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The Legion Of Booz... Six Points in Final Six Minutes! AND STILL NO BOOZER!

Pippen Peoples, Bulls fans, the Leroy-alist party, Lend me your ears. The Chicago Bulls are now behind the Washington Wizards in their matchup 1-0 after losing (again) in the playoffs at home 102-93. For the total recap please check out the piece I wrote analyzing the game and where things went wrong for the Bulls. This is not about the playoffs. This is not about winning because it is obvious that your head coach Tom Thibodeau can’t coach this team to victory. Why? Because he has totally lost sight of the picture and thee common goal here. Yes, The Legion of Booz and the Leroy-alist party have definite opinions about this subject. But we all have a common goal. We want this team to win. However, I have been doing the research and I have found out that the team that scores the most points in this sport is undefeated in NBA history. I want to apologize because the job was not complete. This is the playoffs. I checked into that as well. It seems that the team that scores the most is undefeated in NBA playoff history as well. Okay, research is done. Well it looks like the Legion of Booz sees something that no one seems to notice these days. The Chicago Bulls can’t score. Lets go over what we said last time and compare it to what happened in game one.

The Legion of Booz stated to get the ball to Carlos Boozer early and often.

Well the Chicago Bulls started off on a good foot. Carlos got the ball and he delivered. Carlos Boozer scored nine points in the first quarter. This included hitting a driving lay up and drawing a foul at the end of the quarter. Oh by the way, he hit the free throw too. What does this tell us. He was aggressive and engaged in this game. This is what the Bulls need. They need Carlos Boozer in a scoring rhythm to get this team out to a good start to set the tone considering that we all know that this team cannot score. So as we can see, The Legion of Booz was right. So the Bulls were effective at this point because the Bulls did what Booz-a-holics?

They got the ball to Carlos Boozer!…Yes!

The Legion of Booz had some information about Taj Gibson.

Now the second quarter started and based on the system Head Coach Tom Thibodeau will continue to use until the Bulls are in danger of being eliminated. He brought in Taj Gibson who played well in the second quarter. He did score eight points in the second. However, he did struggle trying to stop Nene and Narcin Gortat. Isn’t Taj Gibson the defensive stalwart here? I can tell you right now that Taj Gibson is too small to deal with Nene and Gortat. Please believe me. They are both too big and too strong. Nene has a back to the basket game that will punish Gibson if the Wizards exploit it. Would Boozer do any better? Probably not, but he has a chance to match these guys point for point because he can score inside and out. He was doing it in the first quarter. Why not in this situation? Leroy Boyd, the leader of the Leroy-alist party claims that all Boozer does on defense is push people. That’s more than what Taj Gibson and Joakim Noah did against Nene in game one. Plus Boozer was scoring on Nene. You see Nene can work on the defensive end if the Bulls got a clue and did what Booz-a-holics?

Got the ball to Carlos Boozer!…Yes!

The Legion of Booz mentioned the Wizards might shut down DJ Augustin.

DJ Augustin struggled mightily in game one. Augustin scored 16 points on 3-15 shooting from the field. The majority of the points came  from the free throw line. The Legion will say it again. Augustin is not a secret anymore. The Washington Wizards are going to continue to throw bodies at him and make him work for everything he gets. This is definitely the case when Mike Dunleavy shoots 4-12 from the floor. It’s definitely going to happen if Joakim Noah only takes five shots. If Augustin has to spend time on the floor with Nazr Mohammed and Tony Snell (more on them in a bit) he’s really going to work. Don’t count on Kirk Hinrich scoring 16 points every game in this series. Again the Leroy-alists seems to get on Boozer about his defense. Augustin was getting KILLED in the fourth quarter by Andre Miller. He couldn’t stop him. He scored eight of his ten points in the last quarter. Maybe the Wizards wouldn’t load up on Augustin if a scoring threat was on the floor. I don’t know maybe, well let the Legion of Booz tell you…

Get the ball to Carlos Boozer!…Yes!

