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NBA Rumors: Chicago and Denver Discuss Picks Swap

Today marked the release of Chad Ford’s latest mock draft on ESPN. After the instant analysis of Ford’s latest hypothesis on prospects prospective landing spots readers began to take notice of some juicy rumors on speculations located within each teams analysis. Hello NBA rumors.The standout rumor to me was the one linking the Chicago Bulls and Denver Nuggets as potential trade partners on Draft Night.

According to Ford, the two teams have discussed a swap of Denver’s No. 11 pick for both of Chicago’s picks at Nos. 16 and 19. In the article, Ford is quoted as specifically saying, “Sources say the Nuggets have had serious discussions with the Bulls about swapping no. 11 for nos. 16 and 19. If the Bulls get this pick, they’ll grab either Harris or Stauskus here.”

“Sources say the Nuggets have had serious discussions with the Bulls about swapping no. 11 for nos. 16 and 19. If the Bulls get this pick, they’ll grab either Harris or Stauskus here.” -Chad Ford
So why would the Bulls trade up and lose the chance to grab two players just a few picks later? I see a handful of reasons the Bulls may be interested in this move including: Grabbing a superior talent, reducing the number of incoming rookies, reducing their projected salary and potentially, improving their assets for a trade.

While many have clamored over the depth of talent available in this year’s draft, if the Bulls feel a specific player fits better for this team, I endorse the decision to move up to grab him. Both Stauskus, and Harris are shooting guards capable of knocking it down from three. If shooting is the club’s top priority, they’d be hard pressed to find better players available in the draft.

Nikola_Mirotic_display_image_crop_340x234With the opportunity to add one of the top players in Europe, Nikola Mirotic, this summer, the Bulls may be looking to limit their number of incoming rookies. Tom Thibodeau’s system is said to be difficult for even veteran players to adjust to and rookies often find themselves red-shirted for most of their first season. For this reason, the Bulls may be hesitant to go into the season with three to four roster spots committed to rookies.

NBA Rookies’ salary is determined by their position in the draft. The 11th pick for instance, is slotted to earn $1,834,100 in their first year. The 16th pick will earn $1,419,200 while the 19th pick will bring home $1,223,200. If the Bulls were to keep both their picks they’d be committing $2,642,400 of their cap to rookies, by trading up to 11, not only would they add a better player, they’d be saving $808,300.

It’s also possible however that this rumor has nothing to do with a player the Bulls are interested in but rather a pick they may be attempting to acquire in order to boost their package for one of the several players they’ve been linked to already this off-season. From now till draft day and beyond through July the NBA rumor mill hits its highest gear. New rumors are released daily compounding on or contradicting the previous day’s headlines.

Remember to never get too high or too low on reports this time of year, it’s not worth planning a parade or a protest over something that is potentially accidentally or intentionally misleading. For some this is an exciting time of year, for others it’s the cause of hair loss and stomach ulcers. I tend to enjoy the rumor mill and am simply pleased to see my favorite team listed amongst those actively exploring options to improve their team. Whether part of a bigger deal or simply a move designed to grab a specifically targeted player, moving up is a move I would fully endorse on draft night.

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  • Jeff Gottlieb

    Is trading the #19th pick really worth moving up 5 spots here? I don’t think so. Bulls have done well with later round picks. Remember Taj? Bulls had two picks that year and the earlier one was a bust. Make 2 picks and increase the odds that one of them will be a keeper. I don’t like it. Besides, Harris might still be there at 16. Tp trade both of these picks, I’d want to move into the top 8. Or at least Denver needs to sweeten the deal with a future pick or future swap.

    • Devin O’Neal

      good call, a buffer in a future draft would be ideal… but, Stauskus….. that would be sweet! but, i’m biased, as a michigan fan i’ve seen how awesome he is… just look on youtube when he hit like 50+ 3′s in a minute span… i’m prob slight off on specifics, but it was impressive. he also has a dribbling video to show he’s not just a shooter. and that was to get recruited to college, so he’s developed even more since. he’s that good…

      • Jeff Gottlieb

        I guess if the Bulls think Stauskus can be a stud, then maybe. I’m not sure he has the physical tools to guard a lot of 2′s, but I could be totally wrong. Bulls might also jump on McDermott at 11. Still though, I think you can do fine at 16 and and the 19 picks i not worth only a 5 spot jump. I’d demand a future consideration back.

    • Javier Bahamondes

      I think that trading up is the better choice. Putting things tinto perspective , bulls need to add shooters really badly, and having the opportunity to choose between Stauskas offense (very good play maker) and Harris defensive ability (both very good shooters).
      It’s no secret that bulls want to pursue melo (with a really big paycut of 16M a year i think) and if they manage to land him in free agency with that sort of paycut they can also bring Mirotic in with the mid-level exception (and there’s where those +800k of cap space of only having one first round pick really come in to account) so having a starting line up of Drose, Butler, Melo, Taj, Noah and a bench with Hinrich, Harris/Stauskas, Tony snell (who has good potential on defense, but might get traded) and Mirotic that’s arguably one of the bests rosters (if not the best) with a great future. Also to help my case, remember, thibs isn’t very fond of playing rookies extended minutes.
      Ps: i didn’t take into account dunleavy nor augustin because if that dotes happen, probable they don’t remain bulls because of cap.

