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Pippen Ain't Easy Presents...Carmelo Anthony! Melo-Drama...Part Two!

I’m really amazed with all this drama going on in the Chi-Town area now the Bulls are out of the playoffs. All I’m seeing is the constant rumors about who’s going or who’s staying on the roster. Questions are floating around about Tom Thibodeau leaving and who’s going to replace him. I know the Bulls fans are frustrated on how the Bulls ended their season and are waiting on the front office to make changes to get this squad back to the title contending squad that can run with Miami in the playoffs. Well Pippen Peoples that’s why we are here, Pippen Ain’t Easy, the best source for Bulls news, previews and reviews. Other sites keep sources, we keep it real. The number one topic on the minds of Chicago Bulls fans around the world has been the possibility of getting Carmelo Anthony out of New York into a Chicago Bulls uniform. Pippen Ain’t Easy is doing a full length series on Carmelo Anthony to see if the Bulls or Carmelo are compatible at this time going forward. Here we go Pippen Peoples, Pippen Ain’t Easy Presents….Carmelo Anthony! Melo-Drama!

The first part of this series broke down the pattern of behavior with Carmelo Anthony. It showed the exit strategy that Carmelo used to muscle his way out of Denver to go to New York, where he seemingly wanted to be even though all the smart money had him packing his bags to go to the New Jersey (now Brooklyn) Nets. It also speculated on Carmelo’s motives on why he had to make the moves that he did. The piece started to break down the similarities of what position the Chicago Bulls are in going into this offseason compared to how the New York Knicks were back in 2011.

The second part of the series broke down the price that the New York Knicks paid to get Carmelo Anthony to New York. A price that they are still paying for now considering that they have no first round pick because they traded the pick to Denver. The New York Knicks had a lot of young talent with valuable cap space (sound familiar?) to build for the future. The Knicks gambled that future away for Melo. Let me ask you Pippen Peoples, how do you think it worked out?

Again, we do not know what Carmelo Anthony is going to do at this point. I’m not a guy that will come at you with every rumor I hear. This series is based on IF Carmelo Anthony comes to Chicago. Now we are going to go over how he does with All-Star talent. Last I checked, the Chicago Bulls happen to have two of those, Joakim Noah and Derrick Rose. On paper, it looks like a match made in heaven. Carmelo Anthony is supposedly being “recruited” by Joakim Noah. Anthony can provide  that offensive punch to complement Derrick Rose. This is going to be great right?

Uh-huh. That’s why we call ourselves Pippen Ain’t Easy. Because it ain’t. Believe me Pippen Peoples, Carmelo has an excellent reason to leave the Knicks. Because they stink. Besides Melo, who do they have? Let’s take a look at some of the players that are supposed to be impact players…

1) Raymond Felton- A fat out of shape point guard that can’t shoot from the perimeter and can’t hit a lay up. He turns the ball over and can’t initiate the offense. He can clap his hands like he is ready to buckle down and play defense. Oh he can’t do that either?

2) J.R. Smith- I can’t write the tweet that Rihanna wrote last year when the Knicks were in the playoffs. But she can sum it up if you google it. She’s so right these days based on how he played, you’d think the Knicks could have hired her to be GM instead of Phil Jackson.

3) Amare Stoudemire- His knees are so bad he could forecast rain coming to New York. Question…When was the last time he went on a rebounding binge? Just saying. Standing Tall And Talented should count for a rebound or two.

4) Tyson Chandler- He must think he got hoodwinked with the bait and switch the Knicks put on him.

Here’s the point though. What has he done with the talent that he has played  with? He had talented squads in Denver. I bet you don’t remember that he played with Allen Iverson for a hot minute huh? Iverson was a 25 point scorer in his tenure with the Nuggets albeit a short one. Remember Nene, that player who dominated your Defensive Player of the Year, Joakim Noah? The guy who went MMA on Jimmy Butler, grabbing his neck? Yeah, that one. Melo played with him on these talented Nuggets squads. He also had George Karl, a soon to be Hall of Fame coach on the sidelines. What did he do with the squads with Iverson who was still lighting it up? 50 win seasons coupled with first round losses. Doesn’t Derrick Rose have a similar duties with the Chicago Bulls? Just sayin.

