beat reporter Steve Bulpett will be willing to part with the “Manimal” Kenneth Faried and swingman Wilson Chandler. Then Denver is trying to sweeten the deal by delivering possibly Arron Afflalo in a potential three team situation.

Yeah, if you are a fan to Pippen Ain’t Easy, you know we reported the Chicago Bulls were trying to work a deal for Arron Afflalo this weekend. Like I said before, the Chicago Bulls might want to hurry up. In this offseason, time waits for no man.

If this deal is legit and Minnesota goes for it, I have one thing to say…

It’s been real Taj Gibson! Tell Tony Snell I said bye.

A few weeks back, Jackie McMullan of ESPNBoston.com mentioned that the Bulls had offered a package larger than this one. This is a great deal for the Bulls if Minnesota goes for it. Only one thing needs to be cleared up.

Kevin Love needs to be locked up in an extension before this deal goes down.

This may be a foregone conclusion, but if it is not, it needs to addressed. Remember Kevin Love is in the last year of his deal. The Bulls cannot afford to  do what the Los Angeles Lakers did with Dwight Howard, making a trade dealing one of your future core players along with two first round picks for a player to be around for a year assuming he will sign and then leaves.

But if they do keep him around, man maybe I’ll be a Bulls fan! Uhh, no. But the Chicago Bulls will be immediate title contenders. Kevin Love brings a ton of things to the Chicago roster. Let’s go over them shall we?

1) Man! Kevin Love can shoot.

Who on this squad do you know if his arms are raised over his shoulders behind the three-point line, odds are it will go in? I’ll wait. Kevin Love is a great shooter that the defense has to pay attention to. Guess what, if Love can do that, it opens up lanes n the defense for Derrick Rose to go to the basket.

2) Man! Kevin Love can score.

Kevin Love can do more than stay outside the arc and shoot three-point shots. He can get his own shot as well. He can create fouls and get to the free throw line. Plus he hits them too. If he comes to the Bulls, goodbye 70 point games. 26 points a game can do that for a team.

3) Kevin Love will have a new lease on life.

If he can get paroled from the Minnesota Timberwolves to a team that actually has a chance to draw playoff checks, Kevin Love will think he died and gone to heaven. In six seasons, Love has never made the playoffs. He wants the experience very badly. Couple that with playing with his friend Derrick Rose? Man, this dude will come out ballin!

This is rumor number 6,743 in the Chicago Bulls offseason thus far. That’s why you have to keep it locked to Pippen Ain’t Easy for all your Chicago Bulls free agency news, previews and reviews.

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  • Logan Kuehner

    As much as I love Taj I would let him go to get Kevin Love!

    • Leroy Boyd

      Yea I would trade Taj for him but not Taj Butler Mirotic and 2 first please who are would the Bulls be trading for with that deal MJ Bron or KD surely anyone that thinks the Bulls are trading 3 player’s 2 which are starters the best player out of Europe and 2 first.

      Well I think a person will swim Lake Michigan buck naked and not get wet before the Bulls do that deal

      • Logan Kuehner


  • Jimbo

    This trade would be a MUCH better situation for the bulls then getting melo. Not because love is a better player or fit or anything like that..When it comes to the “fit” with the bulls I actually think either one would be great..but because this trade would not only get us a star player but would also give as major cap space to get an amazing bench to go along with it. Love makes 15.7? Amnesty booz and taj off the books is like 21 mill ryt there..then Snell and the 2 picks clears up like another almost 4 mill? After signing love we’d have close to 9 mill left in cap space. We could get another mid level star free agent (affalo?) Or a great bench and also have money for Jimmys contract extension next yr.

  • http://www.facebook.com/scottsilvi Scott Silvi

    No chance minny takes this offer. Wolves’d take Sullinger, 6, 17, and future 1sts over this offer. If you swap Snell for Mirotic, things get more interesting.

    Pretty standard posturing at this point. Chicago offers X hoping minny’ll accept. Minny counters with Gibson, Butler, Mirotic, 16, and 19, for love & one of our filler wings (e.g. Robbie Hummel), take it or leave it (more posturing). More negotiating happens, wolves end up with an offer of Gibson, Mirotic, 16, 19.

    That’s at least a deal that Minny would have to seriously consider. But Flip has gone on record that he doesn’t want to trade love unless he thinks it can make the team better. The wolves basically went .500 last year, with 2 new starters, while the other 3 played a total of 12 minutes together 3 years ago – so basically 5 new starters. With Love on the floor, the wolves were the equivalent of the 7th best team in the NBA. Without him, they were the 5th worst. Point differential is one of the strongest indicators of future success, and the wolves finished with the best point differential of any non-playoff team. Ever. In the history of the NBA.

    Shore up the bench, give them another season of continuity to figure out how to close out games (started 0-11 in close games, finished 6-13), make the playoffs, and Kevin Love is going to have a hard time turning down $25M to stay with Minnesota.

    So don’t expect this to be the assets getting shipped to Minny if this goes down.

    • Leroy Boyd

      Take it or leave it the wolves wont even get a reply if they think the Bulls will trade Gibson Butler Mirotic and 2 1st damn you must think the Bulls are easy or flat out stupid.

      • http://www.facebook.com/scottsilvi Scott Silvi

        Well they opened this round of negotiations with Gibson, Mirotic, and what amounted to the 2 firsts in McBuckets. With CLE pushing with Wiggins, BOS/DEN/PHI all looking to get involved and pick up a piece… pretty sure the next wolves counter to CHI will be Gibson, Mirotic, McBuckets, and another piece (pick, Butler, etc). Also looking to unload Barea & Martin.

        Doesn’t look so far fetched now, eh?