      • Jeff Gottlieb

        I think some of those points are fair, but I still don’t think moving up 5 spots is a fair return for the #19. They gotta throw in some future consideration like a protected pick or a swap. Anf from what I’ve seen Harris might well be there at 16, so I do’t see taking him at 11. I think it would be more like Stauskus or McDermott. I like Harris, but to me he’s too undersized to be an ideal backcourt mate for Rose. Rose/Harris/Butler is kinda smallish. I guess if Anthony comes in that changes that some. I assume also if the Bulls have made an offer for Love it would likely involve this year’s picks in some way. So there are a lot of moving parts here. Plus, as to having both picks, the Bulls could easily use #16 on a player of choice and then use #19 on a Eurostash — there are bunch of good ones.

        • Javier Bahamondes

          Yeah you are right, maybe they can wait for Harris to fall in their hands, and maybe stauskas is not even there by the time, so maybe they should wait for draft night. McDermott is a great scorer and great defender cause of his high IQ (sadly , not an ISO defender) and drafting him or getting Hayward through Free Agency makes a lot of sense in case melo doesn’t happen.
          I think Love is not a good trade, because unless they take boozer contract (which nobody sees it happening) in the package deal, they’ll probable be aiming for Taj and Mike dunleavy junior and our draft picks, and taking into account that love becomes a free agent by the end of 2015, unless you have some kind of agreement it is a risky move.

  • willie buie

    They only play six or seven players anyway.The Bull are bullshiting the fan’s. They have an opportunity to build a good young team.

    • ScottS42444

      They have had that opportunity. I think there are “windows” of opportunity that the Bulls are looking at here. They already missed the first one, which started the first year of Thibs and Boozer. Nobody will ever know how the team would have fared with a full season and post season of Rose, Rip, Deng, Boozer, Noah, Taj, Butler, etc. I personally think, and their NBA best record for 2 seasons and #1 seed in the East helps to make the case, that they were Championship “caliber”. But, it didn’t happen. #1 reason being that Rose was injured constantly. Now, they have room to make a run (and the assets needed, as well) at a couple of legitmate stars in Melo or Love. But, let’s say it’s Carmelo Anthony. That makes the most sense to me personally, but not because I wouldn’t rather have Kevin Love. I think that Carmelo can be brought in for MUCH less (as far as OUTgoing assets) than Love. Even if the Bulls get creative and add Mirotic as well (with the extra $5 million cap space and Mirotic’s spainish league salary being much lower than previously reported) and Anthony takes a dramatic pay cut (a still respectable $15-$16 million, which is in the ballpark of what the Miami Big 3 took in year 1) they have a roster with a closing window of a few years. Noah will be 30, Melo will be 30, Taj will be 29, Rose will be 25/26, even Butler will be 25. 4 years down the road, which is the end of this proposed “window” (and similar to where the “Big 3″ might end their window, after 4 seasons) you have Noah and Melo at 34 (a hard 34, with major minutes played in either the NBA or during their NCAA Championship runs), Taj at 33, Rose and Butler in their late 20′s, etc. Even Mirotic would be 27, just entering his prime, after 4 years. Building a “good young team” basically means that the Bulls waste the prime of Noah, who is in the prime of his career NOW. They are Championship contenders NOW. Yes, adding Love (who is only 25) makes more sense for a longer window for Love/Rose, but that isn’t the best for Noah’s prime. Not to metion, Noah has constant injury issues as many 7-footers do after playing so many minutes. They need to be AGGRESSIVE and make it happen NOW while they have 2 legitimate All-NBA talents in Noah and Rose (I believe Rose will be able to come back at his previous form, although I do not know if he will EVER stay off the injured list) by adding a 3rd All-NBA talent. If they add Mirotic, they have him and Snell available to develop (as well as possibly as good as the #15 pick next year with the Cavs pick swap and also a potential lottery pick from Sacramento). Taking a couple young guys who Thibs won’t play makes ZERO sense. I do respect your opinion, I don’t want to come off as snide internet jerk, but I disagree strongly with the idea that the Bulls have a chance to build a good “young” team. Unless, of course, I misinterpreted your post. I love the fact that the Bulls didn’t give away any future picks/assets in the past because with the exception of 4 years ago they wouldn’t have won a title with any additions anyway (the year they lost to the Heat in the ECF with Keith Bogans starting at SG, who is statistically the worst 82 game starter in Bulls history).

  • Dave Megadethized

    Picking Stauskas at 11 would be amazing , even though Thibs won’t play him …

  • FJ doreza

    The Bulls as of late haven’t drafted very well at all, and if they do get a talented young player..they don’t get the chance to play..and I hate that.

  • FJ doreza

    Trade the picks for a veteran that will actually play or package them in a trade to get rid of Boozer, he’s dead weight. I really wanted Erik Murphy to get a chance but as usual rookies don’t play, unless they have to.

  • Philip Tolbert

    Keep them picks and draft (Alfred Peyton ) and Rodney Hood or Payne or Harrison