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Bulls Beat Brooklyn Better Known as Crooklyn 92-76

This game showed us how the game should be played from one side of the spectrum to the other. It showed us what is right with NBA basketball and what is wrong with NBA basketball. Finally it showed that one team earns their money every night and one  team is stealing money. There I said it. The Chicago Bulls come to play and work for everything they have accomplished this year. The Brooklyn Nets are a bunch of entitled overpaid players that do not play well together with a coach that they do not listen to (I hope.)

The Bulls beat the Nets like they stole something for the second straight time 92-76. The Bulls held the Nets to their season low…again. They outrebounded  the Nets…again. They outcoached the Nets…again. For the total recap of this game, check out Ashley Wijangco’s article on Pippen Aint Easy, the best source for Bulls news, previews and reviews. I saw some things in this game that I had to get off my chest.

1) The Chicago frontline absolutely destroyed Brooklyn’s.

Carlos Boozer returned from a calf injury to record a double-double. he scored 15 points and grabbed 10 rebounds in 28 minutes. Did he play more in the 4th quarter? Come on now, you all know better, no. But he was aggressive. I think he is getting the message. The Bulls could USE Carlos Boozer, but they really don’t NEED him. Taj Gibson came off the bench to score 16 points to lead the Bulls in scoring. I was annoyed at first seeing Boozer in the starting line up after watching Gibson dominate but after thinking about it I came up with this, Coach Thibodeau is set in his ways. He likes things a certain way and is comfortable with familiarity. Joakim Noah came close to getting another triple double, scoring 14 points grabbing 13 rebounds and dishing out seven assists. It would be totally unfair to blame the frontline of Kevin Garnett, Andre Blatche, and Paul Pierce because the Brooklyn Nets have no set offense. (More on that later.) Don’t let Jason Kidd give you that lie that they run a certain version of the pick and roll. If you believe that, you’ll believe that statue outside the United Center is me in a Jordan throwback jersey. I look good huh?

2) Jimmy Butler punked down Joe Johnson.

There is a phrase that my father always uses for situations like what happened between Joe Johnson and Jimmy Butler. Joe Johnson tried to “go for bad”. Let’s give an example of a bad dude. Guys that are in “Leavenworth” or “Sing-Sing prisons. Those guys are bad dudes. If you need a basketball example, Michael Jordan, bad dude. Magic Johnson, bad dude. Wilt Chamberlain, bad dude. You see players were AFRAID to annoy these players because they knew they would get destroyed on the basketball court. Joe Johnson, you tried to go for bad last night. Joe, you were getting killed by Jimmy Butler. He outscored you 15-11. He shot better than you. He shot 6-8 from the floor, you shot 4-14. Yeah, neither of you hit a three, but his was by design, he didn’t attempt one. Throw in the fact that Jimmy Butler had five rebounds, four assists, three steals and two blocks, he had a real efficient floor game. You on the other hand, was a ball stopper going one on one chucking up shots. You got tired of Butler getting in your grill and threw an elbow at him. The finger to the head. All show. Why don’t you just give him a hug next time. Maybe he’ll lighten up on you next time so you or your team can score once in a while. Just sayin!

3) Boy, the Bulls earn their paycheck!

Out of the eight players that played last night, five of them was in double figures scoring the basketball. I mean all these guys do is go out and execute. We all know the Bulls are notoriously cheap. Little help is coming. The trade deadline will pass with little waves. But these guys come to play every night. If the Bulls DECIDE that they don’t want you to score. You won’t. If a team does not have a low post presence, they are in trouble. Why do you think the Bulls give the Heat so much trouble? The Heat have no frontline low post presence. (To anyone thinking Chris Bosh, Stop!) The Brooklyn Nets shot jumpers all night to the tune of 38%. Then the Bulls outrebounded the Nets 45-28. If the Bulls didn’t have their lulls scoring during the second half, this could have been worse beating being laid out.

4) Boy the Nets are stealing money!

The Brooklyn Nets are a lazy bunch. It starts with two people. Jason Kidd and Deron Williams. Look Deron there is a reason why you were good in Utah. Jerry Sloan actually coached you and made you play within the pick and roll system. If you went away from the system, he got on your case. That’s probably what happened that fateful night before Coach Sloan retired and you got traded to the Nets. Do you know how sickening it is to see you do the same cross-over time and time again and shoot that awful fade-away 17 foot jump shot that goes in maybe one out of three or four times? Aren’t you the point guard? Run the offense. I know what you are thinking, what offense? You might have a point. There is no offense, just a lot of isolation between you, Joe Johnson and Paul Pierce. No wonder KG can’t find his rhythm. He took three shots the whole night! That’s a crying  shame. Then he has to watch you three guys dribble out the shot clock and fire up a  bad shot. Plus you’re getting 100 million to do it. Can a brother get a job to do nothing? I’ll do it for ten cents on the dollar. As for Jason Kidd, I’ll just say this…Lawrence Frank is rolling over in his grave right now watching you coach this team. My bad, dressing up in a sport coat don’t make you a real coach.


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