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Noah calls out fake fans, why tanking is not the answer+ patience is the key for Bulls fans (bright future)

Chicago Bulls fans, Joakim Noah has warned us (and questioned the intent of our fandom)! On Wednesday night after the Bulls came out victorious in a grueling yet thrilling 128-125 triple overtime win vs. the Orlando Magics in which Noah led the way with 26 pts and 19 rebs in 49 mins, he had a little message to the fans of his Bulls team (the ones that want them to tank):

What do I say to those fans?” I don’t say nothing to those fans. It’s all good. You’re allowed to have your opinion. It’s just … that’s not a real fan to me. You know what I’m saying? You want your team to lose? What is that? But it’s all good.

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There you have it, it looks like you can’t convince a player like Noah to buy into the  “losing on purpose to get better players next season” jargon.  This is not the first time Noah has voiced his opinion on the so-called “tanking” subject (I would not bring it up in his presence from now on). Trying to convince this Bulls team to lose and give up on the season just because they don’t have the key players they need, is like trying to make Tom Thibodeau stop coaching defense (by the way there’s no way Thibs will allow his team to tank). It’s just not gonna happen! Like Noah said, we all are allowed to have our own opinion but when it comes to cheering for your favorite team to lose, that’s just not something that adds up. Who’s to say that “tanking” this season will really benefit the Bulls in the long run. Everyone should know by know that the NBA is a league where surprises and changes happen. Good solid draft picks are not guaranteed and so is hitting it big in free agency. You can win, or you can flat out lose!

In particular the 2014 NBA draft picks and free agents are actually the biggest and brightest in recent years. Like I have been saying before, the key for Bulls fans is to have patience. For all we know, next season could be the time were we finally put together a team that will bring us our long awaited championship (have you seen the draft picks and free agents)! On the market will be (these are my top picks):

Lebron James (Miami Heat) He’s arguably the best basketball player right now, enough said!

Carmelo Anthony (New York Knicks) Melo is my biggest pick to join the Bulls! Solid scorer, and Thibs can teach him some much needed defensive skills!

Dirk Nowitzki (Dallas Mavericks) He’ll probably remain a Maverick.

Luol Deng (Cleveland Cavaliers) Yes, folks this is not typo, don’t know if he will find his way back with the Bulls next season. It’s his decision.

We can’t go without mentioning Nikola Mirotic who plays in the Euroleague (Spanish ACB) for Real Madrid, as he is a strong contender for joining the Bulls next season according to Bleacher Report. It’s important to note that Mirotic was a first round draft pick for the Bulls back in 2011. After all that development in the Euroleague it looks like the 2014-2014 NBA season is the perfect time to add his much needed attributes to Bulls team.

jabari parker

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And those draft picks!!! Oh boy! Can we just say Jabari Parker (#1 draft prospect and Duke University small forward) and we can’t forget to mention that he’s a Chicago-native, born and raised! Landing a player like Parker is still likely even without Bulls having to tank. Who thought we would land MVP (youngest ever) and Bulls point guard Derrick Rose back in the 2008 NBA Draft pretty much winning?! Remember when the Bulls had a 1.7% chance of getting that #1 pick? My point is, tanking is not the answer to what has been a disappointing season. With Rose’s unfortunate injury (torn right medial meniscus) and pretty much kissing our championship dreams away yet again this season.

For the rest of the season the Bulls will win some and lose some. As far as “losing on purpose” that’s never gonna go down in Chicago! Patience Bulls fans, there is much to be hopeful for in the future. Nothing good comes easy, and how you handle setbacks and trials determines the outcome of your future. Bulls are actually on the right track to their ultimate goal…


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  • Leroy Boyd

    I think our chances of getting Parker will be lower than the percentage we had with Rose. I dont see
    how the Bulls will get to the 1-3 in this draft.

    These fans who harp about tanking they cant be from Chicago. We dont tank.

    • Candice Connell

      Thanks for commenting Leroy!! Our chances may be lower but you never know where the Bulls will finish this season. Your right, the fans that are on the tanking rants are not from Chicago! This team will never believe in that.

    • !!!ETISNOhhhhhhhhhtuomrehkcidy

      Exactly its not like Chicago has a storied history being host to some of the most unsuccessful big market major sports teams the world has ever seen. The Cubs, White Sox, and Bears are all about winning.

      Tanking is simply a strategy. Its easy to get caught up on the “losing on purpose” aspect but passing on franchise player level potential because of pride is just foolish. Where would the Celtics franchise let alone their most recent championship be without the 2007 draft.

      • !!!ETISNOhhhhhhhhhtuomrehkcidy

        TLDR; There is more to winning than just the will to win.

  • !!!ETISNOhhhhhhhhhtuomrehkcidy

    Im sorry but you still haven’t convinced me tanking is not worth it. We don’t even have the cap space to offer a max contract. You keep on pretending like its 2011 or something and we still think we can beat the heat with just one more piece. Mirotic doesn’t look like he’s coming over. We probably won’t resign Deng. And Carmelo and Lebron are probably too expensive. Also if we make the playoffs there is literally no chance we will get a lottery pick. I just don’t understand your hardon for making the playoffs even if we have no shot at a title. Its pointless and silly. I mean im a fan of this blog but id love for more analysis and less opinion. You don’t even entertain the idea of tanking in this post. Its just you using Noah’s quote rehash the same poorly developed points in your last tanking article. Again this isn’t shade just criticism from a big fan. I would love to see some more articles/analysis about team construction and strategy.

