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Eastern Conference Playoff: It's On! Bulls Vs. Wizards Game 1!

Well Pippen Peoples, its time. Enough of the analysis. Enough of the comparisons. Enough of the breakdowns of matchups. We are done with all the scenarios, the what if’s and why’s. Now it is time to put up or shut up. Game one of the series starts on Sunday starting at 7:00 in the United Center. This is considered the best matchup in the Eastern Conference by many media outlets. Why? Because believe me, NO ONE knows who is going to win this series. I mean NO ONE! The teams have such huge advantages in one area while giving up so much in other areas.  Pippen Ain’t Easy has been working around the clock for the last few days trying to give you the complete overview of these two teams leading into game 1. We had team coverage collaborating with fellow FanSided Editor Ben Mehic of the Wiz of Awes breaking down from a Wizards perspective how this series will play out.

Pippen Peoples let’s get something straight before the playoffs even start. This is not a website where we just tell you what is  going on and we’re right period. This is YOUR Chicago Bulls team. That means that this is YOUR Chicago Bulls website. What we want you to do is put your input in this. If you don’t agree with what is being said, go to the comment section and say something. We are all grown folk here. Pippen Peoples are family. This is an exciting time for the NBA right now and Pippen Ain’t Easy is THE best choice for Bulls news previews and reviews. Strap up Pippen Peoples, it’s preview time!

I absolutely hated the way the season ended for the Chicago Bulls while if you are  a Wizards fan, you should have been thrilled. Both teams had a chance to move up in the Eastern Conference standings. The Washington Wizards did what they had to do defeating the Boston Celtics in the final game of the season. Bradley Beal went nuts scoring 27 points and started the Wizards out on a good rhythm and never let up. Bradley Beal had a consistent scoring rhythm that had a positive impact on the whole offensive flow of the team. Look Trevor Booker averaged six points for the season and he scored 20 points! Bradley Beal’s scoring opened up space to make his teammates better. The Wizards never trailed and never were in trouble of doing so. The point is that the Washington Wizards saw an opportunity and took it. They WANTED the 5th seed and went out and snatched it from the Brooklyn Nets. They didn’t worry about scenarios, they just went out and played basketball.

The Chicago Bulls did the opposite. The Bulls had an opportunity to claim the third seed in the Eastern Conference standings and blew it. The Bulls allowed the Bobcats to run them off the court to the locker room with a 20-6 run to blow a ten point lead. Then The Bulls allowed Kemba Walker to outscore them BY HIMSELF 8-6 to lose an important game in overtime that they should have won. The Wizards took what they wanted. The Bulls didn’t. Is this  a sign of things to come for this series? We’ll see.

If you are new to Pippen Ain’t Easy, welcome. I must warn you that you are coming to a  website where there are definite differences in opinion between myself and some of the Pippen Peoples. There is a faction of people who does not agree with how a certain player on the Bulls is being used. We have a staff writer who was miffed that Kirk Hinrich was called out. So there is a lot going here at Pippen Ain’t Easy. So much that we need our own reality show. Hopefully someone will pick us up. But I digress, on to game one.

The Chicago Bulls are a resilient team. I get that and I respect it. Now after watching the final game of the season, I have one question…Do you want to win or not? Simple question. The Chicago Bulls are known for their defense. Everyone in the sports media will talk about it. They believe that it will be the determining factor in this series. I’m here to tell all of you that they ALL WRONG! You heard it here first at Pippen Ain’t Easy, the best source for Bulls news previews and reviews. The determining factor will be…POINTS! The team that scores more than the other wins. That’s what the rules say.

I watched all of the playoff games on Saturday and I noticed my theory was right. All teams that scored the most points won. Then I did some research. The team with the most points are undefeated in NBA history. Isn’t that amazing? Well the Chicago Bulls have a problem scoring points. A real problem. Let’s break this down. The Bulls finished last in the NBA in offense. That means that…

All of the non playoff teams scored more points than the Bulls. Not only that but…

All of the playoff teams scored more points than the Bulls. So that means that…

The Wizards score more points than the Bulls.

The Bulls are going to have to establish some type of low post game if they want to have a chance at winning this series. Here’s the caveat. Carlos Boozer just happens to be the Bulls’ best low post player. Considering he is the only real part-time power forward in the playoffs or the NBA for that matter (Boozer will probably play exactly 24 minutes unless DJ Augustin’s wife decides  to have another child during this series.) I do not know  what Coach Thibodeau’s issue with Boozer’s minutes but he’d better adjust if the Bulls want to play past a week and a half.

The Chicago Bulls backcourt had better learn how to shoot.

The starting backcourt of Kirk Hinrich and Jimmy Butler had better figure out a way to shoot north of 40% to take the pressure off Joakim Noah. The Bulls run a high post offense that allows Noah to read the defense and hit cutters backdoor to the basket. It’s kind of Princeton offense remix. All this talk about the Bulls defense and how good they are. Did you know the Wizards  have a top ten defense as well? With the return of Nene to the lineup, the interior will be clogged up and the Wizards are going to make the Bulls perimeter shooters make shots. That includes Noah as well.

The Bulls have to use their defense to create offense.

The Bulls have to turn the Wizards over so they can get out on the fast break and get easy baskets. In the playoffs, the possessions are smaller and more critical. The Bulls are going to have to get at least 15-20 fast break points to be effective in this series. The Bulls cannot run up and down with Washington, but they need to run when they can.

As I said earlier, no one knows who is going to win this series. This series will be decided on one thing and one thing only. It will be the team that scores the most points. Period.

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