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The Legion Of Booz Challenges One Of The Pippen Peoples!

Well everyone it looks like the time has finally come. The NBA playoffs. Close your eyes for a second. Don’t you feel it. The excitement. The anxiety. The all in atmosphere that this time of the year brings. I mean TNT says it all when they say “Win or go home.” It’s definitely my favorite time of the year. But this series will answer a question that has divided Bulls fans for the last couple of years. How bad this team REALLY needs Carlos Boozer. After being called out by one of the passionate Pippen Peoples  I created a rogue Carlos Boozer fan club. The Legion of Booz. I am Ronald Agers, the Executive Advocate of the Legion of Booz. The leader of this faction to help you Bulls fans realize that Carlos Boozer is your BEST CHANCE to ADVANCE to the second round of the playoffs. Not Joakim Noah, not DJ Augustin, but Carlos Boozer. I am here for two reasons. The first reason is I’m going to tell Bulls fans exactly why the team needs to heed the Legion of Booz’s advice. The second reason to issue a challenge to one of the Pippen Peoples to a  debate after every game during the series. IF HE DARES!

We being the Legion of Booz want to make one thing perfectly clear. We are not Wizards fans. We want to see the Chicago Bulls go on to face Atlanta in the second round if the Indiana Pacers can’t get some act right. We would love this. We are fans of Pippen Ain’t Easy, the best source for Bulls news, previews and reviews. We are big fans. We don’t want to take over the ENTIRE website. We just want to be heard. We’ve been hearing rumors that the Chicago Bulls have problems scoring points. Granted they  have a great defense but they can go for long stretches without scoring. That doesn’t equate to winning in the playoffs. I pretty sure if the Bulls don’t score efficiently on Sunday they will lose just like they did against the Charlotte Bobcats in the regular season finale. Don’t fret Pippen Peoples, the Legion of Booz has the solution…

Get the ball to Carlos Boozer! Early and often.

I’m not going to quote Doug Collins when he described the final play to Michael Jordan back in the late 80’s when the Bulls played the Pistons in the playoffs. There’s no need for profanity. The Legion of Booz loves kids who are fans of the Bulls. But we don’t want the kids upset so we are going to give everyone the secret to solve all of the Bulls scoring problems. Get the ball to Boozer early in the low post and get him engaged in the offense and get him in a good rhythm. Don’t tell me it doesn’t work. Boozer has started out strong for the majority of the games that helped the Bulls get out to early leads. Let’s look at the facts. We all know the game will slow down in the playoffs. We all know that the Chicago Bulls will put Joakim Noah at the top of the key and run the motion offense they run. Now you all realize the Wizards are going to make Noah hit the 17 footer right? So if that is a problem, what do the Bulls need to do Booz-a-holics?

Get the ball to Carlos Boozer!….Yes!

We’ve all watched the starting backcourt of the Chicago Bulls consisting of Jimmy Butler and Kirk Hinrich right? Look up their shooting percentages. We’ll wait. They both shoot less than 40% from the floor. Now in the half court someone is going to have the ability to hit a shot consistently throughout the series. I’m not going to even talk about how bad Jimmy Butler shoots from three-point land (28.5% for the people who have to know.) You know that this can’t continue. So if this is a problem, what do the Bulls need to do Booz-a-holics?

Get the ball to Carlos Boozer!…Yes!

Are we trying to undercut Taj Gibson? No! The Bulls need to have him at his best to be successful in this series. He can even play in the 4th quarter for defensive purposes. But this is about offense. Some nights the man might be off. It’s nothing bad. It’s basketball. Everyone has an off night sometimes. It’s just that he had a bad night on the last night of the season when the number three seed was on the line. He shot 2-10 from the field for four points in 34 minutes. He didn’t play well. The Bulls could have won that game and had the third seed if the Bulls had what Booz-a-holics?

Got the ball to Carlos Boozer!…Yes!

I’m pretty sure that the Washington Wizards will devise a plan to try to limit the effectiveness of DJ Augustin (Let me introduce you to Trevor Ariza.) Did anyone watch the overtime debacle against the Bobcats. That was when Josh McRoberts blocked the shot of Augustin that led to a lay-up at the other end. Get used to this because Augustin is now near the top of the scouting report. The Wizards are going to make it a priority to slow down Augustin. So if they do, what should the Bulls do Booz-a-holics?

Get the ball to Carlos Boozer!…Yes!

Now to the second part of this article. It seems that we have a person in the Pippen Ain’t Easy family that does not agree with the Legion of Booz lifestyle. His name is Leroy Boyd. If you look down at the comments section of every Legion of Booz article he has a comment. Leroy I have a proposition for you on behalf of the Legion of Booz. On the first article that launched the Legion of Booz movement you stated you would be there too.

Leroy, the Legion of Booz wants to challenge you to a debate after every game. It will be light-hearted and fun. Leroy believes that Boozer’s defense is paramount. I don’t believe it matters because he does something that the other Bulls tend to struggle at sometimes. Scoring. Last I checked,, the team that scores more wins.

So Leroy, what do you think? The Leroy-alist party vs. the Legion of Booz. What does the Pippen Peoples think. Send a comment to back up either side of the fence throughout the playoffs.


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