adidas Releases ‘D-Rose 6 Road’ Shoes On Social Media

On Wednesday afternoon, adidas released the Derrick Rose ‘D-Rose 6 Road’ shoes for the upcoming 2015-16 NBA season.

A couple weeks ago, basketball fans and sneaker buffs all over the world were given the first look at Derrick Rose’s new D-Rose 6 shoes from adidas for the upcoming 2015-16 season with the Chicago Bulls.

Along with Portland Trail Blazers point guard Damian Lillard and Washington Wizards guard John Wall, Rose and the two dynamic guards have become the faces of adidas basketball. Rose was the one that really opened the door for adidas by signing a huge 13-year, $185 million shoe deal back in 2012.

On Wednesday, adidas gave fans the first look at the “road edition” of Rose’s new kicks on social media:

This looks similar to the version that Rose was featured in a few weeks ago for the initial release, with a few minor alterations for this version of the D-Rose 6.

Via a press release, Rose said:

“This is the second shoe I’ve been able to wear with Boost and the comfort and energy you get back is crazy. I’m not going to wear another basketball shoe that doesn’t have Boost,” Derrick said. “adidas also brought a lot of details about Chicago that I think my fans will love.”

The Boost technology was added into last year’s model of Rose’s shoes, and received rather fine review overall from the sneaker community.

Personally, I hope Rose doesn’t bust these out too often on the road this season. One of the uniform traditions for the Bulls in the postseason is having the entire roster wear black socks and black shoes with no headbands allowed (except for Richard “Rip” Hamilton for obvious reasons).

I’m a little bit of a picky shoe guy, but I do like these better than the original leak of the shoe. The gray instead of the white sort of turned the tide for me on this specific version. There was just something about the first version that I saw that I couldn’t really get behind just yet. With more colorways, I’m bound to change my mind.

But, like I mentioned previously: If P.J. Rose can make this year’s version of his father’s shoe stand out, then I might give them a chance.

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