    • Candice Connell

      Actually, if you read the article you would notice that I did touch base on tanking and why IT IS NOT A GUARANTEED means to make this team better this summer! That’s why We are apart of the FANSIDED NETWORK! It’s my opinion thank you! TANKiNG is not going to solve this Bulls’ teams issues! And by the way I agreed with NOAH! Any REAL fan is not going to want their team to TANK! You can’t tell the future to stop pretending like you know what’s going to happen and which players are not going to come over! That is all! And you call yourself a Bulls fan… Please!


      There are 13 teams in the draft lottery. Only one of them will get a Jabari Parker or Joel Embiid. Wiggins doesn’t look ready for primetime yet. The rest of the players in the lottery are going to be solid role players not franchise players. Since the Bulls likely won’t get one of the top three players tanking doesn’t make an lick of sense. The Bulls were in the lottery several times, a good portion of the time they ended up failing with their selections.

      Tanking is a loser’s strategy. Just ask the LA Clippers who were terrible despite high selections in the draft for decades. The Sacramento Kings are always in the lottery, never have done a thing with their picks. Cleveland. Charlotte. Minnesota. Milwaukee. New Orleans. Orlando. Washington. Those are the teams that spent the past decade tanking their seasons? What exactly do that have to show for it?

      • !!!ETISNOhhhhhhhhhtuomrehkcidy

        Its really difficult to know where to start with this one. How about the most obvious. You can’t name one team’s experimentation with tanking and expect me to pretend like that constitutes all the possible outcomes of future tanking strategies. You are ignoring a whole host of teams who have tanked successfully, the celtics (Durant), cavs (lebron) and the spurs (Duncan). And the celtics and Spurs won championships on account of the tanking. Besides that using a perpetually terribly run team like the Clippers as an example is silly. The owner donny sterling has been know to invite people into the lockerroom for the sole purpose of them listening to his commentary on their naked bodies. I mean for god sakes you are bulls fan. Does anyone in their right mind hire Vinny Del Negro to run a playoff contending team. NO!

        And at the end you aren’t naming teams who tank you are naming perennial losers, these teams don’t tank they suck. They are poorly run teams in small to medium sized markets. Even though market isn’t the biggest deal with the cap, if they are poorly run they never really had much of a chance regardless of whether they can afford/attract supplemental free agents. They also aren’t on the cusp of a championship. So it really doesn’t make sense to compare them for both those reasons.

        You also didn’t mention Derrick Rose when talking about the Bulls lottery experiences/playoff expectations which is also silly. Superstars don’t come every year but that’s irrelevant because the Bulls already have a super star in Derrick Rose. Now they need a star or at least some solid role players to make this team a championship contender. This is also one of the deepest drafts since 03 so pretending like superstars are the only valuable part of the draft is beyond silly.

        You seem to be really hung up on this loser strategy point like team effort and attitude are the only keys to winning championships. I mean tanking for one season doesn’t mean we have given up the will to win or that you will never become a winning team again. Winning is about a lot more than will. I mean if Thibs teams proves anything its that. I mean for a self implied winner it just seems like you seem awful hung up on ‘not losing’ instead of ‘competing for a championship’ which we haven’t done since Jordan left.

  • Kush

    I think Noah should really be about thinking of getting up out of Chicago it is time he may not like it but Miami Is a perfect fit his stock will go off the chart it is not just the show time which we all know the NBA needs because it seems that no team show up until Miami comes to town that is the only team that that actually has to play basketball even with the under 500 teams come man you know you came to game for the game and the money tell your agent to just talk to Miami its prime time Baby and you know it. You looking at lease three more Rings with you maybe more.


      LOL @ The idiocy of that post. No one wants to help Miami to another ring. They’re the enemy of the league. And Joakim Noah has gone on record saying he doesn’t like them. So your only chance at a legit C is hoping Greg Oden isn’t the bust every other team knows he is.

  • !!!ETISNOhhhhhhhhhtuomrehkcidy

    Also it seems like 90% of people on this site including candace who may or may not still be on this site have no idea how to effectively tank. I mean its basically just putting in the shitty players (11, 12 13th men) on your roster that every team has in for the fourth quarter or if the team you play sucks just put them in for the most of the game. You know you don’t even have to change the effort levels for energy guys like Noah or established players like boozer, you just have to rest them more. Which makes sense with a team with as many injury problems as the bulls. This would be the perfect time to counteract against Thibs policy of overworking his favorite/best players. Who knows some young bench guys might even develop quicker than expected.

    • Ronald Agers

      Man, I hope I’m the 10%. Okay seriously. Here’s the situation. It’s about the delivery of what the Bulls want to do. The Bulls fans like yourself want a winning team and something remotely worth watching. Basketball is about putting a ball in the basket. At the time when Luol Deng was traded, the Bulls struggled to score. Then a trade for the guy who is your leading scorer for lottery protected draft picks (We all know Andrew Bynum was not staying) it looks like a strictly salary dump and the team is not going to get better. If you are management and you want to run a “Boston” and get a draft pick cool. Just say it. Don’t say we are competing for a championship just to say it. Where’s the plan? This is why everyone thinks the team at the time was trying to tank. Candice has moved on, but keep reading anyway. Thanks for the read.