Top 10: Worst Moments of the Chicago Bulls 2012 Season

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Mandatory Credit: David Richard-USA TODAY Sports

6. Rip Hamilton disappears in the Playoffs

When the Bulls signed Rip Hamilton after the Pistons bought him out just prior to the season, it looked like a brilliant move. I was one of many Bulls writers to hop right on the Rip City in the Windy City express because it finally looked like the Bulls had solved their issues at shooting guard.

Keith “Bogus” Bogans was just awful to watch from an offensive standpoint in the Bulls failed run in the 2011 playoffs, and the biggest offseason need was a No. 2 scoring option to compliment Derrick Rose. Rip seemed to be this guy, but it quickly spiraled out of control.

First, there was the injuries. almost as soon as he signed his $10 million contract in Chicago it seemed Hamilton was bothered by some sort of injury. I was so drunk on Kool-Aid from the season prior that I actually defended Hamilton, saying he doesn’t need to play in the regular season, he’s a post season addition for the Bulls.

That actually wouldn’t have been a bad plan had he, you know, showed up in the postseason.

The lowpoint of Hamilton’s season was being straight up benched in big time spots down the stretch of the fatal First Round series against the 76ers. But coming in at a close second is the game where Hamilton made his triumphant return to the lineup and was promptly injured in 84 seconds, forcing him out of the next slate of games. 

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