Best Bulls Moments of 2010 Part 2

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4) Bulls Don’t Sign LeBron

The Bulls missed out on signing LeBron James, which will turn out to be the best thing that could have happened.

At the time, this was pretty devastating. Then it became offensive, and finally became a really good thing. Had LeBron James signed with the Bulls, it would have immediately become ‘LeBron’s Team’. It would be the same as a rich kid moving to a new city and getting the house to himself, the cars and the money even though someone already lives there. This is Derrick Rose’s team and the mantle has been passed on to him. Had LeBron come to town, Rose would have taken a backseat after everything Chicago has gone through to get him and make him what he is in Chicago.

Who knows how this would have ended up with Rose and the rest of the team. It’s hard to think that a player just months before that you absolutely hated with every fiber in your body is now a teammate you have to get along with. Maybe it would have worked out but the Bulls would have been owned by LeBron, rather than the other way around. It would have been LeBron’s team on LeBron’s terms and that’s not the Bulls. Not only did it probably save the Bulls a lot of headaches, it also saved them a lot of money.

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  • utoots

    drose never participated in the slam dunk competition and he participated in the skills comp the year before when he was not invited to the all star game. FYI

  • Chicago bulls blog

    Derrick Rose is better than Rondo, he should be leading the NBA voting. It’s not a question.

    • Josh Hill

      Rose is way better but everyone who barely follows the NBA is either a Celtics, Lakers or Heat fan, thus when they vote it’s a crooked result. Rose will get his time, for now I’m happy with him winning games for us. A championship in Chicago is more important to me than national recognition at the All-Star game.