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Best Bulls Moments of 2010: Part 1

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What a year it has been for Chicago. The Blackhawks won the Cup, the Bears are on a roll in the NFL and the Cubs…well…the Blackhawks won the cup!

But more importantly, the Chicago Bulls took leaps forward to becoming an elite NBA team. They made the playoffs again, and were again eliminated before even making a dent. The Bulls were at the forefront of the summer’s free agent whirlwind and survived with exactly what they needed. They brought a new coach into town, were represented in the NBA All-Star game for the first time since the Jordan Era. It’s safe to say 2010 was a great year for the Bulls, but what were the the best moments? Of all the moments, 10 of them stood out as the best in 2010 according to us at Pippen Ain’t Easy.

10) Taj Gibson earns NBA All-Rookie First Team Honors

Taj Gibson made something out of nothing in his rookie season with the Bulls

Although he’s not a centerpiece in Chicago, and his expectations coming out of USC were not very high, Taj Gibson has settled in nicely with the Bulls. He caught a break when the Tyrus Thomas (who was really only good because of of that name, Tyrus. What a cool name.) went down and Gibson went on a tear. Gibson started 70 games for the Bulls and played in all 82 lending much needed talent to the lineup. His spot in Chicago was solidified with the departure of Thomas to Charlotte and Gibson looked to be the way of the future. That is until the Bulls signed Carlos Boozer this summer and Gibson saw his starting spot vanish as quickly as it had come. Gibson didn’t go all Tyrus Thomas on the Bulls, but rather accepted his role and put the team in front of himself. That right there says more about Gibson than anything he can do on the court.

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