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Recap: Bulls Toss Out the Madison Square Garbage in Win!!!

The Bulls are number one! The Bulls are number one! The Bulls are number one, YAY! At least in the Eastern Conference, at least in 2014. The Bulls continue this absolute torrid pace that hasn’t been seen recently since 2010 and dare I say it the glory days of Jordan and Pippen in the dynasty years. The Chicago Bulls put an absolute assault on the New York Knicks 109-90. Believe me when I tell you, it wasn’t even NEARLY that close. I’m actually considering calling the mothers of the Chicago Bulls because what they did to the Knicks was just wrong! The Bulls are 21-8 since January 1st. They have nine of ten. They set a franchise record for the least amount of turnovers with three. They have topped the century mark for the fourth straight game for the first time since 2010. This is a good thing because they are now 14-2 when that happens.

This game showed two franchises that are going in two different directions. Boy they continued the trend in spades. The Bulls opened the game on a 16-1 run. Joakim Noah picked the Knicks apart hitting teammates for jumpers, layups, dunks, free food and drink well you get the idea. This game was so bad on New York’s part that it was hard to see if the Bulls were that good or the Knicks were that bad. Joakim Noah messed around a had a triple double scoring 13 points grabbed 12 rebounds and had a franchise record 14 assists for the center position. In fact no center has had that many assists since the 85-86 season. Joakim Noah is on a serious roll now folks, he had 11 points and 10 assists at the half! In his first 442 games he had no triple doubles. Now in the last 11 games he has four. When the home crowd chants MVP! MVP! You’re on to something. He might have to work on his interviewing skills though, he was hilarious in his short answers. Hey Joakim believe me you are going to have many more before you are through. When you’re having your interview etiquette classes, bring Coach Thibodeau along, his interviews stink too. Just kidding, You know you guys are Pippen Peoples.

What is so amazing about Noah’s performance is what he is doing to make his teammates better. He is making the game very easy and efficient. Seven Bulls scored in double figures led by DJ Augustin with 23 points including 21 in the fourth quarter. Augustin showed flashes of why he has been such a find for the Bulls since December 13th knocking down four three-pointers. Jimmy Butler is continuing his strong play stuffing the stat sheet…19 points six rebounds, four assists and three steals. All of this while harassing Carmelo Anthony the entire game. Butler did go 9-14 from the line however, come on dog, hit your free throws man! Kirk Hinrich has found his jump shot after a year that made me wonder why in the world the Bulls would keep this guy. I was praying the Bulls would trade him to Golden State. I’m very glad to see I was wrong. He scored 11 points of 4-6 shooting on the strength of three shots from the land of plenty. Taj Gibson had 13 points and five rebounds in yet another fine effort. Mike Dunleavy had ten.

Ah, the Boozer report. It’s a good one folks relax. Boozer finished with 14 points and seven rebounds. He played a very good floor game for the Bulls. I don’t know if this is the start of something big for Carlos or if this is the  Knicks mailing it in for the season because they never showed up.

I have a message for all of the Knicks fans out there. To the ones that are mad about the title, let me tell you something. I happen to be one of you guys. I’m a Knicks fan. This team has been blown out in early games on national television so many times it’s a joke. The Knicks have lost six straight, nine of their last ten. Understand the game started with a 16-1 Bulls run. If Marv Albert calls a blowout “extensive garbage time” what’s an entire game?  Carmelo Anthony’s season has been wasted. His teammates have really let him down. Friends have laughed at me swearing that Melo is gone. If this keeps up, would you blame him? I mean look at what he has to deal with…

Raymond Felton

Gun charges aside, he has had the absolute  worst season of his career. Don’t you get tired of watching him think in his own mind that he is the franchise player. Pay attention to how he struts around, driving the ball to the basket, get caught up in the air, turning the ball over and look for the foul. He’s so bad that the Portland Trailblazer fans still probably boo him because they remember him doing the same thing he’s doing now…nothing.

J.R. Smith

How can someone who actually can shoot throw up so many bricks? I’ll tell you. Laziness. He does not work on his game. Now I’ll party with him because he must have a ball. He’s hasn’t left that party all year-long looking at his putrid play.

Amare Stoudemire

He actually got the Knicks back in the game with 12 points in the second quarter. He scored 14 for the game. He’s the new Mr. Miyagi…shots on, shots off. Daniel-san is probably rolling over in his grave watching Amare Stoudemire play. He’s so awful I wonder why TNT analyst Steve Kerr has not gotten another GM job, he was the guy in Phoenix that let him walk…for nothing. At least that what Stoudemire is giving the Knicks now on a consistent basis, nothing.

Tyson Chandler

One more year like this and his defensive reputation will be gone. Joakim Noah dogged him out during the game. How many dunks did Taj Gibson and Co. have? His defensive rotations are getting Boozer-esque.

Now that my Knicks rant is over, I can get back to my job. Brooklyn is next up.

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