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"Air Jordan" VS. "Slim Reaper" 1 on 1

Did anyone see the Godzilla vs. King Kong basketball game aka Freddie Krueger vs. Jason Voorhies aka the Miami Heat vs. OKC Thunder game on ESPN? Okay, stupid question. Let me ask you this, Have you paid attention to the accolades Kevin Durant has gotten over the past few days? The guy had a mobile app for highlights during the Brooklyn game on Friday. The App probably had tech issues based on how many highlights was on it based on the HORRIBLE defense the Nets put on him during the game. The overload was probably too much for the app to handle. Anyway, the point is this. Kevin Durant is the hottest player on the  planet right now. This message is to media all over the world. Don’t cross the line. Don’t compare this guy to Michael Jordan.

I got a list of what makes a player a great player from two of the Pippen Peoples (my Mom and Dad) and I sized Kevin Durant up accordingly.

1) Quiet and Confident

Durant says the same thing in every interview. He always says he’s set up nicely by his teammates and he just trying to win the game. Deep down you know he singing that song “I’m the man” from that “Beats By Dre” commercial. Zones are a beautiful thing because they happen a couple of times in a lifetime and you know when you are in one. You just enjoy the ride. The game is so slow to him while he is at the speed of light to everyone else.

2) High Basketball IQ

Kevin Durant is shooting over 50% and averaging over 6 assists. He is making his teammates better. He is not Kyrie Irving who shoots. Shoots some more. Passes the ball then gets it back and shoots again. IQ means dominating within the realm of the offense. Durant is doing that. He is not taking bad shots.

3) Willing to be coached and listen

Scott Brooks don’t play. If you think I’m playing, ask Russell Westbrook who was getting benched for not playing the right way last year. The Thunder would not be playing as well as they are without the star player “buying in” to the program of the coach. Kevin Durant is the right hand man of  Scott Brooks. Believe me.

4) Never afraid to admit mistakes

The Thunder was 5-5 when Russell Westbrook went down. Kevin Durant just said…”I have to do more to help my team.” No one thought that was possible. We were all wrong. He has raised his game to the next level and the results are evident.

5) Plays smart

He works at his game. He has built his body up (They say he couldn’t bench 185 pounds one time. Who cares? I can’t either.) He works on his jumper to the point no one can mess with it. Lebron James included. Plus he has a step back that he got from Dirk Nowitzki that has set his game apart from everyone in the league except for King James. Barring injury he will be in the league  a long time with that step back jumper.

You are probably wondering where I’m going with this. Here it is. He’s no Jordan. Never will be. Durant does not scare people on BOTH ends of the floor like Jordan. He does not have the résumé. Michael Jordan did this stuff 20 years ago.  He did these things with little to no help. Scottie Pippen wasn’t “50 greatest players” Scottie Pippen yet. Phil Jackson hadn’t showed up yet. The team was a couple of years away from the dynasty. The triangle offense made Jordan’s game even MORE efficient. The game was so easy that it resonates (negatively) for the franchise. Based on what he has done, everyone thinks that winning is easy. Guess what, it’s not.

Jordan’s Resume: Six NBA championships, 14 All-Star games, five MVP’s, six NBA Finals MVP’s, and ten NBA first team All-NBA selections. That means he was the best two guard in the league for the year. Here’s where people need to stop it. Michael Jordan was a nine time All-NBA defensive team selection. That means he was the best defensive two guard in the league for the year. Put this analogy together for nine seasons Michael Jordan was the best at his position on both ends of the floor. Durant hasn’t even got a ring yet. Chill out folks!

I’m not hating on Kevin Durant. Right now he’s the man. But comparisons  to a man that transcended a sport is irresponsible. Stop it!

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