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If You Booz…You Lose!

I sat down and watched the Bulls last night and learned some things. Number one, the Bulls are not that good. You have to score points to win at basketball and they frankly just don’t do that very well. Number two, Joakim Noah should go to his agent and look for a new contract. He won’t get it because Jerry Reinsdorf never, EVER renegotiates contracts. Ask Scottie Pippen if you don’t believe me. He deserves one because the offense grinds to a  serious halt when he does not play. DJ Augustin is playing well but he can’t make precise entry passes to save his life. Plus, Noah is the undisputed anchor to the Bulls defense. If he does not play this team can’t beat anybody over .500. Period. I am not lying. Finally, I owe Chicago Bulls fans and Pippen Peoples all over the world an apology. You guys are right. Carlos Boozer sucks.

Last month I wrote an article all about Carlos Boozer. It was heart-felt, in-depth, wrote it like a fan. Because I was. Last night he made me look like a jackass. At the time I couldn’t understand for the life of me, why Bulls fans gave him such a hard time and  why Coach Thibodeau always sat him down in crunch time. Until last night. This dude is LAZY. I know that is harsh considering everyone in the  NBA has to work some to be on a team. But for the talent and the physical gifts that Boozer has, he just does not get all he can out of his talents. As a fan of basketball, it’s annoying.

This is not a recap of last night’s game. For that, please click on my colleague Quentin Haynes’ article after reading this one. This is about a guy that could make a serious difference for this Chicago Bulls team if he really wanted to. As you read this, you are probably asking, why so rough? Carlos Boozer had 20 points and 14 rebounds. Sure, and the Bulls lost. Carlos Boozer couldn’t guard a Barbie doll with the Marines and Navy Seals behind him. Kevin Love went for 31 points last night. Cool. He’s an All-Star, that’s what he’s supposed to do. But Ronny Turiaf? Ronny Turiaf! A journeyman who changes teams like we change underwear Ronny Turiaf. You let this guy score 14 points, which by the way is the most points he has scored in three years. That was at least two teams ago when he was with the Knicks. He came into this game averaging 2.3 points for the season. Look I know Joakim Noah was out, but really Booz. Come on man. You can’t stop this guy? Taj Gibson played as an undersized center last night. He showed heart. Where was yours? Nazr Mohammed is 54 years old. If he’s not 54, he sure plays like it. What’s your excuse? It took me about a month, but the way you miss defensive rotations, not get there late, but miss rotations is almost comical. How long have you been in Chicago? You haven’t figured out the defensive schemes yet?

Let’s talk about your offense. Yes, you got 20 points. You got them with an inefficient 24 shots. It’s like I got your game down to a  science. You either stay at the elbow (pick one, I don’t care) and shoot that high arcing jump shot that either falls straight through or falls short. Everyone knows when it’s short because you scream “get in there” like you expect it to go in. Well, it didn’t last night. Then if that’s not an option you drive straight to the basket and yell hey, praying for A) the ball to go through or B) a foul call. You remind me of that guy at  the YMCA that looks at a glance like if you pick him on your team, you’ll be playing all day long. Problem is you don’t  figure out he’s the problem until game point.

Carlos, you are perfect for the Miami Heat. Not because of your talent, but because you are a  “pretty” basketball player. You actually have the coolest run back down the court in the NBA. It’s  like you practice it. You want to look good on the basketball court, so you lift weights. It’s definitely not because you want to get strong and defend in the post. Here’s a thought, ask for a trade to Miami for Chris Bosh. Then everybody will be happy. Bosh will be happy because he’s not a third fiddle anymore. The fans will be happy because at least he tries at some point in games to play defense. Couple that with the fact he can actually shoot, we’ll all be thrilled in Chicago. You’ll be happy, because you’ll have at least one year to fool people down there that you actually pretend to play defense. The fans in Chicago have figured you out a long time ago. Unfortunately last night, so have I.

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  • Dylan Sorensen

    ok so i am one of the very few if any die-hard boozer fans out there, Ive loved his game ever since watching duke win in 01 and I have seen a lot of boozer hate articles that are just plain stupid, yours however i agree with but I dont think you are looking at the big picture. First boozer is lazy, but thats not his fault, the only fair chance boozer has ever gotten on this team was hist first couple months in which he won IBM player of the month averaging 26.3 points 12.4 rebounds. After that he had a couple injuries that set him back and a huge injury he played through in the 2011 playoffs, after that people unfairly criticized boozer. The next year people judged him off of last playoffs, including teammates. Derrick Rose is a great player but when it comes to passing is no deron williams, derrick rose would rather drive for a contested layup and get bumped rather than pass to an open boozer (probabaly why he is getting hurt.) Look back at the 2012 season boozer ran, posted up got in great offensive position but CJ watson and rose refused to pass to him, this has been the case since. Boozer doesnt seem to like working hard and get nothing in return, who would? if you look at the game this year against the grizzlies boozer worked hard getting a body on zbo on the defensive side, and they finally give him the ball on offense and he scores, same thing happened not too long ago against the clippers after the first quarter where boozer had 14, no one passed to him. As for his shots when they do pass to booz its their last option giving boozer a terrible look. Go back to his utah days williams set him up nicely got boozer in a rhythm and he had monster games, if Thibs sets more plays for booz the bulls are going to rock he still can be a 25,11 guy. Look at the big picture next game, where do they give boozer the ball, and do they even pass to him?

    • Ronald Agers

      Hey Dylan,
      First, thanks for your time in reading the article. I appreciate it. I will take a serious look at your points tomorrow night against the Spurs. I understand that the point guards might affect his offense. But his defense he has to own. Believe me Dylan I am a fan I have the man’s Duke throwback jersey and I hate Duke! The point guards that you listed aren’t playing now. Even if they were the way he misses rotations is sad. Truth be told he has the most to offer the Bulls. He is the single most fundamentally sound player on the Bulls. More fundamentally sound than D-Rose himself. He’s got a post game, face up, jumper. Everything! Defense is a “want” thing. You have to want to play defense. The articles that tear into this guy sometimes are off the hook, but he gets them because he makes so much money and does so little on the Bulls investment. While Joakim Noah who can’t carry Boozer’s socks in a suitcase based on talent plays so hard every night. That’s just my issue with him. As a man that has to look in the mirror, does he really want a legacy of a man that is not respected by his peers. By the way, in Utah, He AND Deron Williams were a product of the system. Seen Deron Williams’ play the last two years? Again, good talking to you. It was fun.

    • Leroy Boyd

      I.know I am late on this but are you serious please watch.the games Boozer is bum on defense

      • Ronald Agers

        Uhm, Yeah?

  • Leroy Boyd

    I dont think you know what you are talking about when it cones to pippen and his contact I think you should do some resesrch before throwing out these suppose facts

    • Ronald Agers

      Sorry Leroy, I do. The Bulls gave Scottie a frontloaded contract. Scottie wanted to renegotiate that contract for years. Reinsdorf held him to it. The big contract came when Chicago did the sign and trade and sent Pippen to Houston after 1998 after the team got blown up. If you still don’t believe me go to you tube search the ESPN’s five reasons why you can’t blame….Bulls dynasty Jerry Krause also known as “crumbs” to Michael Jordan, will tell you himself. Appreciate the read though!