Chicago Bulls’ Fred Hoiberg Has Confidence In Derrick Rose

Derrick Rose had a summer full of workouts as opposed to rehabilitation for the first time in years, and this gave him the bravery to step on the court and not have any fear. Then, Taj Gibson‘s elbow happened. The orbital fracture to Rose caused swelling and double vision. But the PG is clearly pleased with head coach Fred Hoiberg‘s new offense, and it should be interesting to see how their relationship develops as the year goes on. Hoiberg seems to be confident in his new point guard so far.

“He asked me to play yesterday,” said Rose about the final preseason game. “For him to ask me it must mean he loved the way I was playing in practice. With this offense it’s a lot of openings and gaps. With the way we shoot the ball and the freedom we have to shoot the ball, it’s like you can’t help off anyone; if someone has it going we’re to keep feeding them. We’re going to play off matchups. We’ve got to do that a little bit more and get people the ball a little more, like when Jimmy Butler had a couple of post ups when he had J.J. Barea on him a couple of times and we missed him. That’s all about reading the game and reading who is out there, giving the ball to the right person.”

The franchise PG gave Butler an expensive watch after the SG’s big contract extension, and that should put to rest any talk about a feud between the two.

The real question will be who is Hoiberg’s preferred end-of-game ball handler between Jimmy and Derrick. This will become an issue if the Chicago Bulls aren’t winning games, but if they are, it will be a problem that keeps getting pushed under the rug. The season starts for Chicago on Tuesday, and it should be a fun game to watch regardless of whether LeBron James is out with a back injury or not. The Bulls will go to bat without Joakim Noah in the starting lineup. If that makes a difference in Rose’s outlook on the game remains to be seen, but the PG’s view on basketball life appears to be better than ever. His strange comments about free agency earlier this offseason notwithstanding, Rose looks like a man on a mission. Whether or not he can complete it remains to be determined, but the former MVP is clearly ready to prove his doubters wrong once again.