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There is A New Revolution Coming...The Legion of Booz!

Okay Pippen Peoples I am going to give you  second to look at this picture. It is Carlos Boozer. The under-sized power forward of the Chicago Bulls. He plays about 24 minutes a night (religiously) until the street lights come on aka the 4th quarter when Taj Gibson takes over. Over the years that he has been in Chicago he has gone to beloved to almost hated in the eyes of Bulls fans. I have had an issue or two with his play from time to time. I may have made a snide comment from time to time. Okay I did it a little. Maybe I did it a lot. But I have a question for all of the Pippen Peoples. Why is this guy maligned to the extent that his other attributes get totally ignored? Did you guys know that he is second on the team in scoring? He averages a shade below 14 points a game. He is scoring more than Taj Gibson. He ranks second on the team in rebounding averaging over eight rebounds. That also ranks higher than Gibson. Why am I saying all of this? Because I am going to start my own Carlos Boozer fan club, The Legion of Booz!

Carlos has complained for months about playing time, his future and he thinks that he is being blackballed out of Chicago by the Bulls organization. This is happening because he is paranoid that he has nobody behind him to support him. Well Carlos, we here at Pippen Aint Easy are here to fill in the gap. I, Ronald Agers, even though I have blasted you for your defense, the lack of rotations to help out and the annoying way that you refuse to go to the basket strong on a consistent basis.  Despite all of this, I have decided to stand behind you for the rest of the games that you have in Chicago. Gone are the days of the Boozer Reports in the recap. You now have your own column so fans all around the world can comment on your game. I realize that you are not being appreciated. I know that the Bulls need you more than they think. With a team that is dead last in the league in scoring, they need somebody to score a basket. Why not you man? Why not you?

To all the Booz-a-holics out there. I am calling out to you. Carlos needs us. So many comments have spewed bad things about what he doesn’t do for the Bulls like the rest of the Bulls don’t have issues. How about…

Kirk Hinrich who had two games recently that he had faced challenges putting the ball in the basket from the field or the foul line. Nobody gets on him. Why?

Hinrich has his issues on defense, why doesn’t he get criticized like Boozer? Booz-a-holics! We need to unite.

Jimmy Butler, who granted is my favorite player on the Bulls team, but he can’t shoot. Carlos Boozer shoots 45% from the field. Jimmy shoots less than 40%. Why isn’t he being criticized? Booz-a-holics we need to back Carlos and ask these questions.

Is it because he will make 16.8 million next year? Okay Raise your hand  if your job was going to give you a raise and you said no, I’m not good enough, I’m not taking the money. The Chicago Bulls gave him that contract and he signed it. Is that so wrong?

This is a  start of a new revolution because Carlos needs support in the playoffs. Why? Because he is known to be on milk cartons during playoff time. This has gone back to the days when he played in Utah. But I’m going out on a limb and saying that he is going to be a major impact in the playoffs. Come one, come all. Jump on this bandwagon early. Join the Legion of Booz. The first Legion of Booz report will be on Wednesday after the game against the Minnesota Timberwolves. Join the revolution! Join the Legion of Booz!

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