Chicago Bulls: Seafood restaurant goes after Zach LaVine

A seafood restaurant recently decided to go after Chicago Bulls guard Zach LaVine on Twitter. It was… interesting.

Apparently, Jimmy’s Famous Seafood isn’t a fan of Chicago Bulls guard Zach LaVine.

This weekend a random Twitter user and the Jimmy’s Famous Seafood Twitter account started having a little conversation that involved the Chicago Bulls.

Things got interesting when the restaurant decided to throw a cheap shot after the Twitter user brought up Zach LaVine.

It’s clear that whoever runs the restaurant’s Twitter account knows enough about basketball to bring LaVine’s contract into the discussion but the Tweet still seemed a little uncalled for. LaVine fired back with a quality response, though.

Then… the cheap shots continued.

LaVine just laughed this one off, though.

The Twitter account brings up a decent point – LaVine needs to work on his defense – but maybe the public response on LaVine’s part means that he’s improved more than we’re prepared for. Maybe, now that he’s fully healthy, he’ll stay engaged on both ends of the floor and find a way to contribute more on defense. I mean, the athleticism is there. It just needs to be put to proper use.

Moments like this are good for the NBA in August. It’s a relatively slow month for hoops fans so anytime a restaurant’s Twitter account feels the need to get a little petty – and then the athlete is okay with responding – it keeps us (the fans) entertained for at least a day or two.

If I had to guess, LaVine probably won’t be eating at Jimmy’s Famous Seafood anytime soon.