Believe it or not, Melo’s Nuggets squads were his most talented. But I believe that Melo’s character was shown more in New York. He didn’t grow as a player. He thought that it would be the same situation as LeBron’s in Miami. Only one difference, Miami has a stable environment from the ownership down to the coaching staff. Well New York umm let’s be kind here just doesn’t operate at the same level. Let’s keep it at that. Carmelo has had less than desirable coaches in Mike Woodson who in this past year couldn’t direct traffic down a one way street with the traffic pointed in the right direction and Mike D’Antoni, who I don’t even need to get into. If you want to entertain thoughts about that guy. ask Kobe Bryant. Just be sure to duck if he throws a chair.

Remember how Amare Stoudemire was a MVP candidate before Melo showed up? You don’t? Well it’s true. He was actually second in the NBA in scoring back in 2011. He was getting the MVP chants. It was beautiful. The question that started floating around the campfire was…could Melo and Stoudemire coexist? Since Melo showed up, he has been a tall dude that shoots jumpers and struggles to get anything done. Remember Jeremy Lin? Linsanity? You will remember that all of this craziness was going on WHILE Carmelo Anthony was injured. Everyone started asking, could Lin and Carmelo play together. Uh, Lin is in Houston. What do you think?

Now Pippen Peoples the question has to be asked…Can Derrick Rose and Carmelo Anthony exist? Ask yourselves, don’t ask Carmelo. When he was asked these questions in New York, he said all of the right things and he smiled too. Then he went out and stopped the ball on offense and fired up shots. The Chicago Bulls cannot afford the same act he put on in New York. As soon as Melo gets a number 15 jersey, the question are going to ring out…Who’s team is it, Carmelo Anthony’s or D-Rose’s?

Let me tell you something Pippen Peoples, there is going to be conflict. Derrick Rose didn’t want LeBron James on the squad and he passes the ball to people. If he didn’t want to share the floor with arguably the best player in the world how do you think he’s going to feel sharing the floor with possibly one of the most overrated? In New York, everything offensively ran through Anthony. He was the first, second and third option when J.R. Smith wasn’t jacking up threes. Around here last I heard, the offense goes through Derrick Rose.

Next discussion: I’m going to love this one…Carmelo getting along with Tom Thibodeau.

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  • Leroy Boyd

    you bring up great reasons for and against Melo. But talking about all the talent Melo has played with you even mention the coaches.

    Ok first the coaches sure Karl is a decent coach but he ran that west side offense of if you open you shoot. Same with Mike NoD and Woodson as well. Each team that Melo was on they regarded the 3pt shot as a lay-up.

    Melo has played with 2 teams where the entire roster had the green light. Now you ask can Rose and Melo exist I say YES real loud YES. You say or claim that Rose did not want to play with Bron where did you hear that at and from.

    I recall Rose saying I will play with anybody but I aint recruiting. But you know as well as I that Bron, Wade and Bosh started planing this move years before it happen. So even bringing Rose and Bron is nothing but speculation.

    Now you think thatvif Melo can to the Bulls he would be the same ball stopper shooting at will all over the court wont happen. The Bulls are coached by a guy who demands team concept on both ends.

    I cant believe you would even suggest that Melo would come to the Bulls and not adjust his game. I believe that Thibs would demand and allow Melo to use his skills in a way that does not dominate the ball.

    I just feel that Melo first if he accepts a contract that does not make the Bulls get rid of players and its a contract like Melo said its not about the money than I believe he would adjust his game.

    We all who are Bulls fans would want Melo and we dont want to lose Taj or Mirotic in trying to get Melo.

  • Leroy Boyd

    also I like to see the article where you identified that Rose said he didn’t want to play with Bron.

  • Leroy Boyd

    even before you print your article on Thibs and Melo getting along you can bring up all kinds of possible situations but Melo and Thibs will get along simply because Thibs is going to improve his defense and Thibs has already said Melo is a much passer that given credit for.

    But the biggest thing between Thibs and any coach Melo has had is that Thibs unwilling desire to put players in situations that can can excel. Melo is going to love Thibs because Thibs is going to demand nothing but excellence from Melo starting with the first day of practice. As he has with Rose Butler Gibson and Noah.

    Thibs will be the first coach Melo has ever had that will require that Melo plays both ends in fact I can tell you now Melo comes to the Bulls he could win MVP. I can only see a great relationshio between the two.