I have a question. Is there a reason why Nazr Mohammed and Tony Snell gets on the floor to do absolutely nothing? For a in-depth look at Nazr Mohammed let’s go to a Booz-a-holic for a Legion of Booz report on Nazr Mohammed’s performance. How was it?

Nazr Mohammed had three fouls no points and a rebound in two minutes. Back to the regularly scheduled Legion of Booz article.

These two guys are stealing minutes that can go to Carlos to maybe, I don’t know score points.

After scoring nine points in the first quarter, Carlos Boozer finished with 11 points and nine rebounds. Well let’s go into what the Bulls did in the second half. 39 points overall, 18 points in the fourth quarter and six points in the last six minutes of the game. Where’s Carlos Boozer? The Chicago Bulls offense looked like King high school in the movie Hoop Dreams when Arthur Agee’s Marshall squad beat them. While they were floundering. The Washington Wizards actually looked like they could actually execute a professional offensive set. If a team can only manufacture six points in six minutes, why not use a guy that can score? I don’t know maybe the Legion of Booz have an idea who…

Carlos Boozer!…Yes!

Bulls fans you have three more losses before the season is over. Join the side who knows how to win. Join The Legion of Booz while you can.


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  • Leroy Boyd

    Boozer had a great first quarter where was he in the 3rd quarter? He was waving at Ariza on a lay-up when he should have taken a charge something he has never done in all his years with the Bulls.

    The Bulls needed some defense in the 4th quarter and your idea that Boozers ability to score would impact stopping somebody from scoring is really shocking. Sure Noah and Gibson were abused but you actually believe that Boozer could do anything that could impact Nene or Gortat on defense and your suggestion that his scoring would yea right.

    Furthermore I the 2nd quarter alone Gibson got more offensive rebounds than Boozer will probably get the entire series. As much ad you want to harp about 4th quarter scoring when a team scores 30 points you need defensive stops something even you can admit that Boozer is not nor will ever be the answer to that issue.

    what killed the Bulls was DJ poor play, turnovers, missed shots and inability to guard the old man. I also felt Kirk was dribbling to much and throwing up some wild shots. The need for scoring was there I dont understand why Dunleavy was not in the game while DJ was getting abused. I know Dunleavy was getting torched on defense as well just a bad game on both ends for the Bulls but in the 4th we needed defense more than scoring and for that Boozer should have been where he was cheering and with warm up on.

    • dylsn

      Stop with the defense talk Agers admitted boozer isn’t good. It’s time for you to admit the bulls needed him in the fourth they couldn’t score anything

      • Leroy Boyd

        So you think that we should stop talking about Boozer’s and just concentrate on his ability to give us scoring. The Bulls gave up 30 points in the 4th you actually think Boozer could have scored 13 points to lift the Bulls past the Wiz? Ok he scores 13 who is he going yo stop from scoring. Our best 2 bigs were getting abused and you think Boozer who cant guard a blind man with no legs could just score and it would have won the game for the Bulls.

        One of the main reasons he never plays in the 4th is because teams use him in the pick and roll in the 4th. We know he wont close down on the dribbler and cant recover to control the picker and he wont even be with 3 ft of the guard giving up the mid range jumper like his feet were stuck to the floor. So yea we can stop harping on Boozer’s defense when he finally play some.

  • Leroy Boyd

    You mention3 more losses and the season is over, ok then you can take this Boozer legion stuff probably to the heat or whatever team claims him. Then you can welcome Melo.

  • James Stokes

    After forcing myself to read that….I’ve come to the conclusion this offseason Can’t come fast enough and maybe, just maybe you and your legion can Go the way of loozer I mean boozer.

    • Leroy Boyd

      come on man I know how you must feel about Boozer but lets hope the off season last until mid June. I cant wait until its time that the Bulls can use the amnesty clause