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NBA Draft Memories...Scottie Pippen, The Namesake!

With the NBA draft coming up in about three weeks, we here at Pippen Ain’t Easy decided to take a break from studying college talent to look back. We are reminiscing on “NBA Draft Memories.” Pippen Ain’t Easy goes back to 1987 to the namesake of this website…Scottie Pippen. The first player we had to cover? The man, the myth, the legend…Michael Jordan. This year marks 30 years since Michael Jordan put on a Bulls uniform. Michael Jordan’s accomplishments are legendary. But let’s keep it real Pippen Peoples, could the Bulls have had their dynasty in the 90’s without this guy?

Let’s look at the accomplishments

Michael Jordan’s partner in crime has his space in history. He was instrumental in six NBA titles  and a “phantom” foul call on Hubert Davis in the New York Knicks series from having a possible chance at seven in 1994 when Jordan was catching baseballs.

Pippen and Jordan are the ONLY LINKS between the two three-peat teams in the Bulls dynasty.

He is known as one of the greatest small forwards EVER!

Named to the NBA All-Defensive First Team eight consecutive times.

Named to the NBA All-NBA First Team three times.

He was voted to the NBA All-Star team seven times, winning the MVP in 1994.

He was named one of the 50 greatest players in NBA History.

Two time Olympic Champion.

Inducted into the Naismith Memorial Hall of Fame…twice.

Has a website named after him with a nice guy editing it.

But seriously Pippen Peoples, did we really think that back in 1987 that Scottie Pippen was good enough  for me to edit a website with his name on it? Really?

For the heck of it, Pippen Ain’t Easy is going back in time and scout Scottie Pippen or “Scot” Pippen as then commissioner David Stern called him back in 1987. Pippen Ain’t Easy warning: Look, everyone knows how great this man is. However he wasn’t one the 50 greatest players of all time back then. About two months before the 1987 draft he might not have been in the top 50 in the draft. So to the sensitive fans that get upset easily. we’ll give you time to exit now.

Well in 1987, the Chicago Bulls had made a few strides forward now that Michael Jordan was in town. The Jerry Krause and Michael Jordan feud was in its infancy over Michael Jordan’s “Love of the game” aka Jordan coming back for the 86 playoffs after losing the majority of the season with a broken foot.

History teaches us that the foot was okay. In the series against the Celtics Michael Jordan must  have averaged 1000. That was the series when Jordan dropped 63 points in the Boston Garden. One issue, the Bulls lost. This game shows that one man can’t do it alone.

In 1987, the Calvary came calling. Only it took the long route.

In 1987 Jerry Krause made a deal to acquire the number five pick in the 1987 draft select Scottie Pippen from the Seattle Supersonics. The major player in this deal was Olden Polynice. Hold up, let me check that…yep, Olden Polynice. You know, we might have to start giving Jerry Krause a little credit here. He did do some good things in building this squad. Olden Polynice?

Scot Pippen-Central Arkansas-Senior

Senior Averages

23.6 points, 10 rebounds, 4.3 assists, shooting nearly 60% from the field.

Seems sac religious to blast the guy that this website is named after, but we here at Pippen Ain’t Easy keep it real. Okay  here goes, circa 1987.

Umm okay. These are nice stats. But it’s at a  NAIA school man! What type of talent plays at a NAIA school? I’ll wait. Okay let me give everyone some more time. Word around the campfire is that Pippen is tearing up the NBA combines lately and has impressed the scouts and maybe a high draft pick. Really? I mean really? There are so many players that the Bulls can go with.

Kenny Smith

I mean the point guard from UNC is a beast. have you seen this guy play? He can score, initiate the offense and comes from the more storied programs in the country. Plus the Carolina connection.

Mark Jackson

Look the Bulls need a point guard. Here you go! Mark Jackson was a floor leader who is ready to get Michael Jordan the ball in the right spots. He came from St. Johns  in the Big East Conference so you know he’s NBA ready. Good god Michael Jordan can’t pass to himself. Believe me he’s tried. It was stolen and there was a dunk on the other end.

Kevin  Johnson

Another point guard. Hey Jerry Krause! Hello. Can we catch this clue and get a point guard! He’s quick, can break down the defense and get easy shots for Jordan.

Like I said before, it was not a bed of roses. Scottie Pippen was put on the bench behind Brad Sellers. Hold up, let me check that, yep Brad Sellers. Scottie was just another player until he started getting mentorship from Jordan.

The Bulls did not start getting championships until Scottie grew up as a player. That was around the 1990-91 season. To be honest, if it wasn’t for Scottie Pippen, the Bad Boys of Detroit would STILL be running the Jordan Rules.

1987 opinion: Jerry Krause, if you get this guy, I’ll find a nickname for you…”Crumbs”!

Thank God I would have been wrong. What would I be doing now if I was?






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