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Bulls Go Bargain Basement Buyout Shopping?

This article is not about what the Bulls did during the trade deadline because deep down we all knew that the Bulls weren’t going to do anything. I never bought into any of the rumors about the Bulls wanting to make a move. Sure, the Houston Rockets DID want Mike Dunleavy as a shooter to stretch the defense for Dwight Howard. If Daryl Morey likes a player and it fits into his analytical scheme, he usually tries to get that player. The only thing, I knew I could count on was that the Bulls were going to stay under the Mendoza line we all know as the salary cap. They are under the luxury tax threshold and have gotten used to that comfortable financial spot there, even after factoring in bonuses and future 10-day contracts. They’ve even used a NBA loophole of playing with a twelve man roster for a couple of weeks. If that ain’t Florida Evans from “Good Times” budgeting, I don’t know what is.

Basically Pippen Peoples, this is going to be the team everyone is going to have to ride with for this year, for better or for worse. Anyone who has watched these Bulls in 2014 knows that Mr. Thibs will find a way to make a Bentley with a Yugo budget. Now that the trade deadline is past there is one more deadline that has to pass, March 1, 2014. This is the deadline  for players to be bought out so they can be picked up by contenders and be playoff eligible. I am going to go over the rumored players that were being looked at by the Bulls and why they were not close to coming…or needed to come in the first place.

Danny Granger- Traded from the Penthouse (Indiana) to the Outhouse (Philadelphia)

CNNSI basically spelled it out when they said that Danny Granger was “pissed” after being traded to Philly. If you paid attention, Larry Bird kind of showed his hand when he mentioned that Granger was slow in rounding into basketball shape. One thing I can say about Larry Bird is the man can make basketball decisions. Trading for Evan Turner was an upgrade for two reasons, one he has younger legs that you can count on. Two he’s still in his rookie contract. Larry Bird killed two birds (no pun intended) with one stone. As of last night, it has been reported that Granger will go to the Clippers.

Would he have fit with the Bulls?

Nope! The Bulls are in a playoff push right now. With Danny Granger, you do not know what you are getting. With those knees, he hasn’t played much over the last two seasons. Plus, did you really think the Bulls were going to pay that ridiculous salary? Come on now.

Caron Butler- Got a get out jail free card…I mean waived from the Milwaukee Bucks.

Everybody duck!!!! That’s the champagne cork flying over your heads right now. The Bulls are interested, but my money is that he’s going to join LeBron James’ “I want to win a ring” foundation in Miami.

Would he have fit in with the Bulls?

Absolutely! Danny Granger may have wanted to go to Miami, but they didn’t want him. They wanted this guy. Pat Riley likes tough guys that defend and rebound and can hit an occasional shot. Caron knows the Heat culture. Remember he was traded out of Miami in the Shaquille O’Neal deal to the Lakers. Caron Butler would have been perfect for the Bulls. He could have come off the bench filling Tony Snell’s minutes.

Ben Gordon- Bobcats trying to buy him out and be rid of him forever.

I work for a TV station in Charlotte as a Newscast Director. Sometimes I kick it in the sports office and talk Bobcats. I don’t know  if this is true or not, but one of the sports guys shooting the game told me he allegedly saw Ben Gordon at the end of the Bobcats bench drinking cappuccino…like during the game! Here’s my point, the mere fact that I told you this story should tell you how much of a chance that this man was going to see a NBA floor in a Bobcat uniform. I have a better chance of playing than he does.  How bad is he? The Bobcats could not trade his expiring contract!

Would he fit in with the Bulls?

We  all remember the epic show he put on years back in the playoffs against the Celtics in that great seven game series. As of right now, the Bulls will use the operative word “back” and stand there. He is a volume shooter that can’t guard a brick in a locked bank vault. He’d drive Tom Thibodeau nuts, and last I checked, he still coaches there? Yep, he does.

Ron Artest (Metta World Peace to ya’ll, his Mama called him Ron, I’m calling him Ron)-Waived by the Knicks with the quicks

New York is a mess. He was a part of this mess. Metta World Peace had knee problems that plagued him and by the time he came back, Mike Woodson stopped playing him. He got into  Woody’s doghouse and he was bought out.

Would he fit with the Bulls?

Man it’s easy to forget that he was actually DRAFTED by the Bulls way back in 1999 out of St. John’s. He actually played for a couple of years before being traded to Indiana in 2002. On paper it makes sense with his defense. Luckily, we keep it real here at Pippen Aint Easy. We talk real life. He’s living off reputation alone. If Phil Jackson comes to you and orders you not to shoot…the answer in clear enough for you. No!

According to reports, it looks like the Bulls are going to sign Jimmer Fredette who was recently waived from the Sacramento Kings. The Celtics fans wanted this guy bad for some reason. I have reservations. Look I know the Kings have been a train wreck basically since Webber and Co. left town but Fredette was a lottery pick and lost his position to Isaiah Thomas, a guy that was a few picks from not even being drafted. Can he shoot? Yes. The down side, he doesn’t rebound, turns the ball over and if he was guarding sheep, Wile E. Coyote would gain 100 pounds.

Taj Gibson said a few nights ago, that this team is better than last year’s squad. Bulls fans, I hope so because this is what you got.

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