Chicago Bulls’ Long Road Trip Will Be Humbling For Them

The Chicago Bulls are in the process of being humbled during their season’s longest road trip.

When the Chicago Bulls started off their seven-game road trip with a win against the Los Angeles Lakers, it seemed as though this could be a sort of bonding vacation for the team. We all know how much NBA players love to be in L.A., and the Bulls were out there for quite a while.

Since that win though, they have lost matches to the Los Angeles Clippers and Utah Jazz. The Clippers’ loss was embarrassing, and it caused both Jimmy Butler and Pau Gasol to blast their own team for not having discipline.

Gordon Hayward was the main reason the Bulls lost on Monday night, because he had 27 points along with 12 rebounds and also keyed Utah’s effort in overtime to beat Chicago 105-96. If you missed the game, then the main highlights are below.

Butler scored 26 points, but it wasn’t quite enough to eke out a win. The Bulls also almost had a disaster in the fourth quarter when he allowed a pass to go off his hand and gave Hayward a chance to win it the buzzer. Gasol recorded 19 points and eight rebounds, but it doesn’t seem like he’s going to stay with this team after his comments before the game.

“We’re not disciplined,” he said. “Yep. We’re not. That’s it. It’s true. It’s a fact. Every game you have to be aware and conscientious that there’s an issue. And you have to put forth an effort into it on a daily basis to change it. Sometimes it’s hard to break up habits, it’s hard to break up patterns, but you have to be on it every single day. Once you relax and you go back to the old habits, the old patterns, and you fall into the same trap over and over.”

This is Chicago’s third loss in four games, and they should come back from this trip sufficiently humbled. Maybe at that point, they’ll look in the mirror and change something. But they could also just crumble under the pressure.


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