NBA to Fans: We Don't Care About You

NEW YORK — The NBA proved today that is a league far less concerned with the fan than it is about the money. By cancelling the first collective 100 games of the NBA season, they have sent a clear and distinct, albeit probably unintentional, message to their fans:

Go screw yourselves.

By taking away the game from the very people who pay the BRI they’re bickering over like little school girls, the NBA couldn’t be more clear ont heir stance towards the common fan.

‘Go sit in the corner, this doesn’t concern you people’ is basically what Stern and the entire NBA is saying to their paying customers by cheating them out of what they enjoy.

This lockout is a money issue, but what happens when this BRI that is being argued over doesn’t raise in value because the fans got message and went elsewhere? What happens when the NBA is worse off than before because the fans have found something better to do with their time than pay to watch a sport that clearly doesn’t care about them.

I know it would have sounded cheesy and he may have gotten ripped for it, but Stern never once said “Guys, lets get this done for our fans.” Not once was that even touched upon.

Instead it was a jump from a rejected deal to games getting cancelled.

Gee, thanks for the consideration guys.

The greed in this deal is unbelievable. I hate to break to to Stern, the owners and even the players but you’re not that popular to begin with. Proof being in your insanely low attendance numbers and low TV ratings.

Oh wow the NBA Finals had goo numbers. So what, the WNBA finals had good numbers for what it is too, what’s the point?

You’re not the Super Bowl, and you’re not even the World Series. I don’t even think you’re the Stanley Cup and that’s a pretty niche audience to have.

Now if you’re not popular and the reason you’re numbers are down is because the fans aren’t coming, not because there is three top NBA stars on one team, how does cancelling games help?

Cancelling games with more than two weeks before the season even starts mind you. The NBA couldn’t have fumbled the ball anymore than it has here.

The pathetic part is they’re not even trying to disguise the greed by acknowledging the fans and low attendance. Instead they use that as a jumping off point to say “We need more money and we won’t budge until we get it.”

The NBA is a joke and it deserves to be. They’ve alienated their fans due to their blind greed. The fans are the real losers in this whole thing, and the saddest part is that will never be recognized by the players or fans.

A few markets will hear it from fans, but Laker fans are not going to boo Kobe for this. Heat fans will not boo Dwayne Wade for this. Fans need to wake up and realize, ‘hey, we’re the ones on the short end of this stick.’

Both sides are to blame here. The owners want the players to bail them out and the players want to remain among the highest paid people in America. Egos are abound here and the only people losing are the fans.

Soon they will, because the message has been sent by the NBA and will soon be received loud and clear by NBA fans all over the world.

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