Chicago Bulls: Otto Porter Jr.’s injury situation doesn’t look good

There isn’t any better luck early in this regular season than there was last for the Chicago Bulls in terms of detrimental injuries.

Injuries tend to be an unfortunate part of the Chicago Bulls fandom. Year-after-year, the Bulls undergo key injuries that tend to keep them further and further out of playoff contention. The biggest injury to date that the Bulls are dealing with this season was dealt to the usual starting small forward Otto Porter Jr. 

Similar to the nature of the injury that fourth-year shooting guard Denzel Valentine went through last season, Porter Jr. seems to keep getting his lower-body injury recovery timeline extended. Valentine wound up missing the entire of last season with a nagging ankle injury. And Porter Jr. played in only nine of the Bulls 25 games so far this season with the foot injury he’s dealing with.

An injury update posted on a press release on showed that Porter Jr. looks set to miss at least the next four week.

The press release shows that Porter Jr. originally dealt with a small fracture in his foot. But that fracture apparently progressed to something more sizable, which is why he was re-evaluated in Green Bay, WI, this week  but a specialist. It will be at least that four week mark until Porter Jr. is likely to be reassessed with better news next time.

Here’s what that press release had to say in its entirety.

Otto Porter Jr. was evaluated yesterday by a foot and ankle specialist, Dr. Bob Anderson, in Green Bay, Wis. Anderson confirmed the bone injury and healing response in Porter’s left foot consistent with a small fracture that has become more clearly defined with repeated imaging over the last five weeks. Porter will continue his current period of immobilization and progress as tolerated over the next four weeks when he will be reassessed. An updated report will be provided as he progresses.

The thinnest spot in the entire Bulls rotation right now is on the wing. Valentine’s rise of late helps out, but head coach Jim Boylen is left devoid of really any true options at small forward. He’s tooling around with just too many guard heavy rotations this season.

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Boylen and the Bulls are now going on more than a dozen games without Porter Jr. in the lineup. They need something to give, and there’s a chance he could wind up missing half of the regular season. Hopefully his next evaluation brings better news.

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