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NBA Rumors: Derrick Rose! Linked To...Everything!

NBA:Rumors. I’ve been writing for months and for some reason, these two words bring more attention to an article than any word in a title I can think of. With that being said, Pippen Peoples, you are wondering what NBA rumor is connected to Derrick Rose this time? It’s not about what rumor is connected to D-Rose because ALL of the rumors are connected to Derrick Rose indirectly…ALL OF THEM!

Now that Carlos Boozer is 95% out of Chicago as of this writing (trade or amnesty, who knows?) Derrick Rose will take his spot as the most polarizing figure in a Chicago Bulls uniform. By far. I’ve read many posts about Rose and I’ve paid particular attention to the comments about Rose.

I’ve pretty much tried to steer clear of writing about Derrick Rose because he’s been on the sidelines and I might have made a mistake here.

The mistake: how much an impact Derrick Rose has on the Bulls, whether he plays or not. Derrick Rose, right now is basically holding up progress in what direction the Bulls are going to go this summer.

Right now, I can honestly tell you Pippen Peoples, that I have no idea where the Bulls are going this summer. No one does. Let’s take a look at what the Bulls have stated they will do in the last six months alone…

1) They were going to bring Nikola Mirotic over.

2) They made an offer to Kevin Love for a trade.

3) They are making concessions to get Carmelo Anthony.

4) They were discussing trading their two first round picks to move up to get a shooter.

This is a lot of directions being “leaked”. Obviously to get free agents they have to part with a lot of assets (two first round picks, Taj Gibson and Jimmy Butler if the GM has a inkling of a clue) to get them. Either way the Bulls have to have one main ingredient, Derrick Rose HAS to stay healthy.

I’ve been accused recently of being the biggest assumer. Nope I’m not. Let me tell you some people who are bigger assumers than me.

Jerry Reinsdorf is a bigger assumer than me.

Because he is on the hook to pay Derrick Rose $94 million dollars. Even though he hasn’t played in forever, he still owes the man $60 million.

Gar Forman and John Paxson are bigger assumers than me.

They have to make moves to build around a guy that they have to believe is going to stay healthy.

Tom Thibodeau is a bigger assumer than me.

He has to plan a season believing that a healthy Derrick Rose will be able to lead this team ON THE COURT!

A whole lot of Bulls fans are bigger assumers than me.

They will get angry every time this touchy subject comes up. They will all come together to fight the “Rose haters” out there.

You would be very surprised that “Rose haters” are starting to gain a lot of steam with their frustrations about the lack of production on the court. There are others that will stand by  Derrick Rose to the end. This is particularly why I love Chicago Bulls fans. We may not agree all the time but they are passionate. Well, with that being said, let’s talk about the real “Red Bull” in the room Derrick Rose.

I read an article on CBSSports.com by a writer named James Herbert. Check out the title…

Report: Bulls want to improve ‘at any cost,’ only Derrick Rose untouchable.

The first paragraph goes like this…

The Chicago Bulls “are looking to improve the starting lineup at any cost” and only Derrick Rose is untouchable in trade discussions, according to Joe Cowley of the Chicago Sun-Times:

“They are looking to exhaust as many assets as it will take.” one source said of general manager Gar Forman and head of basketball operations John Paxson.

When I read this the only thing I could come up with is “Come on man!”

First off any Bulls fan that believes anything that comes out of these two guys mouth that has anything to do with ‘any cost’ did not watch the Bulls personnel moves (or lack thereof) the last six months. Spending money in the context they are using is like me going to the drug store to look for hair brushes. Doesn’t make sense. The Bulls are notoriously cheap and I’m bald. Let’s clear up this rumor real quick, these two are lying through their collective teeth. Any cost means any cost. If that was the case, the Bulls would have done SOMETHING in February at the trade deadline. Don’t believe the hype.

It’s the second part of the title that interested me. The Derrick Rose is untouchable in trade discussions.

Umm yeah. I might be missing something here, forgive me if I am. But what NBA team would trade for a guy that has been on the shelf for the better part of two years and is still owed around $60 million dollars? I like input so tell me. There’s a comment section at the bottom of the page. Pippen Ain’t Easy has a Facebook page. Enlighten me please. With that being said, whoever theoretically takes him in a trade would basically gut their squad for a player that may or may not bounce back to form. So let’s clear up another rumor, Derrick Rose is going absolutely nowhere. Not because the Bulls want and need him, it’s because that contact is unmovable. Period.

Speaking of that contract, that is what is so frustrating about all that goes on with the Bulls future right now going into the NBA draft and free agency. The franchise has  to consider Rose in any decision going forward. The contract eats up salary cap space so it limits the flexibility in obtaining a big time free agent (Carmelo Anthony or Kevin Love) no check that, how about any free agent. Look folks, no matter if the Bulls get one of these two players or not. The Bulls still have to fill the roster with players to support them off the bench. Think that’s not important? Why don’t you go to South Beach and talk to LeBron and Co. I bet they can school some folks on how important it is to have a decent bench. You think Noah’s and Rose’s knees might need a rest from time to time next year?

Derrick Rose’s future is tied indirectly in how the Bulls draft on Thursday night. What the Chicago Bulls really need is front court help that provides depth to Joakim Noah and Taj Gibson. This is definitely a need if the Bulls pull the trigger and get rid of Carlos Boozer. Call him a bum if you want but the Bulls still need to figure out how to replace 13 points and eight rebounds a game. Greg Smith was brought in last year to provide help for next year but…so?

If the Chicago Bulls are so sure that Derrick Rose is going to come back better than ever, then why is Gary Harris, Shabazz Napier or Tyler Ennis (who I like)  on the Bulls draft board? Deep down, even the Bulls are weary of Rose’s knees right now. They’re not hating, they’re just smart.

The Bulls have plenty of other needs that they can fill. First off they need a two guard. Jimmy Butler could be better served being moved over to the wing and put Mike Dunleavy on the bench. Jimmy Butler has been chasing the wing players all year anyway and he does not have the shooting ability to stay at the shooting guard position. He is basically doing Luol Deng’s job, give him the title.

It’s common knowledge that no one knows what goes on in the minds of Gar Forman and John Paxson. They keep their business locked up like Fort Knox. Only this time, they have no choice. Their business is locked into the two knees of Derrick Rose.

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