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Stop Spreading The News!...Carmelo's All A Dream!

About a month ago, I wrote an article about Carmelo Anthony based on all of these rumors that there was a chance that he was coming to Chicago. I love the reports  about Joakim Noah telling Anthony if he wants a ring come to Chicago. Okay, that’s like me telling Shakira if you want to be happy come live with me. Both phrases are ridiculous and out of context. Joakim in my opinion is probably talking trash to a dude he’s cool with over the All-Star break. I’m living out a pipe dream with a gorgeous rich woman. I wrote in detail why this man would not work playing alongside Derrick Rose, Joakim Noah, Taj Gibson and the rest of the Bulls the way their system is set up. Well we now have a flood of new “Will he or won’t he” rumors that are all over the media. Lucky for you Pippen Peoples, we here at Pippen Aint Easy are here to keep it real. Carmelo Anthony will not come to Chicago to play for the Bulls. That my fellow Pippen Peoples is the good news.

Let’s set the table shall we? The New York Knicks stink. Badly. I should know, I’m a Knicks fan. I love the city. I would be living there now if I could deal with that arctic weather up there. But facts are facts, the entire organization is mired in dysfunction and it’s been that way for years. How bad is it? There are reports that there is a faction of New York fans that  are planning a protest in front of Madison Square Garden. Remember back when the season started Chairman James Dolan was going around basically handing a championship to his team? Remember the feud that had started between the two owners of New York? Let’s take a look at things now. The Knicks are not even the best team in New York now that the Brooklyn Nets are in the playoff hunt and the Knicks fans are trying to figure out how in the world Mike Woodson is continuing to keep his job. Let me tell you why. To keep Carmelo Anthony in New York. Guess what, it’s going to work.

Imagine going to work at your job and no matter what happens there’s always that one employee who is the star.  It doesn’t matter what the situation is, whether a project doesn’t make the deadline or the presentation is considered sub-par. That one person will be labeled the chosen one. Even if it’s their fault, there is always someone there to be the virtual fall guy. There could be somebody there that has better organizational skills, but in the end the star employee will get the credit. If you can relate to what I’m saying and can look at the Knicks you know that Carmelo Anthony is that guy. Carmelo will have complete autonomy over what happens this season with the Knicks even though he should take credit for the Knicks being so bad. Why? Because he is the leader of the team. Why do you think Joakim Noah is being lauded as one of the great feel good stories of the NBA this season? Because he is the undisputed leader of a team whose influence has made a positive effect on all of the players. Carmelo has statistics that he can hide behind when the questions of why the Knicks fell apart come out. Who’s going to be the fall guy? Look to the guy on your left in the picture, Mike Woodson.

I don’t care what anyone says, Carmelo Anthony will do more harm than good to the Chicago Bulls. There I said it. Can he score? Yes, I consider him the best scorer in the world (to all of you that are thinking Kevin Durant stop it, he has no back to the basket game, Carmelo Anthony does.) If you think I’m wrong take a look at his volume scoring per minute in the Olympics then comment on the Facebook page, Pippen Aint Easy and we’ll talk about it. Then afterwards check where he is among the NBA scoring leaders, any questions?   Does the Chicago Bulls need scoring? Absolutely, if anyone watched  the game against the Memphis Grizzlies they realize 77 points is not going to get a championship to Chicago anytime soon. Carmelo Anthony can help here, but at what cost? Let’s break it down.

Do you really think Carmelo Anthony will adjust to the Bulls offense?

He got all the shots he wanted in Denver. The entire offense was run through Anthony. Then he goes to New York where he does whatever he wants. He gets the green light and the yellow light to shoot and if the light is red, he gets the right of way. Do you think he’s going to leave that situation? In New York you can actually pencil in (check that you can use a marker) at LEAST 20 shots for Anthony before the game starts. If he comes to Chicago, do you really think he’s going to get that many in this offense?

Do you think Carmelo Anthony can play with Derrick Rose?

Do you remember when Amare Stoudemire was actually a MVP candidate when he was in New York? Believe me he was. Then Carmelo came to town and we are still looking for Stoudemire’s game…like to this day. Remember Lin-sanity? The question was concerning both players was “can they play with Melo?” Let me check my research…uh nope. Derrick Rose dominates the ball and runs the point. Carmelo dominates the ball and he is a forward. Something’s gotta give. Does anyone remember how things worked out with another ball dominant point guard named Allen Iverson? Did that work out to championship dreams? Let me check my research…uh nope.

Will Carmelo get along with Tom Thibodeau?

Thibodeau is just so  stubborn sometimes. He just harps on this defense thing. All he thinks about is defense, defense, defense. Man can he worry about another way of running a team? No, he won’t. Now Carmelo wants to play for this guy? In New York, Carmelo can get away with murder on defense. It shows too. To the point that the team’s playoff hopes is on life support. Tom Thibodeau divides his minutes based on players that play defense. If you think I’m playing, ask Carlos Boozer who sits on the bench so much in the 4th quarter he could have a chair endorsement deal. George Karl is a great coach that pushed Carmelo to be a great player in Denver. Anyone remember the many clashes they had during that time? Can Carmelo deal with the demanding style of Thibodeau? Mike Woodson has placed little demands other than rolling the ball out to Carmelo other than pick it up and shoot. I do not know Tom Thibodeau and I don’t have “sources” but Thibodeau doesn’t strike me as a guy that will take the fall for a player. Anyone else agree?

Can Carmelo go from “The Guy” to “A Part”

The Bulls have been successful without Carmelo for years now. What make you think they won’t in the future? Can he be the final piece for the Bulls? Sure, but the operative word is a piece. Carmelo wants to the man and that will not happen with this team. There is a pecking order and believe me he is not at the top. Will Carmelo after all these years take a back seat to Derrick Rose, Joakim Noah and Tom Thibodeau. In my opinion…nah!

This is a pipe dream Bulls fans believe me. Plus you are better off. Here are some good reasons why this man is not going to fit. Plus I didn’t have to go into the 130 million dollar max contract the Knicks are going to give him. Do you really think  the Bulls are willing to pay 15-20 million to an over thirty player on the back-end of a contract who’s game is declining? Before you answer look at #5 player of the Bulls…just sayin.

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