Chicago Bulls Will Miss Mike Dunleavy If Bad News Comes

Chicago Bulls SF Mike Dunleavy Could Be Getting Career-Ending News

Mike Dunleavy is set to visit a specialist on Monday, and this will come after news broke that he is having soreness in his back. This is an area that he had surgery on over the offseason, and Chicago Bulls fans everywhere will hold their breath on the developments to come from this.

“We should have a better update after that,” coach Fred Hoiberg said to the Chicago Tribune.

There was a ten-week timeline put on Dunleavy’s injury initially, but that always seemed like a pretty low number when you are talking about back surgery. These types of procedures have ruined the careers of greats like Larry Bird and others; however, you can’t put Mike in quite that class.

Dunleavy never needed to rush back, because as a veteran the Bulls were mainly looking to get his production in the playoffs. But the team hasn’t been that consistent with their play at the SF position this year, and it will be interesting to see how much Hoiberg will trust Dunleavy once (or if) he returns due to how little practice time the small forward has had with the first unit.

This, unfortunately, could be the beginning of the end for Dunleavy’s career. He signed a three-year, $14.4 million deal in July with the Bulls, and this came after word came out that the Cleveland Cavaliers were interested in his services. Dunleavy is taking his time with the injury, which is understandable, but it could cost him playing time when it comes to working with a new coach.

“There’s an issue of recurrence with these things,” he said in the summer. “So it’s all about being safe about it.”

The Bulls have needed Dunleavy’s defensive discipline and 3-point shooting in the early season, and this is mainly because Tony Snell has had issues with both of those areas.

Chicago has a lot of injury problems going on right now, although it is mainly with bench players. Aaron Brooks is still out, and Kirk Hinrich is questionable with a hip pointer. The San Antonio Spurs will be a measuring stick for the Bulls on Monday, because they have looked in rhythm despite working in free agent PF LaMarcus Aldridge. Chicago will truly miss Dunleavy if he isn’t available for playoff basketball. He is the type of veteran who brings a type of calmness to the locker room, and the Bulls wouldn’t be the same team from a mental toughness perspective without his talent and presence.