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Dunleavy And Cousins Sittin in A Tree Fighting!

I sometimes try to find stories that are so ridiculous that I have to put my two cents worth in. DeMarcus Cousins tried to ignite a “Mid-West-West Coast” beef with Mike Dunleavy the other night when the Chicago Bulls played the Sacramento Kings. DeMarcus called my man Mike Dunleavy a clown that’s scared. He went on to say he wouldn’t waste time on him if he ever saw him outside the gym. Okay DeMarcus, you just contradicted yourself. You’re spending time carrying on a  conversation about him with the media. Also didn’t your team win? By like 30? Why are you so mad man? Chill!

Let’s give the back story to catch everyone up. The Sacramento Bee reported that the two players mixed it up during the game. Mike Dunleavy reportedly pushed DeMarcus Cousins while running down the floor (Mike, come on dog, you know you would have never done that if there weren’t cameras, a lot of fans aka witnesses and security there) because he thought Cousins tried to injure him on a foul. Looks like this beef has going on for a minute. Back in March while Dunleavy was in Milwaukee, Cousins elbowed Dunleavy in the  back of the head because he thought he was being undercut by him. DeMarcus was assessed a flagrant foul 2 (you know the bad one) and got tossed.

Hey Mike, don’t worry about it. You are not the only one Mr. Cousins has gotten into it with. So for this occasion I put together a “Cousin Hater-Nation” squad. Enjoy!

Owners–The Maloofs

Someone has to own the squad right? DeMarcus told media members following the FIRST GAME last season that the Kings felt like an AAU squad when the Maloofs owned the team. No wonder the Maloof brothers wanted to unload this franchise. They had a better chance of winning every hand of blackjack in Vegas than trying to make this dude happy.  He makes Kendrick Perkins look like he should star in Pharrell’s video I’m Happy. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, watch it on Youtube after reading this. You’ll understand.

Point Guard–Chris Paul

Earlier this year DeMarcus implied in a  interview that Chris Paul was a cheater. Umm DeMarcus, that’s called slander. You did not back it up with any facts or anything. Plus, he is kind of a big deal in NBA circles. Plus this just in to the Pippen Ain’t Easy website…he can play. He’s from Winston-Salem and I played pick-up with him once, he was killing people then. Oh by the way, he was 12. He kind of got better since then. Especially with that gold medal thing he was a part of. I’m not going to even talk about what he has done for the LA Clippers since he got there, so I’ll let you google that. Consider it homework.

Shooting Guard–Dennis Schroder

Back in November 2013, DeMarcus claimed that he was hit in the groin by Schroder. Really man? With your temper and your reputation for being a hot head? Plus if he really did that, you know you would have that man on the news that night. Trust me!

Power Forward–Blake Griffin

I’m starting to see a trend here. DeMarcus does not like the Clippers. First Chris Paul, now Blake Griffin. Well DeMarcus Cousins told my good friends at that Blake Griffin was “babied” by the NBA and the referees. He also called him an “actor”. First off DeMarcus, let me tell you something right now. BLAKE IS NO ACTOR! Haven’t you seen those commercials? He’s horrible. Love you Blake, but you stink. As for the babied stuff, I seen how teams beat on this guy. Nope.

Small Forward–Mike Dunleavy

Congratulations Mike! You made the team!

Center–Joakim Noah

I know Joakim, this is too soon, but it applies. DeMarcus, who got a technical foul in this game too, frustrated Noah into two technical fouls and an ejection. I still think Noah did it because he didn’t want to finish that debacle of a game the other night, but congratulations Joakim! You made it. You’re in.

The Media–Pippen Ain’t Easy

If DeMarcus Cousins reads this, he’ll be mad at us too!!

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