Top 10: Worst Moments of the Chicago Bulls 2012 Season

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7. Carlos Boozer Still Exists on the Bulls Roster

Carlos Boozer didn’t make many friends when he was the Bulls $75 million consolation prize in the LeBron James/Dwyane Wade/Chris Bosh sweepstakes. Any friends he did make quickly abandon him when he played Houdini to Derrick Rose’s Poudini in the 2011 playoffs.

But while Boozer disappeared when the Bulls needed him in the playoffs, there was still hope that he’d turn things around and make up for it in 2012.

We used to be so nice to him.

Boozer pretty much sucked and fondled his way through the season: sucking on the court whenever he touched the ball or even cam near it, and fondling his fake hair in a can.

No seriously, go back and watch one of the Bulls-Heat games, Boozer all of a sudden as really dark hair and what looked like drawn on eyebrows. It was creepy and infuriating and embarrassing all at once — kind of like watching him play every night.

But by season’s end, Bulls fans were leaping off the Booze-Cruze like never before. It wasn’t even mid-season before fans were asking bloggers and beat writers if it was possible to amnesty Boozer right then and there. That talk picked up momentum the worse things got with Boozer. He looked to redeem himself on several occasions throughout the season, but just when he started to get people off his back he gave them plenty of reason to jump right back on him.

This is an ongoing problem, but it’s roots are firmly planted in the 2012 season, roots that have yet to be cut. 

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