Jun 19, 2012; Miami, FL, USA; Miami Heat small forward LeBron James (6) reacts after hitting a three point shot late in the game against the Oklahoma City Thunder during the fourth quarter of game four in the 2012 NBA Finals at the American Airlines Arena. Miami won 104-98. Mandatory Credit: Robert Mayer-US PRESSWIRE

LeBron James Deserves to Win a Title

Here it is folks, I’ve finally exorcised my LeBron James demons and have made peace with the fact that he is going to win an NBA Title tonight.

Fans and the media have beaten down LeBron so much, trying to take away the meaning of a title for him. But when he wins it and hoists that trophy, he will get the last laugh. (Mandatory Credit: Steve Mitchell-US PRESSWIRE)

First of all, I’m king my peace with this because it’s the lesser of two evils in terms of who can win tonight. No I do not like LeBron James — well I didn’t until the Twitterverse’s unreal hatred of him turned me to his side — but I’ll get to that.

But do you know what I hate more than a basketball player who really has no pull in this world beyond sports television and jersey sales? Greasy, fat, white Republicans who steal teams form other cities and think they can get away with anything they want.

LeBron James is just a basketball player, he’s an individual who can only really effect himself. Clay Bennett stole a team from Seattle so that he could have a team in his hometown of Oklahoma City. The Cleveland Cavaliers still exist even if LeBron James bolted and gave them the cold shoulder.

The Seattle Supersonics do not exist because of Clay Bennett. Yet we are all in love with the Thunder despite Bennett yet we don’t treat the Heat the same way despite LeBron.

See: hypocrisy in it’s truest form.

Let’s face it, if there is a player in the NBA that deserves to win a championship it’s LeBron. We all need to be big people and just face this fact even if it goes against the cliche popular thing to do at the moment.

Honestly it seems that anyone who wants to sound like they’re in the know or want to sound like they know everything there is to know about the game of basketball is tweeting and writing about how awful LeBron James is — and it’s pointless and virtually baseless.

And if you seriously think that the fix is in just because you heard someone else say it then don’t blame LeBron, rail against padded walls in your straightjacket cursing David Stern.

The LeBron bashing has gotten so out of control that a Bulls writer who has notoriously been anti-LeBron is coming to his defense. Why are we still mad at LeBron? Where is all this intense and venomous jealousy coming from? Is it because he is getting paid gobs of money to do what he does best? Is it still an aftershock of The Decision?

Clay Bennett stole a team from a city that had loved it for years yet he is vein swooned for while LeBron is being savaged.

Get over it basketball fans.

LeBron James is the best player in the game today and he has been for sometime. Had it not been for Derrick Rose’s insane and amazing 2011 season James would have strung together an iconic four straight MVP’s which is something not even Michael Jordan — the legend he is being compared to on a daily basis — didn’t do.

How long are we seriously going to act like children and cry about The Decision? 

Is LeBron the most likable guy in the NBA? Not by a long shot. But Kobe Bryant cheated on his wife numerous times since crying his eyes out after allegedly raping a woman almost a decade ago and bragged bout the cheating to teammates and he was treated with more respect and glory — and his team was awful this year.

LeBron has been twisted by the hatred of the media and the fans and is as confused by the bi-polar feelings of both parities towards him. He so focused on the pursuit of a ring that it has turned him into a machine and something a cold as the steel of his nerves isn’t something an average person typically finds sympathy in.

But the hatred of LeBron is just on a ridiculous level at this point. Everything he does is scrutinized on such an insane level that it’s just stupefying to watch people pick him apart for everything and it’s completely baseless — well most of it is.

In Game 4 LeBron left the game with a thigh injury and he was absolutely torched for it. But why?

If LeBron is so hellbent on winning a title that he’ll eat women and children to get to it then why would he let a thigh injury sideline him and why wouldn’t he toss Erik Spoletra down a shaft like Darth Vader did to the Emperor to get back into the game?

Maybe because if LeBron wasn’t able to be of any help on the court he thought the team  would be best served by him sitting on the bench.

LeBron — the egotistical, manically insane and madly driven monster — was taking himself out of the game because he didn’t feel he could be of any help to his team. But no one is harping on Dwyane Wade for fighting with Spolestra when Spolestra took him out when he was hurt and trying to play earlier in the playoffs.

Now don’t you find that at least mildly amusing?

Come on people at least let’s be consistent in our hatred of LeBron and let’s avoid sounding like jealous morons in our pursuit of our own personal title of who can hate LeBron more than the next person.

No, LeBron isn’t going to win any sportsmanship awards and he’s far from a likable person. But he’s never killed anyone, he’s never raped anyone and he’s never stole anything. So why all the hatred?

He’s rarely done anything outside of the game of basketball to warrant the hatred he is receiving. In fact the whole Decision we are using as a lame excuse to hate him was done to benefit the Boys and Girls Club — a charity.

Was it possibly a way to mask the gluttonous attention he was shining on himself? Perhaps but that’s a crutch that people who claim to be better than LeBron are using to bust him down.

LeBron James is the best player in the game and he is the MVP and he is going to win an NBA title.

So get over it an move on. Besides it’s not like the game of basketball will implode on itself if he wins. In fact this is probably the best possible seanrio for him to win a title because now the pursuit for a ring transfers from LeBron over to Kevin Durant and the Thunder. There’s your next big storyline to follow.

And think of it this way, once LeBron James wins his title the stage he is on is going to lower unless we all inflate it with our baseless and childish hatred. Let him win his ring — then we can all stop hearing about the best player in the game that we all love to hate.

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