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WANTED: Carmelo Anthony...To Go Away

Pippen Peoples, I have a confession to make. Carmelo Anthony is about to make me look like an idiot and I don’t like it. A lot of my colleagues swore up an down that Carmelo Anthony was going to opt out of his contract early and leave. I thought he was going to stay. I mean really, he’s in the greatest city in the world, New York City.  He gets to play at the “Mecca” of basketball, Madison Square Garden. His wife does her reality show there. But out of all of the other reasons this was the big one. He basically did an campaign that would make any politician jealous to get out of Denver. Never mind that the team was built around him. Never mind he had the best coach of his life, George Karl pushing him to be better (No offense Jim Boeheim, but you only had him for a year.) Never mind the fact that the Nuggets fans actually WANTED him to stay. Back then it was different, we were all fooled. We all thought that he was the equivalent to LeBron James. (Seriously folks, they were compared down the line.) Now we all know that it was a farce.

Carmelo Anthony is the reason why LeBron is the world’s best player. (Sorry Papa Agers, I said it.) Three years ago, LeBron took his talents to South Beach and something happened. He got better  as a basketball player. Not that he didn’t fight it. He bucked against Eric Spoelstra when he was pushed, that is until he got embarrassed in the NBA Finals against the Dallas Mavericks. Then he did something that Carmelo has not done yet. He looked in the mirror and changed. After winning his first NBA title he started wanting more knowledge and he worked on his game. He quit being on twitter…every day. He became a professional and now he is one of the leaders in the Miami locker room. He has evolved his game and is still working. Three years LeBron had NO POST GAME! Now he does. Three years ago, LeBron was SCARED to take the last shot. Now he is willing to take that shot. Now that I think about he really did not have a consistent jump shot. Now he does. LeBron understands the game of basketball. Carmelo doesn’t.

Three years ago, Carmelo thought he could do the same thing because LeBron made it look so easy. He had a super star teammate (at the time) Amare Stoudemire. He thought they can put it together real quick like D-Wade and LeBron and win too. The only problem was Carmelo can do one thing and one thing only…score. He will not rebound like George Karl pushed him to do in Denver. He will not work on defense like George Karl pushed him to do in Denver. Now he will get a coach fired like Mike D’Antoni. You know why, He will not allow himself to be coached.  Mike Woodson is a good coach. Here’s the problem, he lets Carmelo run the asylum. Last year the Knicks won because they had veteran leadership in the locker room. They had Jason Kidd (Hard to believe based on what he’s doing in Brooklyn but it’s true), Rasheed Wallace, Kurt Thomas and Marcus Camby. Now all of these guys are gone now so guess who gets the leadership role? That’s like laying off the sheep dog and letting Wile E. Coyote supervise the sheep.

Since things have not worked out well for the Knicks and New Yorkers can only bash Jason Kidd’s coaching for so long, eventually they’ll turn their attention to a selfish gunner who has never made the finals like LeBron who has two rings and is well on his way to a third. So he is going to bail out before the heat gets to him. Fansided’s Josh Hill has been up close and personal with the word around the campfire about Melo leaving New York. His choices were at the time the Clippers, Lakers and wait for it…The Chicago Bulls.

Look, let’s get the Lakers out the way. That ain’t happening. Why? Who’s the coach? Oh yeah, Mike D’Antoni, the guy Carmelo ran out of New York. I don’t know D’Antoni, but he does seem the type to remember old feuds. As for the Clippers? Really? There were rumors of a Carmelo Anthony for Blake Griffin swap. If you believe that, you’ll believe that statue is me out in front of the United Center. I’m just wearing a Jordan throwback jersey. Which leaves the Chicago Bulls.

Carmelo is not a good fit for this team. He’s not a bad fit for this team. He’s an albatross for this team. Have you seen this guy play? He stands 12-15 feet from the basket waits for the pass then either pounds the ball in the ground to the elbow or goes to the baseline and shoots a fadeaway jumper.  That is if he is not fighting with JR Smith to shoot ill-advised threes. Remember Amare Stoudemire? He was actually an all-star for the Knicks before Melo showed up. His game has been on milk cartons, in post offices and on fliers all over the NBA ever since. Do you really want to do the same thing to Derrick Rose who is coming off two major knee surgeries. Come on now, pay attention Pippen Peoples!

Remember earlier when I said that Carmelo does not want to be coached? But he wants to come to a team with Tom Thibodeau coaching? I mean really? Thibodeau coaches defense. Carmelo plays defense like he thinks the word is spelled with a dash and a “C” in it. The first thing Thibodeau will do if Melo was to come to Chicago is play him at power forward. Ask the Knick fans when was the last time Carmelo Anthony played the 4. You better not be in a hurry, it may take a while. Finally, the Bulls play as a team. Outside of the Indiana Pacers and the Miami Heat, no one in the conference plays better TOGETHER than the Bulls. If they didn’t play together, they’d never win another game this season. Carmelo has shown that as long as he gets his 25-30 points, he’s straight.

Carmelo reminds me the guy at the job that is very friendly, personable and likable. Until you figure out you’re doing all of the work. When things are going well, he’s up in the boss’ face singing your praises shaking hands and greasing everyone up to believe he’s the guy that should be promoted. When things are going south, he’s looking for another job. Hey Chicago, if this man calls, tell him the franchise folded.

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  • Juice2687

    Its so called analyst like you who don’t know nothing about basketball a player like Melo is exactly what the bulls need & the bulls would pay luxury to get Melo basically you say Melo is selfish but on the Knicks who do they really have nobody Melo in the post to go along with rose driving the kid from Madrid & Noah’s defense is a great dual make sense when you talk nba

    • Candice Connell

      I agree with you that we could use a player like Melo. He is exactly what the Bulls need! He is a solid scorer and he would work great under Thibodeau’s system. Glad to know that someone agrees with me! Go Bulls!

      • Jim213

        Deng to the Cavs for Bynum who’ll get axed.

        Man we got dumb and dumber running our show. But this likely means the Bulls (big market) will likely be making more moves to unload thus expect them to go after top players = more competitiveness in FA for the rest of the league. Also don’t believe the Bulls have used their amnesty option as it’s been mentioned that C Boozer may get amnestied next off season. Just more $$ to spend by Bulls FO.

        Suddenly, get the feeling that Melo will end up in Chicago now given the way the team is built suits his style of play = good fit for Melo. Looks like the Bulls will end up in a better position come 2014FA to turn things around overnight than the bigger market team’s given the Lakers/ Knicks have their hands tied (bad deals). No need to go after Nate Robinson anymore. Aside of that they’re getting draft picks too which benefits the team even more to try to acquire better players (trade(s)) down the line.

        • Candice Connell

          Well said Jim! After getting over the initial shock of losing Deng this was a a smart trade for the Bulls! Come this summer they have put themselves in abetter position! Can’t wait to post my in – depth thoughts about it. Internet down because of this brutal cold. Stay warm!

          • Jim213

            I’m alright (213) but will wish warmness to some of my relatives in the 312! Another thing is the Bulls have rights to acquire the Cavs 2015 1st rounder. Thus, it’s VERY likely the Bulls may end up with a low draft pick 2015 given the Cavs won’t be too competitive still even with Deng IMO. As some college/NBA prospects will hold out for another season to get more experience or buy for a better lottery spot come 2015FA.