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Breaking News: Erik Murphy OUT!...Ronnie Brewer or Mike James IN?

To the every day NBA fan and even the media we tend to concentrate on the  superstars  of the league. The LeBron James, Kevin Durants and Carmelo Anthonys of the world always dominate the headlines and attention of fans all around the world. Rarely do we pay attention to the bottom of the totem pole when it comes to NBA players. I used to be a HUGE And One Mix Tape fan. I used to watch their TV show on ESPN every week. I remember something that Rafer Alston aka “Skip 2 My Lou” said once in an episode. He knew all of his teammates was trying to use the tour to get in the NBA. He said these guys have no idea how hard it is to be the last guy on the bench. Erik Murphy found out Thursday as he was waived basically one week  before the playoffs. This is the cold reality of NBA ball. If you don’t fit…out on street with your bags you will sit. But Erik you really had no chance to succeed in Chicago. I’ll tell you what happened in Pippen Ain’t Easy’s latest version of “When Keeping It Real Goes Wrong!” Here is what went wrong…

1) You were not good enough to play for the Bulls.

Lets take a look at the guys in front of you Erik. Joakim Noah who is the undisputed leader of this team. Umm I think he going to get a few minutes in the games. What do you think? Taj Gibson? Nah, he has shown so much improvement that Carlos Boozer and yourself have had many a meaningful conversation on how he should be playing more in the 4th quarter and the conspiracy theories on how the organization is trying to push him out. Speaking of Carlos Boozer you really can’t play in front of him because he is in the starting lineup, plus believe it or not he has more talent than all of the big men on the team. Just because he’s too lazy to hone said talent doesn’t mean that he doesn’t have it. With you being a second round pick, the odds were very long that you were going to play in the first place. Even when you did play, uh your play wasn’t that memorable.

2) Coach Tom Thibodeau does not trust rookies.

Let me put this is in perspective. Jimmy Butler watched games on cable TV when he was a rookie. Tony Snell plays once a week, if he’s lucky. Here’s the point. Tony Snell plays good enough defense to at least stay in Thibodeau’s mental rolodex. Couple that with a shortage of wing players after Luol Deng leaving, “Presto” 10 minutes for Snell, if he’s lucky. Obviously your defense was nothing home to write about. Even if it was, rookies never get much burn for the Bulls. That’s just the way it is.

3) Tom Thibodeau is very comfortable with the guy that is going to replace you either Ronnie Brewer or Mike James.

This is a plea from Pippen Ain’t Easy to Bulls management. I know I have  criticized you guys throughout the year. I probably will do the same in the offseason, that’s just the kind of guy I am. But PLEASE sign Ronnie Brewer! I can stand to see Mike James get signed for the 5,503rd time. At least Brewer can be of some use in the playoffs (reports say that Brewer had a tryout) at the wing spot. Mike James is not needed because you have enough backcourt players. Oops Erik, I’m sorry for the rant. Back to you. You see Ronnie Brewer was a part of the best bench group since the dynasty years a few years back called the “Bench Mob”. He defends well enough that Thibodeau can use him in the playoffs and he can hit the occasional jumper no matter how ugly his form looks. (Come on Ronnie, you know it is the ugliest thing this side of Anthony Mason!)

Well Pippen Peoples let’s all take a few moments to reflect on our friend and former player…Erik Murphy. Well, I have to go Erik, I have a website to run, you understand right. I gotta go. Uh high-five. Peace.

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